The gauge of module type internal diameter of Marposs company

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The MIEMC that Marposs company develops. Aborning of TRDN electron plug guage gets applied extensively. On this foundation, this company was developed again can satisfy an user products of all sorts of series of internal diameter gauge that test a requirement. The gauge of MIStar mechanical internal diameter of article introduction is module type construction, very easy commutation gauges the demand that limits gauges with satisfying; Because used durable structure, so the service life of this gauge is as high as above 10 million times. The measurement of this gauge limits is 3 - 300mm, press the length of its extension bar, can measure hole depth to exceed 500mm, can measure in 90 ° direction inside aperture. This kind of gauge has the following advantage: One, have on the structure impulse withstand, be able to bear or endure oscillatory (even the concussion of be born) wait for an advantage, can maintain below harsh environment measure precision. 2, measure module and it is easy to measure a head to change, change and method of new wither section is simple. 3, the indication method with optional different choose. Volume list of the standard, number shows a list or drawing style inductance measures a head to all can serve as indication component, the user can have corresponding choice according to using a requirement. 4, date of delivery is short. Need 3 weeks production cycle to be able to leave factory only. The graph is shown 1 times for MI.

StarMBG (Mechanical Bore Gauge) structure. Its characteristic is the measurement that has a machine machine hook, this kind of structure is added use the design that accepts change length lever to measure explore to spend, suit different applied situation particularly, rose plan measure ability, tigidity and can safeguard a gender. The tagging in the graph the meaning is as follows: L -- what a stainless steel makes is desirable the wafer that go out, the orgnaization that can protect interior does not suffer unexpected damage. 2 -- measure module. Its termination is the oriented part of gauge, the personnel that lets operate inexperience also can be used correctly. 3 -- measure a head. Deploy those who have a few kinds of different R to measure a head, measure a head to use hard alloy to make, also can use other data, measure all sorts of material workpiece in order to suit on grinder or lathe inside aperture. 4 -- metrical main transfer machinery. The basis measures range but by 2 or 4 raise a composition, v chamfer and cant formed the spigot surface of the ball, slide those who come from measuring staff the displacement that is changed into indication component is measured. 5 -- handle. Used the design that compasses of facilitating hand momentum uses. The handle that is sensor of the type that hold a pen according to different tie-in cent (graph 1 medium 5 - A) or the handle of the watch that hold an amount (graph 1 medium 5 - B, can match type of pressing with a finger to the quantity is expressed or count the watch that show an amount) , can choose all sorts of norms according to using. 6 -- mark card. The shop sign that shows gauge. 7 -- cable is derivative set. Hold the back end in handle of drawing style sensor, because curve generation damaged,prevent cable. 8 -- cable protector. Install the interior in drawing style sensor, because pull,prevent, unplug the damage that causes to cable. Graph the 2 measurement that are internal diameter gauge are felt piece, measure main transfer machinery and the structure that measure a head, the change that its measure range needs to get off from handle only measure module, the operation is very simple. Measure module: With X30 stainless steel (hardness 52 - 56HRC) make, action conducts since its termination, can make measure inside it is easy that Kong Shi inserts a person. Measure a head: Standard items is hard alloy, its R dimension, internal diameter dimension and exterior surface roughness all can choose. In addition, return stock diamond and plating to measure a head chromicly forcedly. Diamond measures a head to apply to elephantine soft aluminium to wear away in that way serious situation, plating measures a head chromicly forcedly to apply to aluminium or aluminium alloy. Measure main transfer machinery: One is the contains globose end panel staff that creates with hard alloy; One is the slip range that the V form trough that produces with hard steel of temper by dipping in water and cant make a ball. Determine distinctly as a result of its orgnaization, reason can be measured for long continuously amount to above 10 million times. CNC Milling CNC Machining