Shanteweikekeleman is high-powered qualitative GC1115 of material of sharp cutting blade

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Shanteweikekeleman released material of newest blade of high-powered sharp cutting qualitative GC1115. In arrive from aerospace industry in all application of machinist Cheng, this kind of material can provide safe and reliable performance character. The good balance between tenacity and wearability makes the efficient choice that GC1115 makes condition of not stable treatment fall, be in especially stop rarely of machine in can forecasting production, always be can first choice it. Its versatility is good, all cutting working procedure of achievable whole spare parts, distinctive PVD coating can hold sharp cutting blade inside longer cutting time, increased effective cutting time thereby, and the precision of tall spare parts that optimized microcosmic chamfer form assured to low cutting force falls. The precision work that this kind of new material can use at stainless steel character arrives semifinishing machining, the semifinishing machining of high grade alloy and titanium alloy goes to heat-resisting rough machining. It can be offerred before the wide selection of horn and razor blade of the horn before losing, the bit cutting blade with different basis is sharp degree have - M, - G and - limits of E public errand is optional, and the CoroCut that aerospace can improve accessibility in job application takes angle bit. GC1115 is Shanteweikekeleman " green light is produced (Green-light Production) " the one part of PVD product catenary. This is a knife sheet that improved wearability simple set, can provide less common difference and higher security. With GC1125 and GC1105 together, can come true lower cost, true, the cutting performance that does not get interference. CNC Milling CNC Machining