Model of machine tool of virtual numerical control and implementation

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Summary: Analysed fictitious production technology to study the current situation and existence issue, right fictitious the research that method of production architecture, implementation had development. Built the fictitious production system that faces manufacturing process, the computation of the identifying that implemented program of machine tool of the exchange with AutoCAD graph file, numerical control and cutting tool contrail and the fictitious machine tool that open a gender define a system. Make an user OK realize pair of workmanship according to needing actually define fictitious machine tool freely emulate with test and verify. Keyword: Fictitious make; Machine tool of virtual numerical control; Emulate; Build a model 1 foreword 1.

1 fictitious production generation background from 20 centuries since 70 time, world market evolves into the competition inside global limits stage by stage by local competition, have dynamic and changeful feature, between course of study of person of the same trade, cross an industry to be permeated between each other, mutual competition is increasingly intense. Change prompt market demand for comfortable meet an emergency, enhance competition ability ceaselessly, contemporary production company must solve TQCS difficult problem, namely with the fastest appear on the market speed (T-TimetoMarket) , best quality (Q-Quality) , lowermost cost (C-Cost) , best service (the demand that S-Service) will come to satisfy different customer. Meanwhile, IT obtained rapid development, especially the computer technology, network technology, information processing technology progress that obtained people expect to be less than. The practice that comes more than 20 years proves, apply IT at manufacturing industry, undertake transforming to traditional manufacturing industry, it is the only way that modern manufacturing industry develops. Take a person 20 centuries 90 time, advanced production technology develops further, appeared fictitious make (VM, profit of Virtual Manufacturing) , seed is produced (LP, lean Production) , nimble make (AM, agile Manufacturing) , dummy company (VE, the new idea such as Virtual Enterprise) . In these a lot of new ideas, "Fictitious make " the wide attention that the characteristic that compositive, support is made adroitly and cooperates with division of labour highly with its caused people, be in not only bound of science and technology, and in business circles, become one of heat of research. 1.

The utility of machine tool of 2 virtual numerical control because CNC Machining process is implicit in numerical control program, and the mistake in numerical control program discovers not easily again, accordingly, in process of actual CNC Machining, for the validity of code of desired result numerical control, need undertakes iteration trying cutting, till affirm numerical control code can finish booked treatment job, at the same time CNC Machining parameter also needs to be debugged repeatedly. Afore-mentioned operations make not only loss of efficiency, took up machine resource, and cause cutting tool to collide likely and cause pecuniary loss. Use contrail of cutting tool of computer graph simulation to show law and machine tool try the logarithm that cut a way to accuse a program to undertake examining normally at present. But contrail of cutting tool of computer graph simulation shows the law lacks sense of reality, the interference of cutting tool and workpiece and cut too discover hard, and try the cost that cut a way tall, cycle is long. Use the machine tool of virtual numerical control that virtual reality technology builds, the producibility analysis that can think products plan process is medium provides crucial data, reduce cost and shorten development cycle. Use the alternant function of the whole process that the machine tool machines and user, still can operate personnel to undertake grooming to the machine tool, help machine tool manufacturer demonstrate its product realistically to long-range client. The WTK(WorldToolKit) of 2 machine tool of virtual numerical control that are based on WTK are the package of program of virtual reality software that develops by American Sense8 company. Driver of its embedded and many virtual reality hardware, can join a variety of virtual reality are defeated by a person to output a setting conveniently. What have nothing to do with equipment is characteristic, make it can apply extensively at common computer. Powerful figure handles a function, make it can realistically environment of imitate virtual reality. Accordingly, WTK is receiving wider and wider application in home. We combine open sex to control systematic concept, consult the research current situation of current and fictitious machine tool, use VC++ and WTK development to go out but by user freedom of set, can undertake three-dimensional cutting and can real time pilot is fictitious numerical control machine tool. 2.

