Deep aperture gets a system to machine a few kinds of in transforming use methods in deep aperture of general accuracy machine tool

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Suitable scope of system of QYZ-40W deep Kong Zuan is wide, installation is convenient and agile, handle right on the money. Can configure in boring machine, lathe, milling machine, on machining center. Relaxed implementation general accuracy machine tool machines deep aperture. Introduce method of a few kinds of configuration simply below. 1, lathe configuration plan has two kinds of methods to be able to offer an alternative: Workpiece rotates; If workpiece is swing tower spare parts, the opening that wants treatment is homocentric aperture, criterion workpiece rotates for transformed first selection program. Particular way is (see a picture) : With the machine tool work clip of 3 ungual chuck is held, if workpiece is longer,need central wearing to prop up. Cutting tool is secured in all directions tool carrier medium perhaps on splint. Drive workpiece to make whirligig by machine tool main shaft, feed motion is offerred by big splint. The advantage of this kind of means is: Configuration most forthright, cost is inferior also. But the limitation that also has it: Rotate speed of machine tool main shaft won't exceed 2000 to turn below the circumstance normally / Min, to Xiaokong diameter getting is cut, rotate speed of machine tool main shaft often short of machines a requirement. Additionally speed of the smallest feed is compared normally big, for 0.

04 ~ 0.

06mm/r. And the speed of feed of requirement of deep aperture treatment of alveolus is inferior. With exemple of Kong Wei of 6mm of Φ of 45 # steel, requirement feed 0.

015mm/r; 2450r/min of main shaft rotate speed. So, in alveolus diameter (≤ 10mm) be restricted in deep aperture treatment bigger. The beard before treatment guides aperture with treatment of machine tool tailstock. Cutting tool rotates: Rotate to be compared with workpiece, cutting tool rotates have taller adaptability. No matter be homocentric aperture or prejudicial aperture, no matter bore diameter size, it is better to can get on common lathe solve. Design tool according to actual condition (can design for you by my company) , secure work go up in the splint in the machine tool. Can design oriented cover installation to be in workpiece front face, guide deep Kong Zuan to enter. The treatment before this kind of method does not need to be machined in deep aperture guides aperture. Rose to machine efficiency greatly. The installation of cutting tool can choose way according to the actual condition of workpiece: When machine tool rotate speed and the smallest feed can satisfy treatment to ask, rotating clamp provides awl handle to be installed directly inside taper hole of machine tool main shaft. Cutting tool installation is provided in rotating clamp on. Machine tool main shaft is provided through rotating clamp drive cutting tool to make whirligig. Feed motion is offerred by big splint. If rotate speed of machine tool main shaft is mixed,the minorrest rate taking a knife cannot satisfy treatment requirement, can consider to add outfit main shaft to add fast implement will adjust. Main shaft is added fast implement increasing ratio is 3.

81, when machining alveolus, classics of machine tool main shaft is added fast hind, can satisfy the treatment of all aperture almost. In the meantime, the minorrest rate taking a knife of the machine tool also was reduced 3.

81 times, size range of pipe bent is wider. Main shaft is added fast implement installation is very simple, add fast implement awl handle installation is inside taper hole of machine tool main shaft, rotating clamp provides awl handle installation to be in add fast implement inside take-off, cutting tool is installed likewise provide in rotating clamp inside. 2, the cutting tool in plan of configuration of boring machine of plan of boring machine configuration and lathe configuration rotates plan is identical. CNC Milling CNC Machining