Surpass the general transducer application in system of constant voltage air feed

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One, the advantage of system of automation of frequency conversion of constant voltage air feed is in system of control of frequency conversion constant voltage, the variation that transducer can use tolerance according to be in charge of net instantaneous is self-adjusting the rotate speed of machine of the pneumatics in pneumatics station and locomotive stage number, make pressure tubal a network maintains constant set pressure from beginning to end, what obtained pneumatics chance thereby is energy-saving fall bad news and the purpose that improve air feed quality, came true to control the automation of the process at the same time, and be opposite pneumatics machine undertook exceeding pressing, overload, flow too, owe pressure wait to call the police automatically protection 2, working principle normally pneumatics stands to be become by aircrew of much stage pneumatics, every pneumatics machine procrastinates by an electric machinery move, undertake controlling independently. In real work, pneumatics stands to be designed by the biggest working load, using so when tolerance is little, start stage or 2 one unit, with when tolerance is big, start much stage paralell connection to move, grant to establish value of pressure tubal a network in the system, the floor level that the pressure that the system grants automatic basis to set is worth and upper limit undertake automatic to load is mixed uninstall, with will satisfy with tolerance. Pneumatics station controls fashion this kind, bring a lot of issues, the existing empty control that control a station uses normally the following 3 kinds of method will adjust capacity: 1: redundant compression air is put empty; 2: Shut electric machinery; 3: Shut inlet valve to make electric machinery is in an idling. Means of above air feed makes cannot come true to adjust continuously for tolerance, when changing ceaselessly with tolerance, air feed pressure arises inevitably relatively substantially fluctuant, start often, the attaint that stops to create facility easily, have quite big impact to electrified wire netting and empty press. 3, analysis of effect of means of primary pressure control: ⑴ will compress air to put empty, can create very big energy waste, compress air to will be put into atmosphere. Q of Δ of Δ W=P × (the air flow of Δ Q dropt) ⑵ stops pressure of electric machinery adjustment to be only in the pneumatics machine on small size use, of electric machinery open often, stop waste a large number of energy, also shorten the service life of pneumatics machine. ⑶ shuts mechanism of pneumatics of majority of pressure of inlet valve adjustment to shut inlet valve to make electric machinery idling will adjust pressure, but pneumatics machine is in the idling or drive compressor to move, right now specific power consumption occupies pneumatics machine to be fully loaded with moving 30%~50% about. The energy pneumatics opportunity that when electric machinery starts, wastes is load of big moment of inertia, the power that electric machinery sky holds the place when starting to need is equivalent to be fully loaded with moving place to use up 2~3 roughly times, time is 5~60S about, when starting control capacity often, big to concussion of electrified wire netting, specific power consumption is apparent, after use transducer, can come true flowing soft start with soft jockey, lessen impact of pair of electrified wire netting, lengthen service life of equipment. Means of control of frequency conversion constant voltage passes PID self-adjusting the poor value that loses tolerance and set amount, make pressure constant, systematic pressure changes through pressure send implement pressure tubal a network change becomes telegraphic date to convey to be compared to PID unit and set value, the size that is worth according to difference has operation by established control mode, make transducer outputs corresponding rotate speed to dominate the electric machinery of compressor, make real pressure and set pressure achieve constant voltage goal equally, adjust what realize air feed continuously, make sure pressure tubal a network is stable. 4, type of applicable pneumatics aircraft compressor of 1 piston air. Compressor of air of 3 centrifugal type surpasses compressor of air of 2 screw type general is electric -- extend the interest perfect control at electric machinery! CNC Milling CNC Machining