The cutting of balata is machined (below)

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Balata 4.

What should notice when turning balata? (Oil do not be used when 1) cutting balata kind make cutting juice, in case oily kind corrode, make workpiece is out of shape. (2) is used when cutting type feed, should master feed dimension (radial dimension and depth size) , best the car is become, in case because surplus is too small, balata flexibility is big, and dimension is bad to control. (When 3) uses rubber slab to do preform, want level with the board that will hold clip, unfavorable hammer has gotten the nail of fixed rubber slab to tighten, in case workpiece is out of shape. (When 4) uses arbor or suit places workpiece, should grasp pattern of work measure variation, in order to assure treatment precision. (Speed of the cutting when 5) cutting is unfavorable the choice is too tall, exceed 150 ℃ in order to prevent cutting temperature, make balata bate. Cutting tool in use is blunt, should repair in time grind, in order to keep sharp. (The installation of 6) balata preform, can use the form that graph 13-8 place shows, do not want forcibly when installation big. Balata 5.

How grinding balata? (The characteristic of 1) balata grinding: The rubber products application on machinery is wider and wider, and also raised tall requirement to exterior quality and treatment precision. The flexibility of balata is big, thermal conductivity is poor, bits is ground to jam easily when grinding emery wheel, make emery wheel loses grinding ability, create workpiece appearance not the blemish such as level off. Heat in metal cutting arises in grinding at the same time, balata odour is serious, polluted air, dry bits is ground to fly upwards when grinding. When wet grinding, because expand after balata oil absorption,be out of shape, because this cannot be used,contain oily emulsion. (The choice of 2) emery wheel: According to the grinding characteristic of balata, jam to prevent to worry bit emery wheel is interstitial, the atmosphere aperture emery wheel that should choose bond of medium granuality pottery and porcelain. Use 36 size commonly, abrasive is black carbon silicon, hardness is soft emery wheel. 60 granuality are chosen when figuration is ground, hardness is in soft emery wheel. (3) craft parameter: The workpiece speed when grinding is 15 ~ 20m/min, emery wheel speed is 25 ~ 30m/s, fore-and-aft feed is 20 ~ 40mm/min, grinding deepness is 0.

05 ~ 0.

4mm. (4) grinding fluid: Soda 1 % + inferior sodium nitrate 0.

25 % ~ 0.

5 % + glycerine 0.

1 % of 5 % ~ + water. After matching afore-mentioned solution, add the water dilute of 100 times again when use. The discharge of the cooling fluid when grinding is 80 ~ 100 L/min, can erode right now on emery wheel worry bit, drop grinding temperature, handlers also hears the stink that is less than grinding balata. Balata 6.

How to machine balata whorl? Balata is soft, stretch model amount is small, the action of outer force leaves extremely changeful body, cutting is very difficult. Machine whorl of a few abnormity especially, more difficult. To solve the treatment problem of balata whorl, use the following method, prove through practice the effect is very good. (1) uses turning: When turning, parameter of cutting tool geometry is: γ O=55º ~ 55º , α O=10º ~ 15º . At this moment horn of point of a knife should pass computational ability to acquire more correct tooth body part. Computational formula is: M of the ε in type of Y of γ of Cos of · of ε M= α -- the horn of point of a knife that Ying Ren grinds; α -- the tooth body part of whorl; γ Y -- the horn before radial. When turning, want to decide cutting deepness according to the tigidity of workpiece. Workpiece tigidity is small, cutting deepness is a few smaller, take a few knives more, in order to assure whorl precision. (2) uses grinding: Grinding balata whorl is easier than turning. This method can machine common thread not only, and can machine all sorts of abnormity whorl. Its efficiency is very tall, 6mm of tooth form height is the following, walk along a knife to finish, and without edge of flying thorn wool, surface roughness of tooth shape face is low also. When grinding, can install an alterable helix angle on lathe dynamoelectric or pneumatic wheelhead. Also can undertake on whorl grinder or relieving lathe. Use 60 Bai Gangyu, ~ 80 granuality, medium soft emery wheel. Balata 7.

What does grinding machine the example of balata whorl to have? Aborning, the oak rubber roll of all sorts of whorl, if pursue,place of 13-11 of 13-9 ~ graph is shown, all the method that uses grinding is machined. (1) grinding machines the wheelhead of preparative work ① of balata whorl. In whorl of the grinding on lathe, need installs a wheelhead that can adjust helix angle arbitrarily on lathe, in whorl precision inferior circumstance falls, wheelhead can be replaced with pneumatic emery wheel. The speed of wheelhead emery wheel is 15 ~ 20m/s. In using abrasive to be for bond of Bai Gangyu, pottery and porcelain, hardness commonly, soft, diameter is 80mm the left and right sides, granuality is 60 ~ 80 dish form emery wheel. After wheelhead has been installed, according to the requirement of whorl, use diamond pen or eletroplate King Kong flag, good nap of emery wheel appearance. The working appearance of emery wheel wants the way with whorl to sectional conform to. ② computation is hanged annulus. The lead of whorl is small, some of the nameplate on lathe, can move handgrip to obtain directly. When the whorl lead that should want to machine without place on lathe, need computation to go out to be hanged newly annulus. Can check manual middling speed to go out than hanging round of watch to beg commonly hang annulus tine number, usable also " lathe work reckoner " or " lathe work is economic technical interlocution " medium method, computation gives place to need to hang annulus. Measure of decelerate of ③ main shaft. When the workpiece diameter that machines when place is more than 150mm and whorl lead to be more than 300mm, main shaft must decelerate. Affect the quality that grinds a whorl and the intense sentiment that add a worker otherwise, serious when parts of the attaint that return a vehicle. The method of decelerate has: Change advocate, the diameter of passivity annulus, decelerate unit adds between lathe electric machinery and main shaft box (wait for) like gear reducer casing, worm wheel reducer casing, head. ④ separately method. To small whorl lead, can use small procrastinate board or small procrastinate board be united in wedlock with photograph of big guide screw separately. When bigger lead and more head are counted, had better use index plate (type of gear type, orifice plate bolt) separately. (2) machines rubber roll of example ① big lead. It is the rubber roll of chamfer of large bull helix of chemical plant. Pitch is 64mm, head number is, turn over each 20, lead is 1280mm, helix angle is 63.

8º . Use pneumatic emery wheel to do wheelhead, did to be able to be controlled turn the clamping apparatus of helix angle, install pneumatic wheelhead on knife stage. Decelerate device is head, make revolution of lathe main shaft falls by 14r/min for 2r/min, walk along a knife to had ground chamfer of a whorl. Rubber roll of ② abnormity whorl. It is comprised by two paragraphs of whorl, one paragraph when there is 25mm among does not want whorl, tooth deeply 7mm, use figuration emery wheel twice to walk along a knife to grind a thread that shows like graph 13-10 place. Rubber roll of ③ small pitch. If graph 13-11 place is shown, it is a kind of pitch for 0.

5mm, the head counts the 60º triangle whorl that is 3 build. The circle has been ground in cylindrical grinder outside, whorl is machined on lathe. To assure tooth form outline, the white corundum emery wheel that used 100 size, cent second walk along a knife to grind. CNC Milling CNC Machining