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1, power source voltage is insufficient, the attraction of electro-magnet is insufficient and generation noise, should try to heighten the tension that operates return circuit. 2, magnetism system is assembled undeserved or suffer shake and askew or parts gets stuck, it is core cannot be sucked smooth, produce noise consequently. This system should be adjusted when processing, find out and eliminate the consideration with not quick parts. 3, polar rusts or have a foreign body (the dirty that be like oil, dust, variegated wool) invade core polar, ought to clear right now core polar. 4, because touch head bedspring pressure too big and generation electro-magnet noise, adjust pressure of the bedspring that touch a head normally can. 5, rupture as a result of short circuit annulus and produce noise, should change core or short circuit annulus. 6, core polar wears away excessive and rough, should change core. 7, coil circles a short circuit, change normally coil can. CNC Milling CNC Machining