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Current automation market is having strong demand to technical reformation and factory automation. Automation product just is to produce what advance to perfect way to aid push an agent. This period 3 products of 3 companies of the introduction, respective and disparate, have again identical, it is to optimize production, improve efficiency, solve real problem emerge as the times require. Of sensor of new-style and linear displacement measuring a principle is base the unique inductance type that produces at RLC coupling circuit is linear graph Er overcomes displacement sensor Liu Yongxin (Tianjin) sensor limited company applies domain opposite to produce a course as industry medium, more and more clients choose to use imitate to measure the position to control a product. The user can optimize pull current Cheng more easily accordingly, assure goodly to produce quality, and lowered manufacturing cost and fault rate. This is the account that for what linear displacement sensor gets developing very quickly. Send to magnetism from potentiometer type sensor telescopic principle, detect to the new-style inductance type nowadays again principle, linear displacement sensor got ceaseless development. Linear displacement sensor inside course of study unique it is a foundation with the working principle of inductance coil, developing the linear displacement sensor that go out is unique, this technology that company of graph Er gram uses achieved banner status inside alive bound limits. The standard measures numerous and good character of the system to be gone to integratedly one case, and the development that got farther system. The position detects is to pass magnetic slide block to pass the oscillating circuit of inductive type to finish however no longer. Because this sensor is complete screen the interference of magnetic field, the strong magnetic field that produces by large electric machinery for example is disturbed, have wonderful EMC character. Of sensor of new-style and linear displacement measuring a principle is base arise at RLC coupling circuit, it is the innovatory technology of inductance type principle. Type or magnetism send unlike potentiometer telescopic of sensor detect principle, this kind measures means to have quite large dominant position. Sensor is compositive signal emitter and receiver coil system, they with pressworking the form of coil is printed to be on circuit board by accurate ground. Transmit coil activations by magnetic field of high frequency communication and with the position piece (resonator) the inductive circuit that mutual induction produces a RLC. Accordingly, resonator and receive coil to form inductance type coupling. There is the place that receives signal coil in cloth, the change of voltage is caused by the induction of resonator and coil. The measurement that these voltage are sensor namely signal. Measure to make more agile and fast, sensor included to be mixed roughly an accurate slotted line encircles a system. The position of resonator of former and responsible rough location, and latter is in charge of exact location. Work along both lines assured to be measured accurately its. Detect new-styly principle not only the precision that assured sensor, and can make sensor works below the means that is not a contact, inside limit, even if position piece produce deflection to perhaps shake, also won't produce any deviation to sensor output. This sensor still has double deck the characteristic of circuit board, ground floor circuit board send and accept of responsible induction signal, at sensor induction face. In its lower part is the 2nd circuit board, imprint have receive signal processor share, it is to be in charge of undertaking signal digital-to-analogue changeover forms output again. Design of two circuit board makes the blind area of sensor dinky, it is product of a the blind area on market is the at present smallest linear displacement. Ancient bronze mirror at sensor of this linear displacement fine point is numerous, it can be competent at more applied environments, if record model machine, roll the linear such as control of gate of machinery of trigger, balata, packer, hydroelectric station dominates a field. The abbreviation of machine of applied Injection Molding that linear displacement sensor is noting model machine to go up records model machine. Its working principle is to use plastic thermoplastic, encircle stock via expecting the canister heats heat, make stock melt, make with high speed, high pressure its flow into a mould quickly again model in antrum, via period of time protect pressure, cooling, solidify finalizes the design after, the mould lays open pattern in the action of system combining a model, go out through carrying the goods that has finalized the design on the head a device from the mould. Inject shapes is the process of a loop, each cycle basically includes: Mensurable feed in raw material - melt model is changed - the lock combines a model - inject stage reach - apply pressure note model - refrigeration full a pattern - inject stage withdrawal - fly a model - the top gives product, take out model after shuts a model again again, have next circulation. Be collected with signal by Wu Cai and treat the design that divides a circuit board, the flexibility that makes sensor outputs a type rises greatly. Linear displacement sensor is using this inductance type of Tuerke in Germany to receive plug-in