Machine tool of SP43 line cut

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Create industry high accuracy, efficient treatment demand to suit, mu Ye rolled out SP series high accuracy machine tool of cut of soggy type line, have SP43 and SP64 two kinds of model. SP43 main characteristic has: 1.

The journey of X/Y/Z direction is 450mm/300mm/320mm respectively, u/V direction journey is ± 101mm, the biggest test machines speed 350mm2/min. In the meantime, 4 standards configure filter, can make user cost is cut down 50% , and the function of high-powered application technology that combines newest development (H.




) , can improve treatment efficiency 25% ~ 100% . 2.

The PVG function standard of original creation assembles the effective band that achieved high accuracy and high rate: P cut function centers discharge to control pulse frequency through self-correcting, reduce what arise because of hydraulic change to break line number, will raise rough machining speed and exterior surface roughness thereby; Function of V corner control is mixed in rough machining speed of servo of the self-correcting when finish machining, make the excision quantity of material is achieved thereby best; GS cut function is not reducing the good linearity when rough machining assuring below the premise that machines speed, reduce the cut amount of finish machining, improve the treatment efficiency of the machine tool greatly; F control function can adjust strong water to pressure monitors and change treatment rate according to the ply of workpiece, be in thereby paragraph of treatment condition that stability assures when poor treatment. 3.

Use Mu Ye's traditional double water pump to design, water pump of nose of the fluctuation when be being machined differs according to workpiece surface the state pours water independently, implementation is answered quickly in real time, reduce line odds, achieve better treatment rate and precision. 4.

Use big picture to feel screen to input means, can undertake all sorts of measurement simple and quickly, picture switch is operated. Through project demon functional piece arrives to be machined actually from the editor, the input of all data undertakes below clew, go to the lavatory simply. CNC Milling CNC Machining