Treatment of hard layer of temper by dipping in water is used but dislocation razor blade

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The hard metal that uses not long ago to put in the market but dislocation razor blade can machine soldering cobaltic chromic tungsten alloy very well. The transition between hard, soft alloy has been a difficult problem in cutting process no longer, and the durability of bit also raised 400 % than the solution previously. In the cutting treatment of certain work, choosing right cutting tool stuff is a very difficult issue. If the material of the spare parts contains special heat-resisting coating, criterion its are machined often is very complex. And the property that those simple data that process easily often do not have spare parts place to ask. The balance that the tricks of the trade that processes accordingly depends on finding material of material of a cutting tool and spare parts is nodded, fall in difficult condition also can the economic ground cutting that finish machines the task. These also are the job that company of Metax finite liability offers to oneself and requirements. Often want to be mixed with material of a few nonferrous metal, material, as common as stainless steel steel in their manufacturing process contact with of stuff of special type metal. Cobaltic chromic tungsten alloy is alloy of a kind of cobalt radical, compare with steel photograph, its advantage depends on lifting in temperature to there still are very tall thermal stability and chemical stability when 800 ℃ . Through changing the content with its horniness different material, make it can obtain different wear-resisting property. Compare with rolled steel photograph, below the condition with wear-resisting same function its are in after temperature rises be able to bear or endure oxidation is caustic it is better to can be mixed anti-corrosive the function that medium corrodes makes it is having more extensive use. The indication that detailed enlarge pursues clear the cobalt of wear-resisting is chromic tungsten coating (splendent place) and transfer the metallic data with weaker position (gray part) be opposite however the cutting treatment of stuff of this kind of metal is a headachy thing truly. According to particular use case, the hardness of cobaltic chromic tungsten alloy is HRC 55 normally. It needs to be machined through grinding below conventional case, perhaps change boron with the nitrogen of cubic metre of the 2nd hard data that is next to diamond (CBN) will machine. Be in Metax company, material of cobaltic chromic tungsten alloy is covered in the bearing that make in use more. Besmear Fu the matrix of material of coating of this kind of horniness is material of austenite stainless steel, material number 1.

4571, use at making axle sleeve normally. The ability of corrode of its very tall anti-corrosive, counteractive aperture makes it suits to be made in chemical equipment very much in use. When turning v has the part of metallic stuff, the problem that often encounters is to be based on base material and v material, different character often should use different cutting deepness and feed. The difficulty of another treatment is two kinds of material transfer place, and the transition of material of cobaltic chromic tungsten the turning point that place can be real significance to go up. CBN cubic nitrogen changes boracic material to be when the layer of v of cobaltic chromic tungsten with hard treatment very outstanding, but arrived when cutting of softer matrix of austenite stainless steel step forward however hard, CBN cubic nitrogen changes boron to often die broken. Accordingly, want below most circumstance above all the fundamental data with weaker turning, till the place till material of v cobalt chromic tungsten, change boracic cutting tool to machine hard v layer with CBN cubic nitrogen next. Be in Metax company, what use so also is this kind of engineering technology, the uses service life that can change bit is very low, can machine two spare partses only commonly. Metax company is based on the rich experience that will introduce use GC 4225 to be able to change bit from 2005, also tried to use data of this kind of cutting tool in the treatment of axle sleeve of v of cobaltic chromic tungsten, reached the result of surprise making a person. The full treatment of end panel of whole axle sleeve is completed in using this kind to be able to change bit to be able to hold clip in, just do not undertake turning inside softer or harder area, be in however whole intermediate zone inside the country successful cutting (graph) . The cutting rate that can change bit is Vc=15m/min, feed is 0.

1mm, deepness of penetration of a cutting tool is 0.

5mm, use emulsion refrigeration to lubricate. Only " need not change in cutting treatment bit " an economy that improved manufacturing process and efficiency. In the meantime, in it is OK to maintain premise to issue data of razor blade of use GC 4225 raise cutting tool durability 400 % . Anyhow, the productivity in the treatment of Metax company and Sandvik company in material of cobaltic chromic tungsten rises apparently, and because chose a kind,all these is appropriate merely can change bit just. CNC Milling CNC Machining