unit to produce the machine noting model of workshop of business Escha company to go up at present. In this loop project, the lock closes station of model, inject mobile, note model and top to give product these a few labour it is need accurate pilot. The notes model and lock to add up to modular journey control to record model machine to performance of inject machine and product precision produced conclusive effect. In recent years, the trend of the market that note model lets more and more manufacturer and the value that the user notices positional system. Old some manipulator uses a system already with each passing day by modern number automatic system is replaced. The number is measured not only raised precision, and still can use science and technology of spot bus line to make communication treat rate in order to promote, this already made occupation standard. In the past in application, potentiometer feet by use machine of Wu Zhu model in great quantities, but by no matter be,mix in precision, dependability, journey at this kind of product life far not as good as magnetism sends adjustable displacement sensor, because be of contact, carbon brush wears away through repeating use hard to avoid for long, bring about invalidation finally. And magnetism sends precision of adjustable displacement sensor to be able to satisfy a requirement, but fight oscillatory ability poorer, and installing on two end blind area is larger, the finite labour between unwell Wu Zaikong on use. Accordingly, present positional control system comes from the technology say, blame contact, without wear away, hard usage, installation convenient, exterior compact, belt can join the displacement sensor of spot bus line is to cannot be lacked. Sensor of inductance type straight displacement of the lines uses new detecting principle, not only acceded the numerous advantage that magnetism extends sensor of adjustable and linear displacement, and fighting magnetic field interference, fight vibratory, exterior there is better performance on compact degree. Be collected with signal by Wu Cai and treat the design that divides a circuit board, the flexibility that makes sensor outputs a type rises greatly, need to change different signal to handle circuit board to be able to change sensor to output a type only, this makes product cost is reduced. At present the output type of the product includes imitate to measure electric current / voltage output, SSI high resolution is outputted, IO-link output, and can order make bus line output a type, wait like Profibus bus line, DeviceNet bus line, CANopen bus line. Graph Er captures this inductance mood on the machine noting model that linear displacement sensor is using in Germany to receive plug-in unit to produce workshop of business Escha company at present, every machine that note model uses 4 this sensor. The model combines in the lock of every machine, note model, shoot stage and top to give 4 worker worker on sensor is accurate, stable the ground assured the position to detect. "IP67 of graph Er gram defends a of the sensor of grade the most significant advantage is a product the environment to moisture is having solid and sealed crust to defend very well quality. " ü of MarkusH of director of department of production of Escha company plug-in unit Mr Hn says, "Use blame contact to detect the application of the sensor of means makes we decreased to defend the work. Sensor of inductance type straight displacement of the lines came true completely our expect a hope. " besides the perfect application that noting model machine industry, sensor of inductance type straight displacement of the lines is likewise applicable at other sphere. Base detect at the circuit of its syntonic coupling principle, it can satisfy the industry application domain that place cannot realize very much other before sensor. For example on cut machine, the scrap iron that cut metal produces is a difficult problem all the time, use potentiometer type sensor, scrap enters carbon brush chamfer very easily inside, scrap piles up without how long and make sensor span forbids; Use magnetism is sent telescopic although sensor is nonexistent this kind of problem, but the scrap with magnetic can a lot of more adsorptive slide block, if as time passes did not keep clear of, scrap accumulation can make slide block and sensor surface product chafe likewise, cause damage. And inductance type sensor by detect peculiarly at it principle, solved such problem well, won't cause scrap accumulation, sensor can hold the output of stable high accuracy continuously, decrease maintain cost. Be in a lot of machine that fold a turn or coiling is to have same advantage on curved machine. This inductance formula of Tuerke is straight displacement sensor with distinctive innovation detect principle technology open up the new field of linear displacement sensor, still have blame contact to measure means, solid aluminium to make crust, high accuracy and degree of linearity, polychromatic LED indicator light show without tatty at the same time, convenient and quick process designing measures the advantage such as distance, dinky blind area. It obtained the client's reliance gradually with the technology of innovation, prominent dominant position, good performance. Nextpage should " situation " and unripe RotAx servo rotates limited company of general motors of Zhang Xuezhong Shanghai of limited company of engineering of ABB of Shanghai of Yang Baojian of the 7th axis