Linear electric machinery is in shallow analyse the application on high speed machine tool

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As the development of direct drive technology, of linear electric machinery and tradition " rotate guide screw of ball of servo electric machinery " the attention that the contrast of drive means causes industry. The machining center manufacturer with a few advanced now technologies of world begins to apply on machine tool of its high speed. Precision respect is linear the problem that electric machinery reduced interpolation lag simply because of main transfer machinery, fixed position precision, returning precision, very precision, detect through the position feedback control is met relatively " rotate guide screw of ball of servo electric machinery " tall, and come true easily. Precision of fixed position of linear electric machinery can be amounted to 0.

1 μ M. "Rotate guide screw of ball of servo electric machinery " highest achieve 2~5 μ M, and electric machinery of requirement CNC- servo - without unoccupied place even the axis implement - stop push bearing - cooling system - slideway of high accuracy scroll - nut - the transmission part of whole system wants workbench closed circuit light quantify, grating precision wants tall. If want to achieve taller smooth stability, "Rotate guide screw of ball of servo electric machinery " should take double axis drive, linear electric machinery is high calorific component, need to take strong cold step, want to achieve identical goal, linear electric machinery should pay bigger price. Linear electric machinery has speed side quite large dominant position, speed of linear electric machinery achieves 300m/min, acceleration achieves speed of 10g; ball guide screw to be 120m/min, acceleration is 1.

5g. Go up with the contrast of acceleration from speed, linear electric machinery has quite large dominant position, and the rate after linear electric machinery is solving calorific problem successfully still can rise further, and " rotate guide screw of ball of servo electric machinery " be raised very hard again on speed however by limitation more. Life respect is linear because electric machinery has installation space between athletic component and fixed component, without the contact, won't wear away because of the high speed reciprocate of mover, long use pair of campaign fixed position precision is invariant, suit the situation of high accuracy. Ball guide screw cannot assure precision in high speed reciprocate, because high speed chafes, meet those who cause guide screw nut wear away, affect precision demand of motion. To the demand of high accuracy the circumstance cannot be satisfied. CNC Milling CNC Machining