Is grinding machine of numerical control tool used in what note is there?

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Grinding machine of numerical control tool is IT and the result that photograph of mechanical production technology combines, represented the technical level of contemporary base machine and development trend. However, a lot of handlers did not master used true means, fail to produce the biggest effect of grinding machine of numerical control tool. To this, network of business affairs of Chinese machine tool is small make up arranged the following safety to operate a note for you: One, lubricant machine tool is departmental before grinding machine of numerical control tool is started, it is normal to check mechanical drive, switch pushbutton is reliable, ensure emery wheel is in good condition without damaged. 2, move means in order to nod to start emery wheel to arrive to machine speed normally, idling 5 minutes. 3, the attention answers when installing emery wheel; 1.

Exterior of emery wheel of the examination before installation is complete, clap emery wheel should hear ringing voice, ensure emery wheel is in good condition without damaged. 2.

Clip holds emery wheel place to want mat of the asbestine on mat, clamp hind undertakes be balancinged first, after installing machine nap, balance again, new emery wheel needs an idling 5 minutes. 4, emery wheel prohibits overspeed moves, must not be more than admonitory speed. 5, quantity of logical choice grinding, grinding of forbidden excess load. 6, workpiece should be checked to whether suck prison or outfit clip solid before grinding, outfit clip expensive work and bottom area should be used when lesser workpiece link stopper leans or special fixture holds clip, malfunction in case. 7, the emery wheel when switching on the mobile phone rotates ahead position prohibits station person, prevent emery wheel broken fly off or workpiece is hit fly. 8, the job ends, machine tool wipe up, dump, the spare parts is put orderly, yard ground keeps clean. CNC Milling CNC Machining