In Che Xi the successive turning on compound machine tool is machined

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The place with the most absorbing platform of treatment of compound machine tool depends on Che Xi, its can install the treatment that work completes in the round after clip is debugged in. Now, the Che Xi that the development of CAM software can have made deserve to B axis milling machines a head is compound machine tool, below the condition that uses a cutting tool only, undertake to the surface of outline of inside and outside of workpiece turning of essence of life is machined. This kind of new lathe is in cycle of treatment of its essence turning, need a cutting tool only can one pace reachs the designated position the successive cutting treatment of surface of outline of inside and outside of the ground workpiece that finish, also do not need to use the lathe tool of a series of different figure again. B axis outline machines periodic software is developed by DP technology company, include the software of Esprit 2008 CAM that is in this company in the bag. This treatment software uses a kind of effective method, rotate what pass B axis continuously, make cutting tool moves as outline, reach the area that those cannot near because of appearance of cutting tool geometry. Use this kind of new treatment method, the cutting tool amount that reduced place to need, cut of cutting tool change and process designing time, obtained at the same time more smooth with the exterior quality that does not have bench mark. Its final result is to be job shops managing more time and capital. June 2007, in California city los angeles the center of technology of company of dark essence aircraft of city is in successfully NT3150 Che Xi undertook B axis outline try cutting to machine on compound machine tool. The whirl that uses Funac to control a system tool center function (RTCP) the coordinate in outputting code of NC numerical control for center of its point of a knife. RTCP function must machine cycle to be used together with outline, make cutting tool rotates around its reference point. Cycle of treatment of B axis outline is to build cycle is machined in outline of SolidTurn of Esprit intelligence software over. Main differentia depends on technology of its B axis can controlling B axis to rotate in the round politic choice and the limit of B axis angle that allow. A kind of new CAM software has administrative B axis to machine a rotating characteristic, make compound machine tool can use Che Xi comprehensive ground turning machines onefold cutting tool the surface of outline of inside and outside of workpiece. In whole turning unit process of cargo bandling, the user can adopt the way that cutting tool of two kinds of strategy government runs. The first kind of strategy is: One maintains between cutting tool and workpiece surface judge decide changeless oriented part. Such, first oriented part can hold between cutting tool and the outline that are machined by cutting. This first oriented part is equivalent to B axis machining a head former cutting tool direction and outline a function of direction of the first element. When the gradient of outline produces change, head of B axis treatment can make cutting tool is made tilt accordingly, make the surface of its and workpiece holds same oriented part. The total collapse brae of cutting tool is spent besides by the spare parts of software / cutting tool defends collision testing system automatically beyond control, still be restricted by the oriented role range of user definition. Adopt this strategy to be able to create best cutting to machine a condition, make cutting tool and be machined by cutting point of view of a first-rate holds between the surface. However, the motion of axis of this requirement B is achieved almost complete judge decide fixed rate, because B axis is met,generation exceeds the motion of the journey. Axis of the 2nd B rotates strategy is: When necessary, use the means that cutting tool tilts only, reduce the whirl of cutting tool as far as possible. This strategy can make cutting tool maintains go up in first direction, achieve till cutting tool cannot till the surface of cutting, right now cutting tool is in its current orientation. When coming here only, cutting tool just can make tilt necessarily, the cutting inside the range of limit of B axis angle that sets in the user this one surface. This is in afore-mentioned trying the strategy that uses in cutting, make the whirl of B axis is restricted in angle of traditional cutting tool cannot in the area of cutting. These two kinds of politic very easy test and verify, the user can demonstrate the vector of cutting tool axis on screen, in order to decide treatment some is specific the optimal strategy of appearance of spare parts geometry. In whole cutting process, the whirl that the user can control B axis in the round limits. Among them, a method that restricts cutting tool angle is, those who use user definition is the smallest the B axis that will restrict place allow with angle of axis of the biggest B rotates limits. Same, to rigidder control, what the user defines is the smallest can be opposite with the largest oriented part cutting tool is local and oriented horny limit make a provision. CNC Milling CNC Machining