Mechanical the biggest hydraulic press debugs Chongqing Jiang Dong successful

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Recently, by our country own research and development, western the biggest hydraulic press in Chongqing Jiang Dong production of company of mechanical and finite liability debugs a success. According to introducing, this hydraulic press is overall weight 310 tons, nominal force achieves 50000KN, equipment workbench is as long as 12 meters, can squelch 6, 12 meters blank. Its workbench and mobile bridge use integral structure, odd heavy highest can amount to 65 tons, oriented use much column structure, high accuracy pressure sensor and displacement sensor are deployed on control, can control all sorts of parameter of equipment through touching screen, realized man-machine interaction truly. It is reported, the production of this equipment debugs successful fill our country western the blank that cannot prepare large press independently, it is current our country western the hydraulic press with the largest area, also be our country is in one of equipment with this the most advanced domain. CNC Milling CNC Machining