Iscar efficient milling cutter

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Because raising material to excised rate respect to obtain considerable progress, add man-hour in milling consequently, shortened significantly as a result of every component handling time, improved manufacturing efficiency thereby. However, the last few years uses the price that makes the hard alloy raw material with indispensible place of this kind of cutting tool to rise quickly, consequently, should consider the dimension decrescent bit, so that be on diameter of a cutting tool,place more blade holder as far as possible. "If with the setting on every razor blade many cutting blade cooperates together, this should be the practice of a kind of special economy, consider the word of price of every razor blade especially. " Iscar Germany company (Www.


De) technical lead Mr Kurt Brenner says. Below this kind of setting, the razor blade that Iscar company drives the new cutting tool that issued whole set and different geometry appearance (incorporate new suppress technology) , accurate ground and the coating with harmonious razor blade undertake assorted. The achievement of these act is Helitang series in what Iscar company says (means shows bit and central circle are tangent structure milling cutter -- interpret is noted) have in milling cutter reflect very well. What involve here is to establish milling cutter set, this series is making clear like its name place, be by tangential the bit that places firm comprises, this razor blade has the gyroidal cutting where a thing can be put to best use with long 8mm. The special blade holder on cutting tool is decorated, can allow to install bit more as far as possible on a diameter, for example, of diameter of a 16mm establish milling cutter to be able to install 2 razor blade (to bigger diameter, can install reach 5 bit, package of Helitang series product contains 16mm to come the milling cutter of 40mm diameter) . Product of all milling cutter is OK with wide pitch (scanty tine) or narrow pitch (close tine) the structure is offerred, and all milling cutter set channel of in-house cooling fluid. Because bit norms dimension is lesser, undertake by blade holder tangential search, consequently cutting tool can have diameter of bigger ministry of cutter hub core (decorate with radial but the structural photograph of dislocation razor blade is compared) , make so cutting tool has taller stability. Kurt Brenner says: "In addition, the special appearance of cutting tool and embedded blade holder join are together, raised the dependability of clamp, the dump of bit can avoid below the case that uses taller feed. " as a result of gyroidal cutting edge, this is in reduce cutting force while still can produce soft cutting, that is to say, go up in front of edge of milling cutter cutting, cannot see shape of apparent a flight of stairs cuts bits (won't form namely crowded crack cut bits -- interpret is noted) . The assorted Iscar company of two kinds of function still has the milling cutter series that names with Helido (going up somehow tell, the further progress that series of this kind of cutting tool can say is the series of Helimill milling cutter that already was familiar with as course of study or complement) , it is the series of another kind of cutting tool of edge of double-faced rectangle cutting at present. "The superior performance of the milling cutter series that we already put the market on two kinds of course of study is together integratedly with Helido, " Mr Kurt Brenner explains so to the strategy of Iscar company: "Say exactly, will mix of gyroidal cutting edge namely the structure with the Mill2000 solid set that the Helimill series of the horn before tangent is cut suits to be used at puissant milling most together is together integratedly. " compare with Helimill photograph, this series razor blade is thicker, in addition, here 4 are located in the cutting edge on the right side of gyroidally, this can use taller feed and bigger cutting deepness apparently. Standard razor blade has 0.

The radius of circular arc of point of a knife of 8mm, this kind of Wipergeometrie (the bit name that this is a kind of specific figure -- interpret is noted) the cutting edge of appearance can acquire wonderful exterior quality when treatment. Iscar company still observes the service life that improves cutting tool, also notice likewise reduce cutting force and identical the cutting tool durability that can achieve at Helido series. Regard the application of cutting tool as limits, mr Kurt Brenner listed steel, stainless steel and cast-iron treatment, and can use very tall cutting dosage to undertake machining. Series of Helido cutting tool can be offerred narrow the structure that pitch and wide pitch decorate -- the protruding station that machines deepness to amount to 16mm to become 90 ° well can be used when mill chamfer and mill end panel. The planar milling cutter that can offer diameter of 40 ~ 160mm, product of orthogonal milling cutter. Come round to look with respect to eye, the milling cutter of larger size just can be offerred in the future, already began to decide the milling cutter of larger size together with the user at present. Better milling is cast-iron the coating Al-TEC of Iscar new development, α - TEC and DO-TEC cut treatment with Yu Xi, here uses the cast-iron variety with common treatment especially. Al-TEC is a kind of AlTiN-PVD (azotic aluminium changes titanium, deposit of physical gas phase) coating, the proposal of according to Iscar, when cutting tool of this kind of coating is processing nodular cast iron and alloy steel, can use apparently high cutting rate. And α - TEC is coating of a kind of MT-CVD (in craft of deposit of lukewarm chemical gas phase, coating temperature is in 800 ℃ of 600 ℃ ~ -- interpret is noted) , to this kind of coating (with Al2O3 coating compound) , iscar company is recommended can use higher cutting rate to use treatment casting pig. However the compound coating that DO-TEC is a kind of MT-CVD and AlTiN-PVD, iscar company thinks its characteristic basically is to be able to use moderate cutting rate to machine casting pig and nodular cast iron. CNC Milling CNC Machining