Bring up the machining center that get mill to get the person that run

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The high speed that waits for an industry as aerospace, car, communication develops, the treatment efficiency to mechanical spare parts, precision mixes industrial product bright and clean degree of demand that waits for each respect is higher and higher also. To satisfy the demand that increases increasingly ceaselessly, position is occupied in intense market competition, high speed high spirit gets mill machining center emerge as the times require of product of this kind of machine tool. The vertical of high speed high spirit that at present home produces gets mill machining center technology is introduced from Euramerican country more, the machine tool produces an enterprise to machine craft characteristic automatically in the light of home, use the automatic processing technique with advanced international successfully at machining industry of China, elaborate research and development high speed high spirit gets mill machining center, this produced apparent stimulative effect to raising level of craft of our country machining, high spirit of homebred high speed gets mill machining center already was mixed in autocycle of spaceflight aviation, war industry, car the domain such as 3C got applied extensively. Numerical control of high speed high accuracy gets high accuracy of mill center high speed is not to show numerical control gets mill center to machine speed to want tall to workpiece merely fast, product precision of production is taller, and high speed movement, essence wants to decide in also asking numerical control gets the whole process that mill center machines in workpiece, be in in order to reduce workpiece preparation, treatment, have a change of luck and close store the time that waits for each link to take up. Improve the manufacturing efficiency of the factory integratedly, reduce manufacturing cost. Machinery of nicety of Dongguan big a person of extraordinary powers creates limited company (next weighing that Dongguan is big a person of extraordinary powers) it is group of king of Chinese Taiwan iron the wholy-owned subsidiary that invests 55 million dollar to be built in home, the company has sale of 40 years of above to safeguard the technology of brand of machine tool of world famous numerical control to serve a dominant position, in succession research and development produced numerical control to get mill center, bore to attack whorl machine and dragon door the series product with 3 big tall tigidity, high accuracy, efficient machining center. Big a person of extraordinary powers of Xi Menzi and Dongguan gets mill center in high speed of numerical control of its KI series extensive collaboration was begun in the project, let high speed of KI series numerical control successfully got mill center to have the characteristic such as tall tigidity, high rotate speed, tall acceleration, with realizing high speed bore is mixed attack whorl. High speed of numerical control of graph 1KI series gets mill machining center is faster the core that system of stronger numerical control of numerical control system is center of mill of high speed getting, faster stronger numerical control system makes center of mill of high speed getting had more powerful operation and processing capacity, can finish more complex with more careful treatment. Be aimed at this one character, the whole world knows a numerical control system to produced business to all roll out new-style numerical control system, and the example that the SINUMERIK 828D that Xi Menzi applies in high speed of numerical control of series of KI of Dongguan big a person of extraordinary powers to get mill center is system of new-style numerical control, its function sex and convenient the high level requirement that the gender can explain current market logarithm to control a system well. Interface of CNC of SINUMERIK 828D collect, PLC, operation and axle control function at an organic whole, two kinds of craft apply supportive car, mill. The appearance is concise and compact, own outstanding property however. The precision of accept rice computation that is based on 80 float check the number assured pilot accuracy adequately. If want to tilt in workpiece,milling of planar and aspirant travel is machined, SINUMERIK 828D can be fastened freely changeover to treatment plane, went to the lavatory already process designing, also raised the accuracy that the program carries out. Its biggest characteristic is " simple, good with " , "Simple " body is mixed in graphical process designing now on man-machine interface. Graphical process designing will be met henceforth is one of tendencies that numerical control system develops, graphical process designing includes traditional G statement already, also include newest guiding process designing, the user can press the move that defines oneself to undertake step by step according to guidance, simple, quick. In addition, it still supports a variety of process designing way, include agile process designing guide, efficient " ShopMill/ShopTurn " the craft of process designing of labor situation style and complete set circulates, OK and contented produce sheet from large quantities of quantities the process designing need of treatment, can be in shorten significantly process designing time while ensure optimal workpiece precision. Expect to make Dongguan big a person of extraordinary powers manages revolving stage conveniently or go up the machine tool option such as device, SINUMERIK 828D added option of Easy Extend machine tool newly still to govern a function, had this function, operation personnel need not have professional knowledge to be able to add these machine tool option in user spot, save service cost greatly thereby. 10 of high resolution.

4" (1"=33.

3mm) chromatic monitor and clavier of full measure NC make its operation very friendly, card of prepositive USB, CF and aether net interface make implement large machine program handy and quick. The course checks, the high speed of KI series numerical control that provided SINUMERIK 828D system gets mill center, multinomial and main index all achieved a breakthrough. If attack treatment of high speed of the requirement when whorl, this machine tool configured disc type bits - bits time is only 0.

9s, bits of inclined disk type - bits time only 1.

The high speed of 3s trades knife unit, shortened the time of 1/3. Another feature is, knife library uses disc 21 knives and inclined dish 14 knives library of two sort knife, prep above of the speed that change a knife imports congener model; Each linear axis acceleration is as high as 1g above, fixed position precision is in 0.

005mm, feed speed achieves 48m/min, improved productivity significantly. Graph the high speed of 2 KI series numerical control that provided SINUMERIK 828D system get mill center, can finish more complex reducing specific power consumption with more careful treatment is inevitable trend basis the newest statistic of arrange of international the sources of energy, industrial 42% what report occupies global electric power to always be used up about, among them 2/3 is used up by place of industrial electric machinery. Accordingly, the domain advocates the servo electric machinery that shows high speed of level numerical control to get mill center institute to need to create new market business chance in order to improve energy-saving beneficial result. Get the main function part of mill center as numerical control high speed, the function of electromotor matters to the function of integral system to develop directly. Before this, high speed of homebred numerical control gets mill center to choose to use a pace to enter electric machinery more, because the pace enters electric machinery to have definite advantage in cost respect, because this made the first selection of machine tool of most economy numerical control, but its weakness is apparent also at the same time, namely the torsion of power of big, unit outputs inertia small, efficiency needs specific value and calorific amount is large. Under photograph comparing, servo electric machinery answers speed because of having bank of door of accurate, technology is in essence of fast, fixed position relative to higher dominant position high speed of high-end numerical control gets mill center to be able to apply extensively. Xi Menzi gets what mill center deploys for high speed of KI series numerical control is SIEMENS 1FK7 and 1PH8 electric machinery, this electric machinery has power of low inertia, peak value interval of torque of tall, constant is wider, dynamic performance is better wait for a characteristic, can make the system moves efficiency to raise 20%~40% on average, section report potential is tremendous. Innovation science and technology of Xi Menzi helps Dongguan big a person of extraordinary powers successfully machine craft characteristic research and development automatically in the light of home high speed high spirit gets mill machining center, the machine that uses the automatic processing technique with advanced international successfully at China processes a trade, the product that promoted Chinese state-owned company greatly upgrades and the technology innovates. CNC Milling CNC Machining