Power user and power load character study

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Load of foreword   power is periodic with random sex stronger system, the numerous element such as it and society, economy, politics, atmosphere is having very complex concern. On one hand, power load has regular ground to develop change by definite trend; On the other hand, bear suffers the effect of numerous element, produce constant wave motion possibly at any time. Regard an evaluation as one of main index of state of bear of electrified wire netting, study the main task that is electric power researcher all the time with the static bear character that time concerns, in be taken seriously generally domestic and internationally. 1.

Character of power user negative charge summarizes   1.

The power of have rendered great service that load of power of 1 bear character draws from the power source of power system and the tension that follow bear end points without result power and the rule that systematic frequency changes and change. Power load is the main component of power system, the to power system analysis of the person that use up that it regards electric energy as, design and control are having main effect. Come a few years, people offerred many bear model, include trends of mechanism of model of static bear model, mechanism trends bear, blame bear model. In the meantime, also accumulated many actual measurement parameter ceaselessly. Build database of character of a bear, can very undertake to historical data conveniently all sorts of inquiry and call, facilitate will undertake comparative to bear character from a whole, long-term limits, mix analysis, integratedly application. 1.

Power of bear of 2 characteristic classification chooses the law that upright voltage changes and changes along with bear, the voltage that calls negative charge is characteristic; Bear power follows the pattern that power system frequency is changed and changes, the frequency that calls negative charge is characteristic; Bear power follows the pattern that time varies, weigh the time response of bear. But general customarily calls the time response of bear bear curve (have load curve, year bear curve) , and the frequency character a general designation of the voltage character bear and bear is bear character. 1.

3 imitate method is in the analytic computation of power system, the method of imitate bear character has commonly the following 4 kinds. ① is used constant impedance (or constant power, constant electric current) imitate bear. This is the roughest imitate method, suit certain and approximate computation only consequently. But because this kind of method is simpler, application is relatively so wide. ② uses the bear of static character imitate of bear. This kind of method is more constant than using impedance (or constant power, constant electric current) imitate bear wants a few more accurate. It is constant essentially impedance, constant electric current, constant 3 kinds of simple configuration press power certain proportional combination. Be stabilized in trends commonly and method of this kind of imitate can be used in tide computation. The bear model with the characteristic trends of typical and integrated bear of process of transient of machinery of ③ consideration induction motor. Because of induction motor (see asynchronous electromotor) the bases that is power system bear, because this is in transient stability computation, often use model of this kind of bear to consider induction motor in transient process its slip poor change is right the influence that impedance of circuit of stable state equivalence is worth. The bear model with the characteristic trends of typical and integrated bear of process of transient of Electromechanical of ④ consideration induction motor. This is more mathematical bear model. It considers the mechanical transient course of induction motor already, consider the electromagnetism transient course of electromotor again. The bear of character of negative charge of 2 power user and system of power of bear character index is in along with time produce change ceaselessly, get the influence of a variety of elements, have successional with periodic characteristic. Grasp the character of the bear that use phone and metabolic pattern, will tell to power system can be helpful for a system moving steadily, will tell to power supply branch can obtain first-rate economic benefits, and will say the beneficial result that can produce each degrees of electric energy adequately to the user. Character of power system bear points to the characteristic of the bear that use phone and property namely, the user negative charge of different type shows different bear character for example, in the of all kinds bear that narrates in front, townsman bear is had often year of growth and apparent seasonal fluctuant characteristic, and of dweller bear seasonal change falls in a lot of circumstances, what affect bear of systematic peak value directly is seasonal change, but its affect degree to depend on the proportion that dweller bear holds in systematic total negative charge. Especially as electric heat implement, of and so on of air conditioning, fanner, freezer sensitive use widely increasingly at the electric home appliancesThe issue that shows negative charge of level power user to classify existence although the bear type of power system can undertake differentiating according to afore-mentioned standards, but such classification is mixed not strictly accurate. When be classified actually, may produce a certain and actual negative charge to put in the stick to one's position that calculates which kind 's charge. Below this kind of circumstance, it is commonly by power supply him branch subjective have a decision. Accordingly, in branch of a few power supply, the likelihood has his severally more specific classify catalog with detailed bear, use with what equipment bear classifies. However, the negative charge that place of afore-mentioned power supply branch take classifies a method to return existence to wear in applying actually a few problems: 3.

The user inside 1 same industry may have different bear character. Current, power supply branch undertakes classified to negative charge of power system user, of most basis is the economic activity characteristic of the industry that place of user negative charge belongs to and user. However, as equipment of user negative charge form more and more complex and the change of people production, lifestyle, the character of user negative charge inside same industry agrees not completely also, its bear curve may be put in the difference with bigger move. 3.

The 2 change that cannot reflect an electrified wire netting and difference. As the development of economy and society, the user negative charge of a few new types can appear ceaselessly in electrified wire netting, and the user negative charge of these types may with the user negative charge that has defined existing between the type bigger difference, because this needs,reconsider pair of its types delimit dispenses is defined. And the bear between different area electrified wire netting is formed also put in certain difference, ought to undertake differentiating to the bear type of electrified wire netting in the light of actual condition. 3.

3 classification result is not accurate, affected the farther application on this foundation. Traditional bear classifies a method, without the real character of mature user negative charge and metabolic rule, lack academic basis, put in the factitious factor with bigger move, reduced the accuracy that classifies a result and rationality, make here a few application of the foundation are affected, reduced the accuracy that classified bear forecasts for example, what electrovalency makes is endless and reasonable etc. Accordingly, to solve the problem of afore-mentioned existence, need studies a kind of scientific and accurate bear classifies a method, undertake for power supply branch bear classification and the application on this foundation provide strong reference and basis. 4.

The method that last word development studies to power load is classified reachs application, be helpful for mastering the metabolic rule of the bear that use phone and development trend in time, be helpful for using the science government of electric bear, be helpful for planning what make with electrician to begin. Because this has principal academic port and real sense. CNC Milling CNC Machining