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CIMS (Computer Intergrated Manufacturing System) it is field of a kind of market analysis, products plan, treatment is made, management, after service and an organic whole, have the aid of at the computer control and information processing function, the iformation flow that makes the enterprise is run, material shedding, value shedding and manpower resource are organic and shirt-sleeve, implementation product is fast newer, productivity rises considerably, quality stability, capital is used effectively, loss is reduced, reasonable configuration, market feedbacks quickly and the brand-new enterprise of good service produces personnel mode. 1, the function that the function of CIMS forms CIMS is formed include following content, following plan institute are shown. (1) administrative function CIMS can be purchased to producing plan, material, storage and carry, capital and finance affairs and manpower resource undertake reasonable configuration is mixed coordinate effectively. (2) design function CIMS can apply CAD, CAE, CAPP (the computer assists craft to weave) , NCP (numerical control to program) wait for technical measure to realize design of products plan, technology to wait. (3) production function CIMS can ask by craft, automatic organization coordinates manufacturing facilities (CNC, FMC, FMS, FAL, robot) , store motion equipment and auxiliary equipment (send makings, platoon bits, clean wait for equipment) complete production process. The composition of graph CIMS (4) CIMS of quality control function applies CAQ (the computer assists quality government) the quality management that will complete manufacturing process and quality assure, it forms quality management system on software not only, still participate in the test that produces a course and monitoring on hardware. (5) compositive control and network function CIMS are used multilayer computer management pattern, for example class of factory control class, workshop control class, unit control class, workstation control class, device control character, various a division of labor clear, resource is shared, depend on a network to realize information to deliver. CIMS still can build a network to communicate channel with the client, implementation is automatic feedback of indent, service, outside assist collaboration. From afore-mentioned introductions knowable, CIMS is at present ritzy other automation makes a system, but the production system that this does not mean CIMS is complete automation. In fact, at present the automation degree of the CIMS on the meaning is compared even flexible production system is even small. What CIMS emphasizes basically is information compositive, is not the automation that production process content sheds. The main characteristic of CIMS is a system very giant, inclusive content is very much, difficulty should come true completely in an enterprise very big. But can take the kind with compositive part, the information that realizes whole industry stage by stage and function are compositive. 2, the crucial technology CIMS of CIMS is traditional the product that technology of project of technology of science of production technology, automation technology, IT, government, network, system uses integratedly, it is complex and huge system project. The main feature of CIMS is computerization, informatization, intelligence change and height is compositive change. At present each countries lie local and compositive the applied phase with inferior level, the crucial skill that CIMS place requires to solve basically has news the process is compositive, compositive with the enterprise compositive wait for a problem. (1) information is compositive the different unit that creates in the light of design, management and treatment, implementation information is correct, efficient share and exchange, it is the problem that improves industry technology and level of management to must be solved above all. The first issue with compositive information is the systematic model that builds a business. The functional relation of each part that uses the systematic model of the enterprise to come to scientific analysis and integrated company, information concern and trends affect, the matter that settles an enterprise flows, iformation flow, value shedding, decision-making shed the concern between, this is the foundation with business compositive information. Next, because system of different operating system, control, database and application software were included in the system, and the likelihood between each system uses different communication agreement, because this information is compositive,handle the interface issue between good news even. (2) the process is compositive enterprise to raise T (efficiency) , Q (quality) , C (cost) , S (service) , E (environment) wait for a target, besides information compositive outside this one method, still must handle feel well Cheng between optimize with harmonious. The process is compositive the requirement makes design of product development, technology, production, in supplying a sale each are serial the process transforms as far as possible for collateral process, the producibility in if be when products plan,considering downstream work, can assemble a gender, can safeguard a gender to wait, foreknow content of the quality of the product, after service. The process is compositive still include quick response and trends to adjust, appear to did not foreknow when some process namely deviation, relevant process adjusts program and plan in time. (3) the enterprise is compositive make full use of corporeal resource of the whole world, information natural resources, technology natural resources, production resource, talent resource and user resource, the product that full enough person is changed for the intelligence of core and is a center with the user is flexible changing is CIMS globalization objective, business market success is to solve resource to share, resource is optimized, news service, fictitious make, the crucial technology of the respect such as platform of collateral project, network. CNC Milling CNC Machining