Classification of double housing planer reachs principle knowledge

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Double housing planer basically is the machine tool that bores hole on workpiece with boring cutter, normally, boring cutter rotates give priority to motion, the shift of boring cutter or workpiece moves for feed. Its treatment precision and exterior quality want prep above drilling machine. Double housing planer is the main facility that large casing spare parts machines. (1) double housing planer of horizontal of   of   of horizontal double housing planer is a the application in double housing planer is the widest kind. It basically is aperture treatment, bore hole precision can amount to IT7, ra value is exterior surface roughness 1.



Of horizontal double housing planer advocate parameter gives priority to axial diameter. (2) a kind double housing planer of coordinate of   of coordinate double housing planer is high accuracy machine tool. Its structural characteristic is the accurate measurement unit that has coordinate place. Coordinate double housing planer can divide double housing planer of double housing planer of coordinate of the pillar that it is sheet, double pillar coordinate and horizontal coordinate double housing planer. Double housing planer of odd pillar coordinate: Main shaft drives cutting tool to make rotate advocate motion, axial of edge of main shaft sleeve makes feed move. Characteristic: The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, particularly appropriate treatment the narrow opening of board shape spare parts, but its tigidity is poorer, so this kind of structure is applied to only medium or small coordinate double housing planer. Double housing planer of double pillar coordinate: Cutting tool of the installation on main shaft decides motion, workpiece installation follows slideway of workbench edge lathe bed to make fore-and-aft and linear shift on workbench. Its tigidity is better, at present large coordinate double housing planer uses this kind of structure. Of double housing planer of double pillar coordinate advocate parameter is spent for workbench bizygomatic breadth. Horizontal coordinate double housing planer: Workbench can do whirligig inside horizontal, feed motion is OK by workbench fore-and-aft shift or shift of main shaft axial come true. Its treatment precision is taller. (3) King Kong double housing planer: The characteristic is with very small feed and very tall cutting speed undertakes machining, the work that processes consequently has taller dimension precision (IT6) , exterior surface roughness can be achieved 0.

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