Heat up punch: Break through the significant step of economic bottleneck

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Hot punch has saltant effect, open new channel for manufacturer of figuration of metal of 2 class, 3 class. Only American mainland is right the demand of hot punch component much dear, more do not carry the country beyond North America and district. Present economic situation is very flabby calm, company of very easy influence changes in the rank in whole industry. Current, greatly small metallic figuration business people trying to be killed from inside economic forest give a safer passageway to come. Our industry needs technical shock. Develop prosperous way in order to innovate, to metallic component 2 class 3 class supplier is a tweak. I want to announce through this article such an economy opportunities: Hot punch technology basically is mixed by OEM business now one class supplier is used. Also be called to heat up figuration, hot punch figuration, pressurization to quench, pressure control is sclerotic. The main essential factor of this technology is mature already, each district of alive bound got popularizing, economic gains already got test and verify. Set the past for the tycoon a few years not merely, already a lot of articles reported hot punch. What with its he differs is, main introduction hot punch is opposite this the opportunity of business of elementary metal figuration. Be in the United States only now the market, very big to heating up the demand of punch car component, more do not carry North America beyond. Every time I offer when metallic figuration business considers to heat up punch technology, chicken lays an egg or the question of egg unripe chicken can jump out. Connect regular meeting to have such doubt: "Before I invest this machine, can you receive those who heat up punch component to purchase order for goods? " honest ground says, so the applied topic that begins hot punch technology is full of prunes. Ask the law should be correctly: "If I invest hot punch, does new business chance get over there old client anew likely? " in other words, I regard hot punch as a kind of incentive mechanism, one may win the gate of the new opportunity of old client and numerous and potential client. To the certain user of North America area, this technology returns very new, less humanness to know, hot punch technology was 1973 invent in Sweden by the Carl-Erik Ridderstrale of company of Plannja Hard Tech, use at producing farm appliance. Devote oneself to to reduce the weight of steeliness component, continue to hold able-bodied construction at the same time. This also is to reduce the demand of car carbon footmark, the auto industry reaction to safety and the requirement that strike surviving standard to grow ceaselessly. About technology of contemporary hot punch, it doesn't matter introduces a book integratedly, nevertheless Europe has a year learning activity, discuss this processing technique. But similar relevant activity is done not have in North America. Become so manufacturer people when scrupulous actuate product line, monitoring produces flow, in North America 2, department of trade of 3 class punch, see the figure of hot punch product line very hard really. Hot punch flow heats up punch flow, investigate its are will smooth constitutionally or beforehand the stencil steel of manganese boracic alloy of figuration, through different technological process (robot or capture machine) to feed inside furnace makings, heat meticulously next. This flow can be cleared blemish of armor plate surface, form drawplate to wear away stream -- next punch business processes stencil steel with special coating, reduce the process of blemish of cleared steel anchor as far as possible. Great majority heats up punch furnace, can move armor plate with linear means into roll press, a few minutes expose armor plate below broiling environment. When punch business assesses these technologies, treat other hot options carefully to ask, because already rolled out a few new punch furnace designs in the market now. In deploy subsequently (with what simplify) successive refrigeration transforms (CCT) reveal on the curve piece, blue line delegate appears in hot punch flow heat and cooling process, its signal jumps change time is very nervous. As manganese boron alloy stencil steel heats to be controlled to 950 Celsius in furnace, armor plate achieves austenite requirement, blue line contrail begins to appear. After passing punch furnace, pass the spring after heating the robot or catch put device one by one to carry to hydraulic press. Via this phase hind, eerie downy light can appear on armor plate, machine its installation the area in inferior mould next. Next punch rigor closes, have mould holder, make clip holds force to achieve relative to ton of higher number -- too big to needing for figuration flow, but need arises an extremely close clip to hold power between mould surface and component. In the mould relatively altitude and inferior place are put in many access, design to derive cooling water flows only. Such, the mould that closes cheek by jowl can serve as radiator, absorb quantity of heat from component, cool armor plate temperature quickly inside a few seconds hundreds of degrees, reach martensite phase continuously, final production gives the small amount template that has breathtaking strength. Cool slowly armor plate, can make its reach body of shellfish family name, ferrite or pearlite phase, behave function of compasses of favorable balance of trade. Contrarily, provide medium cooling technological process through controlling a standard, possible creation goes the hot punch component of different intensity. This to asking the component of crumple of contortion of a certain place is very crucial, can maintain firm hardness, for instance the safe pull rod of the car. After a few seconds, the mould is opened, automatic device carries away from inside the mould component, put its on frame, decorate a border with laser cut (also can choose the other technology that decorate a border) . In whole technological process, the component that has project and design feeling most is a mould. Mould stylist must be familiar with traditional design simulation software very much not only, understand hot simulation software very much even. These software must include metallurgy simulation software, the help understands the metallurgy of a certain specific component inside the mould to be out of shape. Still other and crucial factor cools for instance the design of passageway and condenser, still can use sensor to come monitoring function. The opportunity is in knock now, let us seek hot punch to be opposite 2 class the potential business chance of business of 3 class punch. I believe: Hot punch technology is used to make the product is decreased in car domain heavy (at the same time intensity increases) it is a simple time question only. Who does not want lighter stronger component? Who does not want to use hot punch to component replaces machine treatment or cast component? Do to aviation this pay close attention to the industry of intensity and weight particularly? Perhaps can use rare metal data (for instance titanium and manganese alloy) punch component, use possibly also at making component of hot punch rolled steel. But how to make product line of first hot punch produces bigger effect as far as possible? There still are all sorts of regulations that conduce to cost of quits production research and development now. Each country provision is different, the hot punch product line that can think still be in experimental phase obtains a part to start fund, make punch business from have or sheet of hot punch inquiry is obtained over there potential client. The United States also offerred similar item federally, for instance experimental sex is installed, can allow punch trade what new setting has is cold press component, develop all sorts of profit rich and generous but substitute. Altogether, hot punch technology is to help metallic figuration business develop the new market, one big step that enhances its competition ability considerably. CNC Milling CNC Machining