"Much task " the machine tool can save cost to improve efficiency

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Use " much task " the machine tool can save cost. To proper job, can finish much or job of whole spare parts treatment inside a cycle, shorten greatly the time that hold key and time of other blame appreciation. Assorted operation still can reduce the odds that make mistake, reduce inventory, eliminate the time that they keep between each machine tool. When to a certain specific production the component undertakes assessment, a processing factory should make one of the most important decisions, whether to use alone lathe and milling machine namely, still use to have the machine tool that carries out much task ability to undertake assorted operation. However, making what what this one decision involves is not machine tool of many pairs of tasks merely use make a decision so simple. A few manufacturers often are only " much task " the machine that imagines a kind of specific type -- turn the numerical control lathe that tower tool carrier can change a knife automatically. Campstool of machine tool manufacturer overcomes the engineers of the company to think, this is a wrong understanding. OK and affirmative ground says, a lathe that can change a knife automatically is had very high yield can. However, the design of this kind of machine tool also has limitation, these limitation are likely to workpiece it is very important. And the design just of other compound treatment machine tools overcame these limitation. Had what already appeared now all sorts of compound treatment machine tools, can say, any potential " much task " workpiece, the compound treatment machine tool that uses different level possibly will produce. Fragrance favour of Michael Er · is the development engineer of campstool gram company, the software that Neal Deluxi is this company develops personnel. They are in charge of carrying out and compound treatment applies fine tuning program. They say, to being had be being notted carry out " much task " for the factory, the most important one step is to be determined. Want to had made compound treatment correctly, may involve change CAM software, it is to begin to use CAM for the first time even. Additional, in view of compound treatment the machine tool places the pattern that maintains workpiece, the craft of this kind of machine may ask to be opposite the choice of cutting tool configuration and cutting tool method and differ somewhat in what use on machining center. Convert the factory of compound treatment machine tool should prepare somewhat to these change. Once resolved, so raise the machine to optimal level to need to introduce an increment element more only. Fragrance favour gentleman puts forward, it is campstool below gram company is right peculiar " much task " the viewpoint of equipment social estate: 1 class is classical change knife lathe automatically. Should plant with this when component of machine turning finishing, it can change the position of workpiece to undertake getting cutting operation. Milling also is likely, although do not have machining center the motion of the sort of typical X-Y-Z axis, this machine tool can mix X axis however the whirligig union of Z axis and main shaft or C axis rises. And this is meant actually all be come to by the axis that the surface of milling must follow work, radius or Zhou Xian. 2 class are the limitation that overcame treatment through adding Y axis. Had Y axis, auger cut operation but deviate center, just do not machine radial or axial aperture. Freedom of this one motion spends the characteristic that still allows milling to have prejudicial, close noncombatant duty. Accurate keyway is the example of characteristic of this kind of milling, in the implementation on the machine tool of this level it becomes a lot of easier. 3 class were to introduce main shaft of a milling, make he can be rivalled with machining center photograph almost. On this level, the machine begins to change the similar sex of it and lathe. This machine tool is not offer by tool carrier rotate driving force, use milling main shaft however, chain its rotate, clip dormant cutting tool to undertake turning. If be in,1 class and 2 level machine can be called " Che Xi " the word of the bed, so 3 level machine criterion but described as " mill car " bed. This is a major change. Change tool carrier into main shaft to have a few advantages. One is milling motivation. Power of this main shaft is great, make this machine tool can use even heavier than changing knife lathe automatically to go up milling to take knife kind. Another advantage is to adjust angle function, because had,offer for place of B axis fixed position " main shaft but dislocation " means. Can be in so milling of as aspirant as the angle that the axis of revolution coming back of workpiece has nothing to do travel and auger cut. The last advantage, it is the ability of machine tool use cutting tool. Although place the restricted element that the space that holds cutting tool is tool carrier, 3 level machine is passed like machining center in that way change a knife implement synthesize an organic whole with knife library, can avoid this one restriction. Fragrance favour gentleman says, a few factories choose the machine tool of this kind of type, not be the special geometry appearance because of workpiece, because install air simplify matters, is completely, all sorts of cutting tool inside library of machine tool knife are neat reach the designated position, with the knife very handy. CNC Milling CNC Machining