With the PH20 that measures at touching hairdo 5 axes measure a head

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Leinishao (Renishaw) the PH20 of the company measures a head used the new technology that for its Revo measures a system to develop, can offer to touch hairdo to measure quickly " measure a head to touch measure " function, can come true absoluteness fast 5 axes fixed position. Should measure a head the structure is compact, suit to be new purchased 3 coordinate measure machine form a complete set, and measure as most existing coordinate machine spark of device change product. Use PH20 measures a head measure machine user to still can come true to be measured of workpiece get used to fixed position oneself, in order to adjust workpiece mounting error, fast calibration measures way, after installation TP20 measures a head, can enlarge coordinate to measure the measurement of machine dimensional limits, make first small-sized measure machine also can have 5 axes to measure a function. CNC Milling CNC Machining