from 20 centuries 80 time end, the manufacturer of much home car such as the Europe on the world, beautiful, day strengthened the research that makes car automobile body to aluminium, gained encouraging success. Company of German Ao Di began batch to produce aluminium to make automobile body above all 1995, push automobile body to the climax with aluminous research, aluminium alloy is in truckload the proportion year after year in use material rises. It is important to use aluminium board to replace what the stencil steel that makes car automobile body is regarded as to raise car green content by more and more car manufacturers to show level stage by stage way. Of course, the physical characteristic of this kind of aluminium board needs to satisfy the tigidity that comparatives with armor plate and dimension stability, however undeniable is, make car automobile body enclothe by Wu Lun outline size is larger and the different figure that has a space, it is so inside short time, can be spare parts of local automobile body only can complete by aluminium board replace. On the other hand, by use automation to expect up and down mostly at current car punch product line, the production that is aluminium board impossibly only invests a product line, how to use so already the automation production that some punch automation product line will come to undertake aluminium board, and the manufacturing efficiency that can assure to be rivalled with plate production, it is a task that is worth to discuss and innovate. In the meantime, what the difficult problem that face still includes aluminium board is automatic and fast tear open a battlements. Well-known, what the Zhang Li of the cent that tear open a battlements of armor plate uses is magnetic and exclusive job principle, this one principle cannot be used at aluminium board tear open a battlements. Current, ABB uses servo of RotAx of its patent product to rotate the IRB 6650 that the 7th axis and special Wu Chong press a workshop robot is successful and compositive a kind of brand-new armor plate and aluminium board concomitant punch product line, through the actual production test and verify between a year of a long time, each craft satisfied the requirement of stamping workpiece quality, product line efficiency also achieved manufacturing demand. The armor plate before improving tears open a battlements the system tearing open a battlements with original system (graph 1) is ABB installation debugged finished magnetic leather belt to provide way of perpendicular promotion air cylinder in December 1998, compositive used the or so mobile workbench that tear open a battlements to change board material in order to realize uninterrupted production, average metre is in product line 10 / minute above. The steel that improves after, aluminium board tears open a battlements the system pursues the 2 systems that transform after for the course, increased aluminium board to tear open a battlements system. Pass contrast to be able to see, entire line was adding aluminium board to tear open a battlements systematic did not increase cover an area of an area. By at replace leather belt machine to be designed through fold type (when board makings need not be cleaned, serve as deferent unit only) installation was in former board tears open a battlements systematic lower part, the whole system that tear open a battlements looks more compact and reasonable. The fact proves, mix in the armor plate of product line changeover is produced between aluminium board production, need to be in only always accuse a stage to had been the same as manufacturing mode changeover to be able to come true quickly. Crucial technology 1.

RotAx servo rotates the 7th axis is restricted by the place between Wu Shoukong, below the requirement that must satisfy entire line metre in the speed that tear open a battlements, if use traditional 6 axes machine,person and end are picked up implement, the moving contrail that expects by Wu Ban needs to avoid when undertaking gyral 180 degrees let armor plate tear open a battlements systematic part structure, what reason cannot use a robot adequately is flexible speed. In the meantime, can see, if make,board makings is tearing open a battlements to finish after to be entered with sharp movement stance replace leather belt machine to will shorten greatly run time. And ABB robot and servo of RotAx of its patent product rotate the 7th axis suits completely to ask at this. Graph 3 ABBRotax rotates 7 axes are distinguished at in the robot the 6th axis adds through increasing linkage mechanism to come true the 7th axis, ABBRotAx servo rotates the 7th axis is to use servo control, the 7th axis on real significance. Wu Ji of have the aid of 360 degrees whirligig. When board material is delivered between working procedure, can retain part way changeless. It makes end is picked up not only implement decorate agile, and operation process designing is handy, additional, because of servo axis and robot complete be in harmony is an organic whole, can come true compact model product line (the space between press is the least) setting. More important is, expect by Wu Ban the attitude when deliver is smooth, the dynamical performance with flexible robot also comes because of this play optimal. Roll out after in home first from 2006, use Home Wu Duo successfully already manufacturer of domestic and international famous car, help its produce efficiency and product quality to get rising considerably. 2.

