The precision of the machine tool decided the quality of slideway

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As the development of industrial automation equipment, linear slideway can be installed go up in one cant, by one aspect of the matter control orgnaization is held accuse, slideway edge cant is driven to slip when needing damp go up to be contacted with fixed slideway, next making is pulled when needing damp 2 slideway come away. Below the circumstance with contented condition, the breadth that increases damp slideway as far as possible is not the length that raises slideway scale, what should notice slideway face is lubricant, damp slideway is made normally triangularly in order to increase damp breadth, its length is inside 150mm ~ 300mm can. Our Dongguan hopes to think of a gram to devote oneself to domain of industry of machine tool drive, take the development way that can last, by me department summarizes a machine tool to have what correlation to the precision of slideway, do not understand will discuss cough up! ! ! Lubricant to the fluid of sliding slideway face, as a result of the float of oily film, the athletic precision error of generation avoids in place. Be in absolutely mostly below the element, the fluid lubricates an area of border of be confined to, the direct clash that be contacted by the metal and produces is inevitable, in this kind attrition condition falls, much energy was dropped by waste with attrition loss. As contrary as its, because attrition waste time can be little,scroll is contacted, the attrition loss of scroll face also should decrease relatively, can make roll linear slideway system is in high accuracy condition for a long time. Because use lubricating oil less, the lubricant system design that makes a machine tool and use it is easy to safeguard a respect to become special. Linear slideway is the important segment of feed system, it is one of main tectonic elements of machine tool equipment, the action of slideway is oriented with bearing mode, athletic travel operates the well and truly along the regulation way below the action of force outside raise acceptance of consignment to use a part namely and assuring its to be able to be in. The treatment precision of machine tool of numerical control machine tool and life decided the quality of machine tool slideway greatly. Compare with photograph of slideway of general accuracy machine tool, slideway of numerical control machine tool needs higher demand: For example when high speed feed do not crawl when feed of low speed of not oscillatory, radial drilling machine, have tall sensitivity, can fall work for a long time continuously in burden, tall, precision maintains wearability performance is good etc. The adoption of linear scroll slideway improved machine tool productivity greatly, in its during active life, machine tool equipment has maintenance appearance rarely almost, can move continuously. The machine tool is in design and when making, must note undermentioned problem: The machine tool is due taller fight brace up quality, the machine tool that uses linear scroll guide produces vibration extremely easily, the high speed advance and retreat of athletic component, make a machine tool get bigger impact, deputy damp of linear scroll slideway is inferior, fight brace up performance is poorer, this periodic concussion lets a machine tool easily produce vibration to bring about treatment surface to produce appearance error and ripple thereby, be in especially the influence of grinder and high accuracy machine tool is more outstanding, and what cause a system possibly still to system of control of closed circuit servo is flabby calm condition. The target of linear slideway machining is the optimal combination that seeks treatment efficiency, cost and precision, to achieve this goal, urgent the research that its need develops crucial technology, machining precision is online measure one of technologies, fall in the manufacturing condition of much breed small lot especially, research is advanced online it is very important to measure technical sense, because online measuring is the main component that treatment measures unifinication technology, assure the quality of its component and the important step that promote productivity. At present foreign early has realised online the value that measures a technology, be handled by much research thereby, producing actual in wide application rose. CNC Milling CNC Machining