Stacking machine implement man-machine compose design and kinematic research

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Summary: In spreading automation trade in the light of content, to box bag high speed piles up the demand of the battlements, developed a kind of stacking machine implement man-machine compose. Ask according to the property that carries a robot, the stacking machine that designs a kind of 4 freedom to spend implement person. The key is right stacking machine implement the person's motion learned to analyse research, kinematic positive and negative solves derivation the judgement of equation and space of the biggest job and planned to move method, the input of parameter of the key that pile up a battlements and the judgement of the space that pile up a battlements are passed in athletic process, undertook the graph is emulated finally, test and verify the validity of athletic contrail, the objective that the robot that experimental result proves to design already can satisfy in content to shed automation asks. 1 robot structure 1.

The compositive stacking machine of 1 overall orgnaization implement the person's structure its are specific structure, if pursue,1 is shown. The arm of this robot, fixed go up in the waist, big before small arm is passed inside this part arm, hind big arm and carry and pile up a battlements to work, and mechanical system basically has 4 articulatory parts to comprise, can achieve 4 kinds of exercise: The waist rotates, big arm moves up and down, motion of small arm around and artifice circumgyrate motion move 4 kinds, all by drive of communication servo electric machinery, the robot of this kind of structure can satisfy the requirement on product line completely. 1.

2 levels and perpendicular and articulatory structure design composition of a picture of level, perpendicular joint and machinery, if pursue,2 are shown. Because frame spare parts can hold back the demonstrative reason of other spare parts to was not shown here, level and perpendicular and articulatory part have an electric machinery each, control of by means of of every electric machinery is synchronous of belt annulus and flute profile belt rotate to make ball guide screw rotational, and drive its slide block and procrastinate board such motion can make the robot realizes big arm to move up and down, small arm around moves and the requirement that load of large inertial moment of force mixes OK and contented drive to move to locate accurately quickly. 1.

The structure of 3 waists base designs composition of a picture of machinery of lumbar base key links, if pursue,3 are shown. The servo electric machinery that the motion of lumbar base is bottom of by means of will control hollow axis, make frame realized the waist to rotate then, and by experiment proves the structural design of bottom base and flange, can reduce the working noise when mechanical joint is moved, and the article that is carried normally needs only from a position, move another locally, circle perpendicular at the axis of horizontal way modulate coming back is rectified set direction, so this structure satisfies the requirement that the spot works. 1.

4 wrist ministry and the structure with machine ungual hand design wrist ministry joint and paw machinery composition of a picture, if pursue,4 are shown. Wrist ministry electric machinery controls paw land to drive robot paw to rotate, use control of pair of manipulator of box account other people to undertake an analysis, this orgnaization basically completes the action of object of shape of box of the clamp in the operation that pile up a battlements, robot paw bottom installs the entrance that enrage a source and relay of the processing that enrage a source and pressure, plywood of the side when the job leaves close to control cylinder piston lever by electrify magnetism a powerful person retractile, drive two side panel to be stood by each other, complete clamp action thereby, when paw board is opened completely, the width between the paw that can make stretch is more than the width of the box that pack, and paw of implementation of air cylinder of control of a powerful person of another electrify magnetism leaves close, the occasional that with making sure the paw of manipulator is accurate, reliable the ground falls at product line to carry roller procrastinates dish on. Analyse of 2 motion credit 2.

Positive and negative of 1 robot motion sees sketch map of space of the oldest studio, if pursue,5 are shown. Seek solution to facilitate the motion of pair of shunt-wound parts undertakes an analysis above all, installing a fixed coordinate is XOY, circle the waist to turn together along with shunt-wound part. When the robot is in null, shunt-wound part is in position of the dotted line in the graph, the coordinate that right now the A on small arm nods is: XAC=1430mm, the analysis moves ahead when horizontal joint below YHC=1320mm X, perpendicular joint moves up Y, when shunt-wound orgnaization runs place of the solid line in the graph, the metabolic rule of buy of robot wrist place, express by the graph knowable, in △ HEF, HF=240-y, EF=260+x, it is in △ EDH, a=260, c=240; The coordinate that right now C nods is: 1+ θ of XC=1300*cos(θ 2) ; The coordinate of dot of 1+ θ 2) (1)A is YC=y+130*sin(θ : 3+ θ of XA=XC+1430*cos(θ 2) ; 3+ θ of YA=YC-1430*sin(θ 2) (2) will (1) type takes the place of (2) type, get XA=1320*cos(θ 3+ θ 2) ; (1+ θ of 3)YA=y+1320*sin(θ 3+ θ of 2)+1430*sin(θ 2) solves instead according to geometrical knowledge: XA=1430+5.

5x, YA=1430-4.

