The common breakdown of servo of machine tool feed is analysed

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Servo of machine tool feed is the automation system that regards control as the quantity with the position of athletic component and speed, it is a very typical Electromechanical unifinication system, basically control element of unit, drive by positional control unit, speed (electric machinery) , detect carry out a component to be comprised a few times partly with feedback unit and machinery. The common breakdown of servo of machine tool feed has the following kinds: Exceed Cheng to exceed when feed motion by software the soft spacing of set or by the hard spacing of spacing switch set when, can happen exceed Cheng to call the police, general meeting shows on CRT call the police content, according to manual of numerical control system, can remove trouble, remove call the police. The load that overload moves when feed is too big, frequent, retrorse motion and transmission catenary are lubricant when position is bad, all can cause overload to call the police. General meeting shows servo electromotor on CRT overload, overheat or flow too etc call the police information. In the meantime, on the feed driving unit in strong report ark, indicator light or digital canal can hint driving unit overload, pass the information such as electric current. Change moves when feed occurrence change uses an appearance: ① measures fast signal to be not stabilized, like speed senser breakdown, measure fast feedback signal to disturb speed of ② waiting for; to control signal flabby decide or be disturbed terminal of; ③ child the contact is undesirable, if bolt becomes loose,wait. Move when change happen in by square when the inverting instant to motion and retrorse motion, because the backlash of feed drive catenary or servo gain cross big be caused by,be commonly. Crawl happening is in start quickly paragraph or when low speed feed, it is the lubricant condition as a result of feed drive catenary commonly gain of undesirable, servo is small reach adscititious load to wait for element be caused by greatly too. What want an attention especially is: The shaft coupling that servo electromotor and connection of ball guide screw use, become loose as a result of connection or the blemish of shaft coupling itself, wait like crackle, create the rotational and different situation of roll of ball guide screw and servo electromotor, make feed moves thereby ignore fast ignore slow, produce creeping phenomenon. When machine tool of machine tool occurrence vibration moves with high speed, the possibility arises vibration, can have appeared to flow at this moment call the police. Problem of machine tool vibration attributes rate problem commonly, should go to search speed annulus; and the whole adjustment of machine tool speed so the process is finished by speed adjuster, the issue that always concerns with speed namely, should go searching speed adjuster, because this is oscillatory,the problem should search speed adjuster. Main from give signal, feedback signal and speed adjuster itself this tripartite face goes searching breakdown. CNC Milling CNC Machining