Aluminium board divides week of Zhang Zhong place to know, by at aluminium board non-magnetic characteristic, use part piece of way identically with armor plate, use namely it is unworkable that with extremely exclusive principle production magnetic force divides Zhang Qi, through inspecting current car manufacturer, right at aluminium board cent piece basically using the following two kinds of means: The cent that blow air piece: Divide Zhangxiang to be united in wedlock with the magnetic force of armor plate directly normally, be like graphic representation, advantage of this kind of design is a structure simple, can use a factory to enrage a source directly, need to satisfy the cent that blow air through adding one gas tank only piece instantaneous air consumption. In the meantime, when producing stencil steel, what also can divide Zhang Xiaoguo as its is auxiliary. Defect is expect by Wu Ban the oily film of a widespread presence, the machine rate that causes generation of of reinforced material increases greatly, make produce metre to cannot get thereby assure. Nextpage saw blade is auxiliary + the cent that blow air piece: Pick up through be being carried implement on increase a form saw blade, although oily film exists between board makings, can the serration belt of saw blade of have the aid of rises most above board makings, undertake blowing air at the same time. Way of this kind of work raised board makings to divide piece dependability, manufacturing metre can get assuring on certain level. Insufficient place is by when working at saw blade, produce tiny broken aluminous bit easily, once take a pattern, can bring a loss to spare parts character and mould. Or, the aluminium to Wu Xin board punch automation line, in can considering to be opposite before increase clean unit. Graph 5 auxiliary tine curium cent Zhang Zaizeng adds up to consideration above two kinds of aluminium board divide piece of means after, ABB enraged development of auxiliary unit success to develop through improving a robot come off automatically + high pressure blows air distribute piece of system, its are specific working principle shows 6 times like the graph: Have the aid of rises at coder pilot fall the stage that tear open a battlements expects the battlements from beginning to end on aluminium board position maintains in working height, the robot is finished show acetabulum teaching after before building vacuum every time carry 4 right angle of board makings gas partly by auxiliary promotion air cylinder above all. At the same time air nozzle blows high-pressured gas, in board makings the right angle that carry gas is mixed partly build between the 2nd piece of board makings aerate layer. Meanwhile, other job acetabulum begins to build vacuum to mention this piece of board makings finally, in the robot the sharp movement of the 7th axis falls to send board material to product line. Graph 6 come off automatically divide piece of signal to be able to see, going coordinating the working hours that optimizes departmental cent and order in debug is successful cent piece crucial. ABB robot makes workshop technologist pass a test, the attachment that has the complex control that enrage a road and robot itself enrages road device successful and compositive together, come so, assured Duan Shi already implement functional implementation, simplified again quantity of Duan Shi regard highly, right final this system achieves product line metre to asked to create advantage. The improvement with this successful product line, make its can produce steel panel already, can suit again at aluminium board production, and average production metre all exceeds 9 times / minute (if the space allows, optimize through farther contrail, metre can be achieved 11 times / minute) . The servo driver that can optimize machine function Morgan offers Cole draft division Er Morgan rolled out brand-new Advanced Kollmorgen Drive in the Asia (AKD) high-powered servo driver. AKD radical Wu Yitai net, can provide the banner flexibility inside top-ranking function and course of study, can upgrade gender and power limits, the distinctive function that can satisfy almost all applying asks; Mix from simple torsion speed application, graduation and through the firm's powerful new-style automation solution, Cole Morgan automation component (Kollmorgen Automation Suite) the much axis of implementation but process designing moves. Such, machine manufacturer can pass unified graphical user interface (GUI) standardization comes true inside the many power limits of single drive range of products, realize optimized machine function, quantum of output and accuracy in a variety of application thereby, when reducing the project related the inventory with a variety of type driver, understanding and process designing to design at the same time with cost. Graph 7 aluminium board blow gas to divide piece of orgnaization division Er Josh Inman of manager of North