Laser Cutting machine is revulsive combine a technology

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Laser Cutting is to use focusing lens to stimulate CO2 focusing of beam of light to make material fused in material surface, use at the same time compress gas to play the material that is fused with what stimulate coaxial of beam of light, make stimulate beam of light and material to make opposite motion along certain contrail, form proper form thereby cut seam. In industrial production, laser Cutting technology applies extensively in the treatment of metal and metalloid material, can reduce handling time greatly, reduce finished cost, improve workpiece quality. And mix to the metal plastic the combination of this comparative more difficult union, germany nots academy of technology of machine of Laser Cutting of Lao Enhuo's husband (ILT) newest research revealed a kind to use Laser Cutting as a result machine general metal and plastic the good method that is united in wedlock together better. Current, the mainest method metal and plastic union is to note a model to shape technology, through in the process that note a pattern special clamping apparatus secures package. But the requirement for contented fixed position and high accurate component, often need to use close together common difference; In addition basis application circumstance, this kind of method also is not the union that always can gain high strength. To larger area, can use simple agglutination, perhaps machine whorl to undertake threaded coupling to plastic component. But these dependability that combine a method and firm sex are poorer. To overcome these weakness, researcher excogitated LIFTEC technology (Laser Cutting machine is revulsive combinative technology) will improve metal and plastic the combinative state of affairs between. Method of Laser Cutting chance and traditional method are similar. Traditional method passes an induction or supersonic heat metallic component, fuse thereby all round metallic component plastic, refrigeration hind is plastic and formed between the metal close seam join. Machine of LIFTEC technology use Laser Cutting heats metallic component. In the simplest application, LIFTEC technology used all not chromatic thermoplastic is transparent translucent perhaps property. The focusing after Laser Cutting machine passes plastic part is on the metallic part that needs couple, cause local and fused. metallic component before union processing is the form that takes groove or hole, can enhance final combinative result further. Technical advantage depends on its flexibility, it can apply at resembling teflon even such heat resistant material. This kind opaque plastic the combinative method with the metal, the focusing after passing plastic part with Laser Cutting machine has a bit in the metallic part that needs couple different: Laser Cutting machine heats in flank metal, and metallic as it happens is located in plastic component apparently, next metallic component is entered gradually plastic in. The most important is, LIFTEC technology not just component of metal of bureau be confined to, still can use at combinative pottery and porcelain to mix plastic. Germany nots the Laser Cutting machine that academy of technology of machine of Laser Cutting of Lao Enhuo's husband studies is revulsive combinative technology (LIFTEC) realized the effective union between different material, wait like teflon and steel and organic glass, organic glass. The ability of LIFTEC technology just is proved by researcher place recently, researcher still covered a notable result: When bearing pin diameter is 2mm, the force that pulls open union is 700N about. Compare with existing technology photograph, the in combining a course accuracy of LIFTEC technology asks to be reduced considerably, because this this technology hopeful wins wide application on industry. In addition, induction and ultrasonic heat to have restriction to the thermal conductance of material, and radiate of machine of use Laser Cutting asks without this kind. Researcher expresses, LIFTEC technology encounters hopeful distinguish oneself of difficult a few domains in existing technology. What at present LIFTEC technology uses is the machine of diode Laser Cutting with low price. Because this technology is right the demand of quality of beam of light of irradiation of uses Laser Cutting machine is not high, so machine of Laser Cutting of fiber-optic coupling diode can satisfy the industrialization application of this technology. For technology of farther compositive LIFTEC, special technology also begins the engineering that ILT reputation eminent wears cut a figure. Researcher Holtkamp says: "We are considering to satisfy the machine that craft of this specific treatment asks. At present we use hydraulic pressure device, but to treatment craft, hydraulic pressure pressure is too great and not accurate. New machine will introduce electric power drive, can put park desktop, this means division matching lens to be able to use this instrument to combine lens and picture frame instant together in the shop. " the patent accredit that   already acquired this technology, and had had industrial group public figure begin to seek advice from this technology. At present researcher is devoting oneself to to decrease heat time, the various adhesion that the likelihood in studying job of Laser Cutting machinist applies uses. Believe to be in industrialized process of future, LIFTEC technology is certain and OK distinguish oneself, make our industrial treatment more efficient, more high-energy and pledge higher. CNC Milling CNC Machining