"Urgent time retreat " the functional application on the machine that insert tine

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My company continued a job that exports large numerical control to insert tine machine, below the circumstance that this user asks the machine tool cuts off the power suddenly in outside power source, the system can make what answer feed of government machine tool quickly turn over direction to answer retreat a paragraph of small distance, protect the security of workpiece and cutting tool. Accordingly, we chose system of SIEMENS840D numerical control to realize the electric control of the machine tool, use its options function " urgent time retreat " the requirement that will satisfy an user. Whole and electronic-controlled the system uses system of SIEMENS840D numerical control + 611D drive + 1FT6 electromotor + 1PH7 advocate electromotor + capacitance of 20 μ F + the structure of S7-300PLC undertook designing production and scored a success, got the recognition of the user. 1.

The machine tool is main condition and working principle this machine tool is those who be used at treatment of straight, inclined tine is large insert tine special machine tool, can undertake the choice cutting of tine of inside and outside. The machine tool moves by the linear feed of workbench (Y axis) , the whirl of workbench feed moves (B axis) , the whirl of cutting tool feed moves (C axis) , the fluctuation reciprocate of the cutter shaft that insert tine (SP axis) wait for drive component to form, see a picture 1. The linear feed of workbench of graph 1 (1) moves (Y axis) the motion of this direction upper shaft is to use servo electromotor to pass the decelerate system that worm worm wheel forms to drive accurate ball guide screw to realize the feed of workbench or back down, the feed speed of workpiece and feed are worth even if just come true from this to the motion of upper shaft. "Urgent time retreat " the function comes true namely through this axis. (The whirl of 2) workbench feed moves (B axis) the whirl of workpiece of this machine tool feed is a successive movement, drive worm wheel of workbench of drive of accurate decelerate machine to come true through electromotor of a servo. The whirl of this axis and cutting tool feed moves (C axis) it is axis of a group of linkage, cutting is same the must assure two axes strictly linkage when workpiece concerns. (The whirl of 3) cutting tool feed moves (C axis) this axis is cutting tool runner shaft coming back, drive tool carrier worm wheel to come through electromotor of a servo the whirl of drive cutting tool. (The axis of fluctuation reciprocate SP that 4) inserts tine cutter shaft) bed main shaft, be drive main shaft slide block to move up and down through decelerate orgnaization by electromotor of main shaft of a servo, cutting tool is through cutter shaft join on slide carriage, ordinal fluctuation is slip the cutting that will realize pair of workpiece. What main shaft slide block reachs cutter shaft is self-prossessed very big, in the process that drops in cutter shaft, electromotor of main shaft servo outputs power actually very small, basically be the roll that reachs slide block by cutter shaft inertial drive electromotor moving. Accordingly, we are undertaking " cut off the power time retreat " this also considered when functional design, the energy that uses main shaft to pass on adds electrify to allow the energy that module stores, the linear feed electromotor of collective drive workbench (Y axis) in cut off the power the instant to regular job way turn over direction to answer retreat a paragraph of small distance. 2.

Precision of the integral cutting function that systematic hardware configures us to be implementation machine tool, treatment and " cut off the power time retreat " function, following configuration were used on hardware, see graph 2: ? ? (1) system uses SIEMENS840DNCU571.

4. (2) man-machine interface uses OP010 and tape hard disk PCU50. (3) drive uses 611D system, electromotor uses 1FT6 and motor of 1PH7 series servo, specific as follows: Y axis: 1FT61021AC714EG1, 23N · M, 2000r/min, inside coder of buy absolute value. B axis: 1FT61088AF714EG1, 37N · M, 3000r/min, inside coder of buy absolute value. C axis: 1FT61021AC714EG1, 23N · M, 2000r/min, inside coder of buy absolute value. SP axis: 1PH71632ND030BD2, 210.