America product says Morgan: "AKD passes special design, have original equipment manufacturer patulous machine function and the versatility that accelerate compositive speed place to need, communication and power. Through standard Cole servo electric machinery mixes Morgan linear positioner, AKD realized operation of real Plug and Play, can be started quickly and run a course to optimize, high-powered system, and save more spaces and cost than low function option. Fundamental hardware has option of a variety of aether net join, need not card can support separate option to all sorts of opening and close agreement. AKD adopts measure smaller compact model design, offer wide power range, machine manufacturer can use these buildup through onefold interface model driver. " AKD is applicable the working requirement at 120/240VAC or 480VAC, power limits is the 3 abidance to 24Arms electric current, peak value is 9 to 48Arms. To 2010, new model will have the banner power range inside course of study, continuously electric current can achieve 96Arms, peak value electric current achieves 192Arms. AKD has very high power density, such machine manufacturer are OK from 168mmX57mmX153mm greater power is gained inside the driver of so small size. Use general interface and hardware inside the power limits of all AKD, because of this machine manufacturer also will from faster debug and the benefit in trouble removal process. The fundamental hardware that AKD uses has distinctive function, a variety of feedback equipment and bus line of aether net sport can support below the situation that does not need any separate option card. The feedback equipment that supports at present includes intelligent feedback facility (SFD) , sine of Endat, BiSS, imitate / cosine coder, increment coder, HIPERFACE® and rotate transformer. The bus line of aether net sport that supports at present includes EtherCAT® , CANopen® and Modbus/TCP. By can pass fundamental hardware at these functions with " open box to be used namely " means is obtained, because this AKD is in,make quality and operation flexibility the biggest change while still decreased to block relevant cost and total size with compositive option. AKD offers the Autotuning algorithm that wins patent, can self-adjusting all gain, the observation in including patent application implement. This kind of advanced Autotuning function still offerred laden to trends instant, adaptability answer, assured the accurate control to type of all electric machinery. In addition, autotuning returns conduce to take not quite perfect design at the gram, helps machine manufacturer solve the problem that has challenge sex most, what compensation may affect machine performance is flexible transmission and coupling. AKD has the resolution that is as high as 27, improving machine precision while the noise that provides the minimum inside course of study is characteristic. In addition, powerful double processor system carries out the banner servo algorithm inside course of study with high resolution in the light of splitting set-up time. AKD can be offerred 0.

The torsion annulus road of 67 μ S 62 newer, market is banner.

Road of annulus of speed of 5 μ S is updated and the positional annulus road of 125 μ S is updated, accordingly these driver can get used to the laden condition of commutation instantly, achieve the performance with banner industry. The graphical user interface of AKD is used rise very convenient, have the oscillograph of real time software of 6 passageways, can come true to debug and be diagnosed quickly. Pursue through muti_function baud (BodePlot) , the user can undertake be assessmented quickly to function, and use but process designing jussive finished a function automatically to avoid to examine parameter name. Install a function through one key is caught and sharing programme diagram and parameter, the user can transmit machine performance data instantly. Inman says: "Pass AKD supervisory system by Wu Tong function and sharing systematic information is too convenient really, because this is started,with moving Cole electric machinery and driver system expend Morgan scarcely any effort. And the interface with the friendly user that uses inside all power limits makes debug and make very intuitionistic process interactively commonly. " AKD can arrive in 0 ℃ below the environmental temperature between 40 ℃ the job (if reduce rating to work, criterion temperature can achieve 55 ℃ ) , mean time between failure (MTBF) achieve 660 thousand hours. These products accord with Category3/Sil2 and RoHS standard, satisfy the insulation requirement of IEC60601, obtained UL attestation and contain CE label. The range of AKD function and deepness make its make good high-powered driver solution, outfit of applicable Wu Bao, deferent, presswork, food and beverage, material shapes, the industry such as solar energy and medical treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining