Breakdown handles typical case of generator of JK700 series laser

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Summary: Generator of laser of introductory JK700 series basically is comprised and working principle, and typical breakdown processing technique. Keyword: Engine of aviation of Xi'an of processing of breakdown of laser generator principle (group) the laser beam drilling machine of LUMonICS LASTER 780 that limited company introduces from England is non-traditional machining equipment, use at the Laser Cutting of 5 axes linkage, stiletto, laser part uses generator of laser of LUMONICS company JK704. One, generator of JK700 series laser 1.

Main composition (1) power power supply is unit. Include: Power supply of ① laser power, offer laser to handle tension. ② microprocessor system, use at equipment to the hand is moved and be controlled remotely, control, surveillant equipment is other and unit at the same time working status. ③ cooling system, use at cooling laser and power power supply. (2) laser is unit. Generate smooth output, basically include: Oscillator (core component, comprise by pump riverside antrum and optical oscillator) , lens of 2 energy monitor, optics guiding, contain compositive beam of light to reclaim switch of device processing smooth brake, safe light. The oscillator stimulates pulse of beam of light according to inputting voltaic pulse to arise, energy monitoring system detects stimulate energy of beam of light, show in Control Panel. Beam of light adjusts lens every time but will stimulate beam of light to adjust 90 ° , the first adjusts lens to make beam of light carries processor smooth dam up water directly, the 2nd adjusts lens to make beam of light adopts safe light switch and BET device, arrive at laser head forehead to output end next. (3) operate control plate. Use at exterior correspond with microprocessor, make the user controls laser generator, what generation needs the pulse of width, amplitude and energy. 2.

Generator of working principle laser changes voltaic pulse into laser pulse, the process includes: Unit of ① power power supply emerges pulse of the amplitude that an user needs and periodic electric current. Pulse of ② electric current carries supply to arouse tube, arouse tube to change its into white smooth pulse. Club of laser of hair of swash of arteries and veins of ③ Bai Guang (arouse tube and laser club to assemble inside pump riverside antrum) , generation and the laser pulse with voltaic periodic and identical pulse. 2, typical breakdown handles a 1 laser beam drilling machine in the job, systematic occurrence 407# calls the police, the power module that laser cannot start part of laser generator power to mix 2 to become independent by distributinging module of a power is comprised, every power module gives a tube power supply, control principle sees a picture 1. When equipment works, want to assure the LAMP PWr of 2 lamps.

(power) parameter is identical, the Ave Power of such laser (average power) , Pulse Energy (pulse energy) ability achieves craft parameter to ask, if control a system,detect the LAMP PWr of 2 lamps.

When poor > 750W, appear namely afore-mentioned breakdown. After producing this kinds of breakdown, the Ave Power of laser, Pulse Energy and 2 LAMP PWr of the lamp.

Parameter instantaneous turns into 0, and laser controls a share shut, cannot check relevant parameter, decide breakdown lamp hard, discover breakdown is nodded, can press processing of the following measure. (1) warning function of system of short time screen, examine CRT information, decide breakdown lamp. Shut power source, short terminal of the 1# that receives microprocessor TP6303, 2# (screen system warning function) , open laser right now, the system won't call the police, laser control also won't be shut partly, the LAMP PWr of 2 lamps when breakdown can be examined in screen.

With DC Link Volts (dc generatrix voltage) numeric, breakdown lamp can affirm after be being compared with normal value (normal when the 2 LAMP PWr that raise the lamp.

All should be 2.

8 ~ 3.

0kW, DC Link Volts should be 390 ~ 410V) . The CRT information of 2 lamps in this exemple sees a picture 2, discover the LAMP PWr of 1# lamp.

For 2.

2kW, be less than normal value apparently, judge breakdown of 1# lamp loop accordingly. (2) search trouble spot. Measure microprocessor to control module TP6301 respectively (corresponding 1# lamp) with TP6302 (corresponding 2# lamp) voltage of terminal of 3# ~ 7# , measure data to see a table 1. Will measure data conversion to show into real value and CRT the value is compared, if both not agree with, may be microprocessor breakdown, 2 lamps in this exemple are worth actually show with CRT the value is consistent basically, but lamp of 2# of > of 1# lamp voltage and its output power however < 2# lamp, judge breakdown of light switch module accordingly. The SK1 ~ SK8 of microprocessor control ark parts corresponding 2 lamps module of switch of 1 ~ 8# , detect with oscillograph end of SK1 ~ SK8 is undee (graph 3 it is form of normal Shi Bo) , if module is undee,output unusual, it is breakdown module namely. Exemple when 2 equipment machine a spare parts, suddenly law of occurrence Kong Mo makes the appearance that wear, increase laser to output power, try treatment phenomenon as before, and laser energy is reduced, the machine tool does not have any calling the police. Examine CRT screen relevant parameter indicates a value, combine analysis of smooth road map. ① average power is normal, explain laser power power supply is normal. Voltage of tube of ② 1# , 2# and power are normal, explain job of pump riverside lamp is regular. ③ pulse energy is normal and can change along with parameter, explain job of laser energy testing system is regular. Job of examination laser focusing is regular. Hitch of the analysis on put together is possible the reason has: A standard-sized sheet of smooth brake or unfinished of safe light switch opens ① processor and the system did not detect, transmission laser by partial keep out, cannot all focusing, cause laser energy to drop. ② smooth brake works all normal, some 1 adjusts deflection of lens occurrence angle, laser cannot all focusing. After doing good safety to defend, examination smooth brake works all normal, fine tuning adjusts lens, observe laser energy changes, when discovery adjusts 2# to adjust lens, laser energy adds apparently, the specification should adjust lens occurrence deflection, repeatedly till laser output energy is the biggest,fine tuning should adjust lens, try treatment same part, equipment returns to normal. Exemple 3 equipment stiletto appears in treatment process pull end, and 207# calls the police frequent: "TheInterlock Circuit Has Been Interrupted By The Process Shutter Monitoring Circuit Which Checks For Correct Operation Of The Process Shutter " , (processor smooth brake jams completely or ministry departure, shut, or close brake to leave, close career slow) . Successive stiletto machines equipment in the process, every dig a hole, the spare parts moves automatically, be like laser breakdown, criterion the brim of the aperture when the spare parts is mobile appears the tail of appearance of a similar comma, namely alleged pull end. Pull end to show smooth brake fails to be shut in time, check processor smooth brake to discover smooth brake electric machinery is slight and rustily, the likelihood is laser early days drinks water, clear electric machinery tries treatment, 207# calls the police disappear, but pull end as before, measure voltage of job of smooth brake electric machinery to be 10V, on the low side (normal value 12V) , check electric machinery power source, the electric machinery that discovers laser is hind receives plug-in unit rustily, the contact is undesirable, clear receive plug-in unit, power transmission checks, voltage is normal, it is normal to try treatment part. CNC Milling CNC Machining