SANCH rolls out the vector with outstanding performance to control the machine that note model special transducer

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Taiwan SANCH transducer uses its high-powered vector to control a technology to ask according to the craft of Injection Molding, will electro-hydraulic scale controls a system, imitate dogs into load control system, make the rotate speed of oil pump electric machinery and the flow that note model mechanic to make place need hydraulic pressure and pressure product become direct ratio, will traditional mensurable pump transforms pump of frequency conversion variable, make the discharge answering oil of overflow a powerful person falls thereby the smallest, without loss of energy of high-pressured reduce expenditure, have the tradition high-pressured reduce expenditure then " bad news can model " the machine that note model upgrades it is those who do not have high-pressured reduce expenditure " energy-saving model " the machine that note model, the field application that adopts all sorts of many 100 norms model checks, energy-saving can amount to 40%-80% . 6-8 the month can call in cost. Energy-saving model the machine that note model outside the major attribute besides energy-saving function, according to its energy-saving principle, still have the advantage of add series, include: ◆ is reduced, the concussion that lock up a model, prolong machinery and mould service life. ◆ extends oil path system (sealed component) service life, reduce maintenance frequency, economic uphold charge. ◆ reduces noise, improvement working environment. ◆ system oil is lukewarm reduce considerably, cooling water consumption can save 30% above. ◆ has been had to electric machinery pressure, flow too, be short of equal a variety of protective   ◆ record model machine original control means and oil path are changeless. ◆ transducer stability is extremely strong, reflective rate is rapid, installation is debugged convenient. CNC Milling CNC Machining