5y gives positive and negative when derivation solution hind is OK the code battlements of basis job site is actual demand, computation goes out accessible working space, with the robot lower part of perpendicular guide screw is initiative position origin, if the graph shows the largest space 5 times to nod coordinate to be A1, A2, A3, A4, mobile distance is the guide screw that moves to nod to A1: X=175, y=445; 260+x=200; 240-y=195; B=279; Angle is: 1 = of θ 115 ° ; 2 = of θ 17 ° ; 3 = of θ 16 ° ; Get A1 to arrive the coordinate A1(1095 of the dot, mobile distance is the guide screw that 1120) nods to A2 with manage motion: X=-60, y=45; 260+x=200; 240-y=195; B=279; Angle is: θ 1=45 ° ; θ 2=59 ° ; θ 3=53 ° ; Get the coordinate A2(2395 of A2 dot, mobile distance is the guide screw that 1120) moves to nod to A3 with Likede: X=-60, y=445; 240-y=-205; 260-x=200; B=286; Angle is: θ 1=135 ° ; θ 2=58 ° ; θ 3=52 ° ; Get the coordinate A3(1095 of A3 dot, - mobile distance is the guide screw that 680) motion nods to A4: X=175, y=45; 260+x=435; 240-y=195; B=477; Angle is: θ 1=24 ° ; θ 2=18 ° ; θ 3=17 ° gets the coordinate A4(2395 of A4 dot, - 680) assumes the means that pile up a battlements is every 3 3 (9) corner of ministry of the waist, wrist coming back spends computational diagram, if pursue,6 are shown. When stacking machine implement when the person carries work, the A dot that the C dot from automatic product line moves to go up to tray reachs B point again, the angle that rotates according to waist of right hand formula is: The distance with horizontal mobile joint is: The distance with perpendicular mobile joint is: Corner of wrist ministry manipulator coming back spends for: Analyse by above knowable, give working interval to go up initiative position and random a bit, can according to type (4) , (5) , (6) , (the point of view that 7) seeks solution to give each joint to should rotate or mobile distance. 2.

Value of indication joint of emulation result of emulation test and verify of 2 kinematic models and kinematic the consideration that sees instead has match a gender very well, and also work in what pile up a battlements dimensional limits and test and verify stacking machine implement the person's kinematic validity, according to this data we can plan to realize a few kinds of mode that pile up a battlements to this robot structure, if express,1 is shown. We are aimed at 3 motion mode the work requirement of the working site of the robot, will undertake orbit plans is opposite piling up a battlements, make its can need the yard with accurate article the form into place, and orbit program is kinematic the actual application that sees instead, include pose to return solution, rate among them, manage together, foregone the angle that every joint rotates or mobile distance, the positional attitude of extreme manipulator also can be begged piece, do detailed description no longer here. Of acceleration oppose solution, and the means of implementation is to use electronic-controlled language of control, robot and robot are kinetic characteristic. Athletic contrail is designed, if pursue,7 are shown. The contrail that place of robot code battlements walks along is finished by P1->P2->P1->P3->P4->P5->P6->P7 arrive from initiative position the process that sets article, p7->P6->P5->P4->P3->P1->P2 completes capture article process, each dots define as follows: (1) P1->P2: For the initiative position of manipulator claw, p2 sets the position at first for article. (2) P2->P1: Manipulator claw rises to initiative height. (3) P1->P3: P3 is corner coming back to spend. (4) P3->P4: P4 is hand of stacking machine instrument stretchy quantity. (5) P4->P5: P5 is corner coming back to spend. (6) P5->P6: P6 is hand of stacking machine instrument once more stretchy. (7) P6->P7: P7 drops the position, the movement is finished. Robot of 4 emulation analysises piles up a battlements 2 development that the emulation of the process uses VC and Solidworks2007 are united in wedlock, build the three-dimensional and hypostatic model of the robot with Solidworks2007 compose, pass VC process designing the robot kinematic in joining a program with orbit motion algorithm, and emulate a robot model motion, with the robot the crucial parameter of athletic contrail is fiducial, if express,2 are shown. With rectangular code the battlements is exemple, undertake the whole process that pile up a battlements is emulated, emulation process achieves the result of our expect, make pilinged up a battlements to offer from the line draw lessons from for industrial spot. 5 conclusion are aimed at the effective demand of some company product line, designed a kind to 4 freedom are spent and carry even articulatory type the robot, this robot has rigid structure the design is reasonable, dajuke checks laden capability content of outfit of hard paper box, plastic box, bag, box carry a battlements, need to change only paw can. Accordingly, besides use at tearing open battlements, code battlements beyond, the stock that still can be used extensively in industry of content shedding automation is carried, the respect such as sorting, have wide market perspective. Author: Li Chengwei Zuo exceeds CNC Milling CNC Machining