New-style solderer grooms special solder the design of crosshead (on)

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One, the solderer technique with overview different basis grooms requirement, be like " regulations of solderer technical examine and approve " DL/T679, 1999, " exam of solderer of conduit of pressure of boiler pressure vessel and management are regular " , solderer technology competition is regular (industry of system of the whole nation, construction, power) wait for a standard, every grooms about solderer technology, exam, match all undertook formulary to the dimensional position of weldment, be like board the butt joint is 4 solder (smooth, stand, horizontal, admire) , tubal butt joint is 3 solder (perpendicular and fixed, level fixed, 45 ° are inclined a fixed) , and the height of weldment space position, span that installs obstacle valve demand with all have particular, because this must deploy appropriative solder,crosshead is secured to be being undertaken by weldment, impose the to dimensional position requirement when solder in order to satisfy. The solderer grooms special solder crosshead main body is steel structure, opposite and this product price is low after character is made, and because its loss is small, after be being made can use for a long time; Additional, product market range is single, groom in the light of the solderer only special, the special establishment that grooms because of this kinds of solderer cannot be bought in the market with the form of the product. So far, each domestic solderer grooms base place uses solder crosshead all is designed for proper motion, make, because this solderer is special,solder crosshead form differ in thousands ways, each has his strong point. Head office of project of Guangdong fire cable solders the technology grooms the center holds water to come from 1985, basically be engaged in solderer technology grooming, besides grooming the respect builds a whole system and system outside, facilities of of all kinds concerned facilities also is being updated ceaselessly in, the solderer is special solder crosshead serves as one of groomed main establishment, after original trial-produce uses this center, undertake improvement ceaselessly to its all the time, all sorts of diverse demands in grooming in order to satisfy a solderer. The article basically is transformed recently to this center and already grooming in the round the 3rd generation that the center uses solders crosshead undertakes introductory, as mutual as the person of the same trade compare notes, rise jointly. 2, solder crosshead designs a requirement (1) solders crosshead whole structure should light, compact, facilitating treatment, installation and disassemble. (2) solders crosshead basically is used at board secure and the canal is fixed, should consider when the design board 4 sky of the butt joint ask the position and tubal butt joint 3 spaces how to the position is secured. (3) basis takes an examination of rule requirement, when be in charge of a butt joint, can be added or do not add an obstacle to be in charge of, and obstacle canal position is crisscross or one glyph, the installation place that because this solders,Lv of crosshead design take an examination runs to the obstacle and dismountable quality. (4) alloy canal needs to undertake to be in charge of interior argon is protected full when render of solder of material argon arc, because this is when the design,Lv of take an examination arrives how to fill argon and place to fill argon to enrage to be in charge of interior how sealed the problem that does not diffuse. (5) is other: The high adjustability of position of space of the design that with weldment connective solder clamp clip holds place, argon to enrage population to be in, weldment (the requirement of height of contented and different human body) wait. 3, solder structure of crosshead main body 1. Solder structure of crosshead main body is shown 1 times like the graph, solder crosshead main body by base, pillar, adjustable board reach cross composition, secure with soldering between before 3 parts, cross and adjustable board secure through bolt, each part main effect and design requirement are as follows. (1) base is whole solder the centre of gravity of crosshead, main body is armor plate, use at soldering firm crosshead, because this base needs particular weight, because weldment is overweight,install weldment hind with avoiding to add and cause tilt the accident of overset. (2) pillar is propped up whole solder crosshead, main body is steel tube, the purpose is to make weldment can secure the height with be in certain, facilitate apply solder. (3) is adjustable board be located in solder worn upside, main body is the stencil steel that processes by the requirement, go up useful at what secure dismountable aperture, facilitating installation is different the weldment of dimensional position. (4) cross is secured at adjustable board on, and according to installing hole different make the canal is had solder differently the position, on cross useful the hole that is in charge of at securing an obstacle, facilitating installation, disassemble obstacle canal. 2. Solder the main body structure of crosshead solders the main body structure of crosshead is shown 2 times like the graph. 4, solder crosshead fittings 1. Connection (1) connection the structure is shown 3 times like the graph. Connection action: Fixed at soldering reach on crosshead pillar accessory adjustable board place, have the effect of connection, use at fixed head, fixed reach a canal to secure. Connection action reachs 4b place to show like graph 4a. Graph 4(2) connection the structure is shown 5 times like the graph. 2. Board fixed (if the graph is shown 6 times,1) board secures a structure. Board secure action: With connection cooperate to use, be used at securing different space position board butt joint weldment. Board fixed space position is like place of graph 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d to show. (2) board is fixed the structure is shown 8 times like the graph. CNC Milling CNC Machining