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The manufacturing machine tool of most enterprise is general accuracy machine tool, manufacturing facilities stale is backward, the product that with this kind of equipment treatment comes out is put generally in quality difference, precision is low, cost is high, the cycle that offer money is long wait for a problem, the competition that cannot have suited current business place to be faced with needs. Because the cost of numerical control machine tool is higher, if the enterprise relies on to buy new facility afresh, need a large number of capital, average company stands hard, for this, transform general accuracy machine tool amount to shows a machine tool is the shortcut that improves machine tool work efficiency and significant step. After general accuracy machine tool transforms economy number to show a machine tool, can improve automation degree and manufacturing work efficiency greatly, raise the treatment precision of primary machine tool, treatment gives general accuracy machine tool to machine all sorts of appearances to compare intricate work hard, have investment little, get effective to wait for a characteristic quickly. Does number show device to there is: of the following advantage? Handsome  feed cerebral Man Gorgon euryale crouchs only then the damage value of  ? and old machine tool gets used to; ② to have add machine function, can follow fashionable dress discharge, with other machine tool general; ③ does not have the formalities holding key of other device, jockey person of ④ of facilitating maintenance; is easy master, also can not use via grooming.

It basically is used at transforming of all kinds lathe, grinder, boring machine, the circle outside be being transformed especially is ground and the centre of a circle is ground, its effect is more distinct. ⑤ undertakes number of bed of large scale computer is shown after transforming, can reduce labor intensity of the worker, saved able-bodied person, improve work efficiency, reduce percent defective, mechanical function is stable and reliable. ⑥ use is extensive: The groovy job that it can use at milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine and turning treatment not only, still can be a lot of machine tools, solution that measures equipment and test equipment and special machine tool to offer ideal, in fact it applies to bed of all hand motive. The product that has counting showing transforming in the market now basically has 3 kinds of products: Grating feet, magnetism bar rule, ball bar rule. 3 kinds of products have his advantage each, but transform medium or small common and character grating feet is a right choice, it has the price low, resolution is high, quality is stable, install convenient advantage. Will introduce grating rule simply below: Grating feet namely sensor of grating of displacement of the lines, it is to go up century the product of 70 time, it is technology of the Mo Er stripe that uses grating and photoelectricity changeover, on the glass adding a way of 3mm plating chromium engraves 1 μ to be a transparent length feet, stick it on aluminous feet next, reflection relying on light or transmission feedback undertake in inductor metric. Grating feet is divided to open wide type is mixed enclosed two kinds. Open wide type to be high accuracy among them model, output weaveform is sine wave, the digitlization that basically is used at accurate instrument is transformed. Highest resolution can be amounted to 0.

M of 1 μ ; Enclosed basically use at general accuracy machine tool, the digitlization of the instrument is transformed, output weaveform is square wave. Open wide type sensor by grating feet and grating reading head two parts are comprised. Enclosed sensor reachs housing by head of reading of grating feet, grating 3 parts get ready component. By exterior classification is small-sized feet, standard type feet, large feet 3 kinds. Product model is GBC2-B10 model (small-sized) , GBC2-B20 (standard type) , GBC2-B30 (large) , large feet is the longest can accomplish 3000mm. Grating feet itself is not to take indication function, so must the number with its form a complete set shows a list. Grating footage shows the output data of the watch to receive the collateral input interface that uses Suo Cunqi 74HC374 to form to go up repeatedly. Suo Cunqi's lock is put spark signal by " sampling means chooses " generation. In touching signalled ascendant edge to keep data-in lock to Suo Cunqi. "Sampling means chooses " use 4 choose CD4052 of one imitate switch and odd firm 74HC123 to form. Sheet is used firmly at be opposite to input signal plastics. The outside inputting signal to have contact of imitate switch signals, in-house and time spark signal, hand is moved spark signal 3 kinds. The contact signals outside can arise with standard signal source. In-house and time spark the generation after the signal classics scale down that signal uses crystal oscillator oscillation to arise. Zhen Pin rate chooses brilliant for 1MHZ. Scale down implement be connected by 4 74HC161 class and become, minutes of the biggest frequency is 65535. Spark what signal still receives personal computer at the same time is exterior interrupt IRQ2 to go up, personal computer receives the bring up the rear in receiving to read in data-in automatically. Sampling means and scale down implement scale down coefficient and grating footage show a watch to pass control of collateral output interface by personal computer. Encoder uses GAL20V8 to produce patulous interface piece pick signal. Sensor of grating of displacement of the lines shows the system basically applies at orgnaization of linear and mobile slideway, show accurately what can realize mobile amount and automation control, wide already application is machined at the machine tool and the nicety of the instrument is measured. This product already formed a variety of series, breed is all ready, the choiceness that make, the technology is advanced. The displacement that applies extensively at the machine tool such as machine of cut of lathe, milling machine, boring machine, grinder, line, scintilla, drill measures a system to transform. Power sea limited company of science and technology of 3 abundant electron (SUNEFULL) it is with production and research and development all sorts of norms are mixed the high-tech company that the sensor of grating displacement of the lines of length and number show watch, coder. By the feet of grating of train in excess specified length of research and development of our company proper motion, use advanced technology and technology, reach domestic banner level, get of the user reputably. The product of the company with its cheap of bottom of reliable, price mixes quality the advantage of good after service, won the reliance of the user. Product introduction ● measures range: ● accuracy of 50mm ~ 3000mm: ● of 10µm/m of ± of ± 6µm/m ~ measures fiducial: The optics of ● of optical glass feet of grating cycle 20µm surveys a system: Transmission type infrared ray surveys a system solely, rate of response of ● of infrared wavelengh 880nm: 60m/min(0.

005mm) 25m/min(0.

Head of 001mm) ● reading is slip system: 5 bearing ● outputs perpendicular type question mark: Mark of TTL/EIA-422-A ● question communicates cycle: 20µm ● supplies voltage: 5% ● of DC 5V ± use highest and high grade PU material to make an oil resistant, tall flexibility reach fight ageing glue to seal. By engineer elaborate design first-rate giving ● is closed angle is mixed most the soft hardness of moderate, make sure sealed function mixes first-rate to grind the least obstruction. Slip part structure uses ● reading head to already was designed for the most reliable and durable 5 bearing by test and verify, make sure optical induction system can stabilize the ground for a long time to be arranged in the free on grating feet glide. Characteristic: 1, the most advanced and reliable optics surveys a system, use reliable and durable high accuracy design of 5 bearing system, assure the stability of optical and mechanical system, exceedingly good repetition polarization and high order and degree measure precision. 2, sensor uses sealed construction, function is reliable, installation is convenient. 3, use special oil resistant, be able to bear or endure corrode, tall flexibility and fight ageing plastic and waterproof, dustproof and exceedingly good, service life is long. 4, the interference rejection ability of specific Gao Shuiping, stable and reliable. 5, illuminant uses infra-red glow diode, bulk little life is long. 6, use advanced grating to make a technology, can make the rule of glass of high accuracy grating of each norms. CNC Milling CNC Machining