Numerical control machine tool makes applied data manage a system to pass project appraisal

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A few days ago, old product data manages PDM system to reach its to make medium applied project save the project appraisal that hall of science and technology organizes through Jiangsu in Jiangsu Yangzhou in numerical control machine tool east. What big PDM system supports software of 2 dimension CAD not only east is compositive, and preliminary implementation is compositive to the application of three-dimensional CAD system. Company of machine tool of numerical control of circumference of gold of Jiangsu of project application enterprise passes application of nearly one year, among them product of machine tool of main numerical control has realized design flow control, modification control and management and the function that are based on multistage data security and data to keep secret, the enterprise is optimized in design efficiency, flow and standard, and applied personnel quality carries advanced respect to be benefited bigger. The successful applied mark of the project is worn the system of product data management of our country own copyright is conforming to the principle of simplicity Chan Erwei CAD is compositive what application moves toward complex and three-dimensional CAD is compositive, the technology that the project implements and experience have fundamental promotion value in domestic production company. CNC Milling CNC Machining