Removing Chrome Plating through CNC Machining(looking for machine shop work Bertram)

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Chrome plating removal is a process that involves removing the thin layer of chromium from a surface, typically metal, to restore or modify its appearance. This article will explore how CNC machining can be employed effectively to remove chrome plating and provide insights into the intricacies of producing high-quality results.

Understanding Chrome Plating Removal:

Chrome plating serves various purposes, including improving aesthetics, increasing resistance against corrosion, enhancing durability, and providing better wear resistance. However, there are instances when one may want to remove the chrome plating due to damage, aging, or the need for customization.

CNC Machining for Chrome Plating Removal:

1. Careful Preparation:
Before initiating the chrome plating removal process, it is crucial to prepare the workpiece carefully. CNC machines demand precision; thus, ensuring the dimensions and alignment are accurate is vital. Any inconsistencies in preparation could affect the efficiency and quality of the removal process.

2. Selecting the Appropriate Tooling:
Due to the hardness of chrome plating, selecting appropriate tooling for CNC machining is essential. Hard materials like carbide end mills with strong cutting edges are often recommended. Additionally, the selection should consider factors such as rotation speed, feed rate, depth of cut, and coolant usage to optimize material removal while minimizing potential damage.

3. CNC Milling Process:
The milling process is commonly used for chrome plating removal using CNC machines. It involves utilizing rotary cutters to eliminate layers of chrome until the desired thickness is achieved. The continuously rotating cutter gradually removes the plated surface, resulting in an improved appearance or facilitating further manufacturing processes.

4. Precision Coating Utilization:
For intricate or complex surfaces, precision coating techniques can be employed during the CNC milling process. By applying precision coatings on specific areas of the workpiece, only targeted portions are milled, leaving other parts intact. This technique ensures optimal removal of chrome plating without affecting the underlying material, resulting in a refined and accurate finish.

5. Surface Finishing:
Once the chrome plating has been successfully removed using CNC machining, surface finishing techniques can be employed to further enhance the appearance of the workpiece. These techniques include grinding, polishing, and buffing to achieve the desired texture and shine. Proper surface finishing eliminates any imperfections while preparing the metal for subsequent applications, such as re-plating or protective coating application.

Benefits of Using CNC Machining for Chrome Plating Removal:

1. Precision and Accuracy:
CNC machines offer unparalleled precision and accuracy, permitting controlled removal of chrome plating with minimal collateral damage. This level of precision is essential when intricate designs or precise dimensions are involved.

2. Time Efficiency:
Compared to manual techniques, CNC machining significantly reduces processing time. With its automated capabilities, multiple workpieces can be processed simultaneously, increasing overall productivity and reducing production lead times.

3. Resource Optimization:
By utilizing CNC machining for chrome plating removal, material waste is minimized, leading to efficient resource utilization. The automated process enables better control over the thickness of chrome being removed, ensuring optimal use of both materials and energy.

4. Customization Potential:
CNC machining allows for customization options during the chrome plating removal process. Intricate patterns, texturing, or engraving can be achieved through computer programming, providing various design possibilities for personalized products.


CNC machining proves to be an ideal solution for removing chrome plating efficiently and precisely. By carefully adhering to the aforementioned steps, one can effectively restore or modify surfaces, achieving impeccable results. Whether it's rejuvenating aged parts, adapting to new designs, or personalizing items, CNC machining offers unparalleled versatility and excellence in chrome plating removal. CNC Milling CNC Machining