Cover with tiles service life of new-style whorl milling cutter lengthens Er spy research and development nearly 40%

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-- whorl milling? OK of course! Brand-new made of baked clay Er of range of products is special - Puruite (Walter Prototyp)TC610/TC611 offers the most careful whorl milling. The milling cutter model with the qualitative material of two kinds of cutting of two new research and development is in function and technology reliability respect got rising significantly. Whorl milling cutter is not the typical cutting tool that batch production uses, use at special use situation however, when waiting for craft to cannot satisfy a requirement completely with whorl extrusion in tap for example. In this kind manufacturing situation falls, cutting tool quality and technology reliability exceed of common important. Accordingly, expert of cutting tool of graph guest root these two brand-new =1 of deepness of whorl of TC610(of whorl milling cutter.

5 × D) and =2 of TC611(whorl deepness.

0 × D) serves as his from now on new the product line that roll out " Walter Supreme " first delegate is thrown in market competition, this is by no means accidental. Waerte - Puruite (Walter Prototyp) TC610, WB10RD " Supreme " meaning for " supreme " or " clinking " . In Waerte in cutting tool breed, "Walter Supreme " will not have clarity by accident delegate utmost henceforth that is to say top quality. Supreme cutting tool is in " need them truly " the place is used. When should needing life of the very high cutting rate, biggest cutting tool and highest dependability, people still needs the cutting tool with particularly powerful function. Product line " Walter Supreme " the application that is Yan Ke of this kind of requirement only and produce efficiency target and design. True high-powered cutting tool: Be " league matches of cutting treatment first class " medium champion awaits the person that choose. TC610 of two this when introduce now new-style milling cutter and TC611 have material of two kinds of new cutting to pledge likewise optional: WB10RD and type of WJ30RC(B/J = base material, 10/30 = wearability, RD/RC = coating: TiALN/TiALN+ZrN) . Two kinds of model can apply extensively at ISO P, M, K, N and S group data. Its distinction depends on, to different treatment the circumstance issued the relation between technology reliability and cutting tool life to have different balance. Material of these two kinds of cutting also has clear distinction on simple outer concept: WB10RD surface is aureate, and WJ30RC surface is black. What advantage does new milling cutter have? How does the client choose right cutting capable person to pledge? Waerte product of company thread machining is advanced manager Timo Mager gave out 3 answers: General: Cutting material pledges WJ30RC is all first selection that use a field above all. Can provide model of 142 kinds of example, cover all fields that exist in range of products of our whorl milling cutter up to now. Material of these two kinds of cutting uses cutting blade strength character very tall exceed fine grained hard alloy. Another of WJ30RC outstanding characteristic is to have taller tenacity. Accordingly, what we say no less than, this milling cutter is very general, fit not stable treatment requirement already, do not be afraid of what furl by oneself to cut bits again, still won't break off at the same time. In addition, also can be in do not use below the cold condition inside the belt. Fast: The WJ30RC of these two milling cutter had been in at old money cutting tool relatively life respect shows a tremendous performance to improve. At this o'clock we can prove in lab test. However cutting material pledges WB10RD is in this respect further: It changes zirconium coating to be made by base material and nitrogen, hardness is taller and cutting tool life is longer than competitive product 40% . Use need effectively however condition of a few frame: A stable machine tool, lesser dangerous extend the corresponding and inferior flank on length and cutting tool pressure and must use inside cooling. Such, the client can obtain the whorl milling cutter with the longest life of a current and usable cutting tool. Balanced: Cutting tool life and technology reliability fall in this kind of circumstance cannot depart clearly. If cutting tool life is inferior, of cutting blade wear away taller also. And wear away taller, machine tool operator must undertake often corrective. If cutting tool is special,fight wear away (cutting material qualitative WB10RD) is below this kind of circumstance, can carry out process of rife whorl cutting smoothly so. If not be below optimal condition,use WB10RD however, so the danger with respect to blade of collapse of existence cutting tool, and technology reliability also has no longer assure. For this we offer two kinds of solutions. Use WJ30RC milling cutter, although the client is in be not optimal condition to fall to also can obtain higher technology reliability. The Waerte of cutting material qualitative WB10RD - Puruite (outer round treatment uses Walter Prototyp)TC610 in. The life with the longest · of cutting material qualitative WB10RD, the treatment advantage · with the · of qualitative WJ30RC of cooling cutting material is first-rate economy solution reliable · inside · of stability of stress of · of condition of first-rate function premise also can be in without inside the treatment that has machining · to be in be not stabilizinged below cold circumstance has high technology reliability below the condition CNC Milling CNC Machining