Broach of type of ALPHA POINT new-style module

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Can invert as broach of integral hard alloy and belt of hard alloy razor blade common asymmetrical the substitute of twist drill, german TITEX company is new the broach of module type ALPHA POINT that rolled out the refrigeration inside the belt. The diametical limits of this kind of broach is 12 ~ 31.

5mm, can machine hole depth to be 3 × D, 5 × D and 7 × D. Can change, the geometrical point of view that the hard alloy of symmetrical design gets a needle to have bit of hard alloy of whole of reliable ALPHA 4 Titex Plus, accordingly, this kind of broach can realize taller cutting parameter and aperture treatment quality.  and broach of integral hard alloy are different, ALPHA POINT broach need not undertake weighing grinding. When bit achieves its life cycle, can very change new bit conveniently, and be needed to change time is very short, although be in,broach clip changes at undertaking this is planted when chuck is medium none laborious also. Compare with photograph of broach of integral hard alloy, ALPHA POINT has following advantage: ① beardless expenditure and the logistics charge that grind a process to concern again; Although ② is changing for many times the cutting tool life that constant also has to decide after bit is periodic; ③ length is changeless, adjust because this is nonexistent newlier or the charge of respect of new process designing. On lathe, classics regular meeting happens between workpiece axis and cutting tool axis slight did not aim a phenomenon, flexible below this kind of circumstance steel qualitative knife handle and photograph of broach of rigid whole hard alloy are compared, have more advantage. With contain but retrorse razor blade, common asymmetrical twist drill photograph is compared, the aperture quality that ALPHA POINT machines rises significantly, this is to pass diametical public errand, alignment to spend and the respect such as exterior quality will reflect. ALPHA POINT broach has very tall toughness, because this suits to get very much,cut low to in intensity steel, do not suffer the effect that stability of clamping apparatus device reduces. Coating of its appropriative surface, and the slip performance with taller hardness and tool carrier good system, the service life that can make sure tool carrier is longer not only (change for many times namely point of a knife) , still can assure the good performance that discharge bits at the same time. The broach diameter range that covers as a result of a tool carrier is very wide, for 1mm (12 ~ of φ 20mm) reach 2mm (φ 20mm ~ 31.

5mm) , because this can reduce stock cost, increase the flexibility of cutting tool.  ALPHA POINT suits small lot production already, also suit large quantities of quantities to produce, it is a kind of special economy and efficient solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining