The brief introduction trying a model of the mould reachs a note

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Before new pattern application is produced at the quantity, or machine stage changes when other mould is produced, trying a model is essential part. Try the stand or fall of modular result, the follow-up production of factory of will immediate impact is smooth. When we receive a pair of new pattern to need draw a design to try a model, we always yearn for can a few earlier try give a result and pray begs a process to lest waste man-hour,cause a worry smoothly. But, mould stylist reachs production technician to also can produce a mistake sometimes, be like when we try a model do not raise vigilance, may produce big harm because of small error. The result that tries a model is to should make sure what produce later is successful. If be in process trying a model,did not abide by logical step to reach make proper record, will not ensure the success that the quantity produces. The mould uses successful word, mushroom profit reclaim, the cost loss that causes otherwise is met more very the cost at mould itself. Before trying a model, need has done sufficient preparative work, know the relevant news of the mould in detail. All problems that although expect place of process trying a model is likely impossibly,produce, but the measure with the seasonable consideration full a portion that becomes beforehand can avoid necessarily serious high loss. About trying modular process, the meaningless wasteful time when be being produced to avoid an amount reachs a worry, be necessary to pay patience to adjust reach control all sorts of treatment conditions, find out best temperature and pressure condition, the program trying a model of formulate standard. All records that examine in the sample in process trying a model need to undertake appropriate is saved, include to machine cycle glue of all sorts of pressure, frit and mould temperature, makings canal temperature, shoot period of feed in raw material of behavioral time, screw to wait, in a word, should save all conduce to in the future can Jie with building same treatment smoothly of the condition according to, so that acquire the product accord with quality standard. CNC Milling CNC Machining