1N · M, 1000r/min, inside coder of buy increment size. (Value of 4) capacitance module is 20 μ F, order goods date: 6SN11121AB000CA0. (5) is when power cut of exterior power source, we make sure the system can undertake inside short time the program is handled even, remind a machine tool to operate status of job of personnel machine tool at the same time, accordingly, on hardware we still designed the UPS power supply that controls power source DC24V, for the machine tool exterior control of the system when cutting off the power is offerred effectively assure. Is specific type: ? Entangled Ci? ?EP19312EC01, 7AH batteries 6EP19356ME21. Does if the graph shows: 3 times,connector pursue? ? is in graph 3 in, - GD1 is SIEMENS modular PowersuppliesSITOPpower of power source unit, norms is input of 3 photographs AC380V, output is DC24V, 20A. All DC24V control the machine tool power source is offerred by its entirely, in its DC24V output end established ties DC24VUPS power source controls module, through module of UPS report source control output DC24V arrives the control loop of the machine tool. Still string together the batteries module that received a 7AH in side of module of UPS report source control, can be in through module of UPS report source control cut off the power the electric energy of module of instantaneous general batteries offers a machine tool quickly to dominate return circuit, the power supply that can assure NC share inside proper time furnishs, let a machine tool operate personnel to be able to undertake handling to real time circumstance. We still control module to go up in UPS power source derivative an operation information (batteries is regular I36.

0) and information of a breakdown (batteries did not prepare I36.

1) , in order to facilitate personnel of machine tool operation handles pertinent information better. 3.

The designs software program design of software program wants to undertake seasonable processing to all sorts of information through writing corresponding program namely, do one's best answers the design demand that achieves a machine tool quickly. "Cut off the power time retreat " functional implementation has a variety of means to come true, have what will control an axis to come true directly through drive parameter, also have will have pilot through NC. Because we are being designed " cut off the power time retreat " functional implementation is to use NC pilot, do not have the staff with special what on PLC program so, main body reachs what G piles up to compile in parameter of machine tool NC now on. (The set of 1)NC parameter is on the design of machine tool parameter, because the key is " cut off the power time retreat " the function comes true, so machine tool axis reachs passageway parameter we are differ one expatiatory, main with " cut off the power time retreat " the parameter that the function concerns introduces: (Of 2)G code program the capacitance capacity that because we are offerred,compiles is finite, what retreat a distance to use to answering when process designing so is increment process designing, specific example is as follows: In upside program, n56 travel is denotive it is to make can function of ESR of axis of each machine tool. N70 behavior a condition discerns, specific meaning is when the machine tool ESR function activations when exterior power source drops report suddenly. The way that LFPOS represents axial is specific shrinks retreat. POLF[Y]=IC(-2.

5) expresses to appoint shrink retreat an axis to be Y axis, IC() expresses to shrink with increment means the distance that retreat, what appoint inside bracket is direction and distance, be like (- 2.

5) is denotive it is axial loses direction to shrink retreat 2.

5mm, the value inside bracket can be defined according to needing to come in actual application. POLFMASK(Y) states Y axis shrinks retreat a function to be activationed. POLFMASK() expresses Y axis shrink retreat a function to be cancelled. What need to put forward further here is, if main shaft is servo main shaft when, below the case that cuts off the power suddenly in exterior power source, main shaft can consider not to hold firmly instantly when the condition that safe condition allows apply the brake, because be below the circumstance with sharp change of main shaft load, main shaft electromotor can pass on electric energy to shed bus side continuously to drive in power cut instant, remove a rod to answer so urgent answered the drive energy that return to provide necessary safeguard. 4.

We are assembling epilogue the spot undertook the spot checks, the content that elaborates according to above undertakes carrying out, when exterior power source cuts off the power artificially, the machine tool is linear feed axis (Y) is answered according to what we design retreated direction and distance to come true urgent shrink retreat, test result is first-rate, satisfied the requirement of the user. The machine tool leaves factory user field assembly is debugged after ending, the user undertook checking and accept to the machine tool, undertook to this function the key checks, the result makes an user very satisfactory. From the machine tool investment moves to now, answer every time it is very normal to retreat a function to move, decreased to cut off the power suddenly to reach the loss that workpiece brings to cutting tool greatly, for the loss that the user reduced unforeseen factor to bring, for us at the same time the company brought good reputation. CNC Milling CNC Machining