Round thick car circulates outside FANUC

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In compound and fixed loop, after be being defined to the outline of the spare parts, can finish arrive from rough machining the whole process of finish machining, make the program gets simplifying further. Normal >nok="f" Gradientshapeok="t" O:cOnnecttype="rect">normal Align=center> pursues 3.

34 outside the circle is thick cut circular Normal >   is thick cutting a circulation is a kind of compound and fixed loop. Outside applying to, columnar face needs for many times to walk along the rough machining that the knife just can finish, if pursue 3.

34 are shown. Process designing format: In type of W) F(f) S(s) T(t) of △ of U) W(of △ of D) R(e) G71 P(ns) Q(nf) U(of G71 U(△ : △ D- bears amount of penetration of a cutting tool; E- - the quantity that retreat a knife; Ns- - paragraph of number that block begins in block of finish machining outline; Nf- - paragraph of date that block ends in block of finish machining outline; △ U- - surplus of X axial finish machining; △ W- - surplus of Z axial finish machining; F, S, T- - code of F, S, T. Attention: 1, function of the F in block of Ns → Nf, S, T, although be appointed,also disable circularly to thick car. 2, spare parts outline must accord with direction of X axis, Z axis at the same time drab increase or drab decrease; When blame of direction of X axis, Z axis is drab, the first instruction in block of Ns → Nf must be in X, Z to move from time to tome together. Exemple: The circle outside be being written by dimension is thick cut circular machine program. N10 G50 X200 Z140 T0101 N20 G00 G42 X120 Z10 M08 N30 G96 S120 N40 G71 U2 R0.

5N50 G71 P60 Q120 U2 W2 F0.

25N60 G00 X40 //ns N70 G01 Z-30 F0.

15N80 X60 Z-60 N90 Z-80 N100 X100 Z-90 N110 Z-110 N120 X120 Z-130 //nf N130 G00 X125 N140 X200 Z140 N150 M02 CNC Milling CNC Machining