Handle " difficult treatment " the shortcut of material

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Usually, what metallic cutting points to is cutting steel and cast-iron. But, in current workshop, what we face is other a few material, such as stainless steel, iron radical and be not iron radical (the alloy that be like titanium) heat-resisting alloy and high temperature alloy. These material and traditional steel between put in very big difference, be they were reflected " difficult treatment " real implication. "Machinability " the difficult easy rate that watch palpability has low cost is machined to a kind of material, it is to pass the smooth equational cost that after be being compared with referenced material, reachs. This numeric watch palpability cuts bits to form, cutting force, temperature, cutting tool wears away and the potential problem of workpiece quality respect. We are used to admiral machinability to regard a kind of material as character, it depends on all elements that involve in metallic cutting process, among them character of 5 basic material is very big to machinability influence, namely sclerosis of adhesiveness, treatment, thermal conductivity, hardness and wearability. When material conglutinate when the tendency is taller, need uses the cutting tool stuff with good tenacity and specific film. Cutting rate also should rise somewhat. Sclerotic to incidental serious treatment (be out of shape sclerotic) material, need uses the cutting tool with cutting sharp blade. Cutting rate is potential each are not identical, but feed should increase. Be like the thermal conductivity on the low side of material, criterion cutting tool material should have taller red rigid. Cutting speed and feed all should be restricted. Beyond question, hard workpiece data needs to use harder cutting tool data. Generally speaking, feed and cutting deepness need to maintain moderate level. The workpiece material of wear-resisting needs to use the cutting tool data of tall wearability. Cutting operating mode must get used to the case that cutting utilization rate or cutting efficiency remain to rise. Narrate according to above paragraphs place, can we reach what conclusion? Through understanding the correlation between character of afore-mentioned 5 basic material and cutting cutting tool, we can improve productivity considerably and save cost. We need to choose cutting cutting tool and cutting operating mode according to workpiece material character only, can obtain reasonable expectation value. "Difficult treatment " is material true so be handled hard? Be not such. They just differ just. If why handle different material for example: Through comparing 42CrMo4 of material of two kinds of typical workpiece (a kind of typical alloy steel) with Inconel718 (a kind " difficult treatment " high temperature alloy) 5 main character, we can know their different place directly. Be aimed at the problem of existence, can put forward corresponding adjustment easy to doly plan. Problem one: Is conglutinate tendency exorbitant how to do? Plan: Use the knife sheet that takes correct film qualitative grade, ensure cut bits to form be in controallable condition (the correct chamfer that break bits) . Consider the value of feed at the same time! Problem 2: How does treatment sclerosis do badly? Plan: Use sharper cutting blade and cutting geometry angle. Problem 3: How does thermal conductivity on the low side do? Plan: Use the bit material qualitative order and degree with red high rigid, and proper cooling method. Of course, want to choose to get used to the cutting operating mode of these character. With steel application is compared, the cutting deepness of Inconel 718 and feed may be in same volume level (perhaps feed still is met even a few taller) , but need uses lower cutting rate (thermal conductivity on the low side) . CNC Milling CNC Machining