The Allah of copy of process of architecture CNC Machining of machine tool of 1 virtual numerical control should include two shares: Numerical control machine tool builds model and cutting process to emulate. Model of numerical control machine tool is main by the hardware of the machine tool (or physics) part and software part composition. Hardware part wait by spare parts of machine tool component, treatment, cutting tool, clamping apparatus form. Software part is compiled by NC code implement, athletic controller form. Graph the characteristic that machine tool of virtual numerical control should have the architecture of machine tool of 1 virtual numerical control has: Good structure, perfect graph interface, complete symbolic data interface, formidable network supports form of function and standard data. Face of above Zhu Fang decided machine tool of virtual numerical control needs to have appropriate architecture. According to the characteristic of machine tool of virtual numerical control, can do functional module of the system following differentiating: (1)NC compiles module. To make machine tool of virtual numerical control can identify NC program, developed NC to explain module, its function is the information that accept numerical control code and waits for its interpreter motion for machine tool component, cutting tool. (2) motion controls module. Program of NC of basis of athletic control module decides machine tool cutting tool and the athletic condition of each axes, the feedback information that send motion to dictate to each athletic components and gathers each axis. (3) operates face plate module. The menu of the function of pushbutton of operation face plate that handles face plate module to include machine tool of real numerical control and machine tool of virtual numerical control. (Module of 4) cutting computation. According to the relative position of workpiece and cutting tool, undertake interfering judging, the workpiece that interferes to happening undertakes cutting is calculated and serious new student becomes workpiece model. (Module of setting of 5) machine tool. Build the working environment of fictitious machine tool. 2.

The implementation of module of function of machine tool of 2 virtual numerical control (1)NC explains module: The G code of this system is written by GB8870-88 standard, NC explains measure is: ① is compiled by NC implement read line by line take G code, build word of corresponding machine tool condition, stock alignment. Word of machine tool condition includes: The digital information such as filling radius of coordinate of the state information such as means of coordinate increment means, knife filling condition, interpolation and the knife heart start of this travel program and terminal coordinate, circular arc the centre of a circle, knife. ② is read get off code of a G builds word of machine tool condition, put person alignment. ③ calculates the inflection point between two G code to transfer, to growing model transfer to make word of condition of new machine tool, insert a person between two condition word; To shortening model the word of machine tool condition that transfers to revise around. ④ repeats ① one ③ pace ends till the program. (2) motion controls module: To enlarge systematic scope of application, enhance systematic versatility, the article is to press speed vector to have athletic pilot to fictitious machine tool. Athletic control module is read take machine tool and cutting tool place, can calculate conveniently by word of machine tool condition a cutting tool the speed vector in aleatoric position, motion controls module to output speed vector module of machine tool setting, to setting medium node undertakes athletic controlling. (3) operates face plate module: Module of operation face plate uses the technology of MFC interface process designing of VC, realize true machine tool to handle the function with corresponding face plate. (Module of 4) cutting computation: This literary grace builds workpiece model with exterior reseau model, through examining to the interference of workpiece and cutting tool, to cutting the dot undertakes " cave in " processing, weigh paint work, finish the cutting to workpiece. (Module of setting of 5) machine tool: Introduce the setting graph model of WTK software, component of every machine tool is the node that setting pursues medium, qualitative, grain reachs the geometrical model that includes machine tool part and capable person the information such as illuminant. The data structure of node is shown 2 times like the graph. Node can accept the drive of speed vector. Press component node transmission chain link, come true to accuse those who make module speed vector to answer to motion thereby. Graph the data structure of 2 node 3 conclusion and look into 3.

1 conclusion the TQCS problem to solving manufacturing industry, fictitious production technology has wide market perspective, already got the wide attention of orgnaization of domestic and international scientific research and enterprise. As implementation fictitious a when make main component, the development of technology of machine tool of virtual numerical control and application, conduce to improve productivity, reduce cost. The article is opposite fictitious on the base that production development position has analytic, built the architecture of machine tool of virtual numerical control, use VR technology to realize subsystem of fictitious machine tool in setting graph, control module and module of operation face plate to fulfil the corresponding function of subsystem of virtual numerical control by NC explanation module, motion; Finished NC program to compile, the motion of machine tool of computation of cutting tool contrail, virtual numerical control is controlled and calculate to the cutting of workpiece model. 3.

2 looking into fictitious production technology is a burgeoning technology, it faces complete lifecycle of the system and whole system, make research, development and the connection between the person that use more effective, the development that accelerated new technology to be changed to the product, development and use process, use emulation technology to reduce technical risk in coordination through complete lifecycle, improve product quality, shorten development cycle, reduce cost, enhance company competition ability. Current, our country still lies to the research of machine tool of virtual numerical control start level, still need deep person to following issue research and discuss: (The deep person with harmonious machine of fictitious production go-between studies 1) . Chime of means of the part in making analytic process to person and computer, interaction has the research of deeper person with the method. (2) the angle from production analysis, how does research use virtual reality technology to analyse and solve producibility problem better. (3) designs the compositive system between the system to undertake study to fictitious production system and other analysis. CNC Milling CNC Machining