Sensor of displacement of Vishay industry level is offerred for the application in harsh environment tall durable sex and but repeatability

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A few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc.

(Code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) announces, roll out new straight slippery form and rotate sensor of displacement of type industry level---UIPMA and UIPMC, still have stable and reliable property below harsh ambient conditions. Waterproof and Vishay MCB UIPMA and UIPMC are very flat, have tall durable sex and Gao Ke repeatability, applied range is very wide. The sensor that releases today uses IP66 sealed, contain ply to have 0 only.

The very thin activity layer of 5mm, double-faced and stickup layer makes assemble the job to become very simple. This parts of an apparatus is very durable, service life circulates 1 million times more than 3 (but according to demand, offer 1 ten million second with 2 ten million the product) of second loop, working temperature limits - 10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ . Through using durable sex design, UIPMA of straight slippery formula and rotate type UIPMC suits antenna of plane seat, communication, syringe pump and hospital to use bed, communication very much unload of lever of valve open, mast, outfit turns to control, and those who measure the mine of upper shift to use device is dynamoelectric carry out implement with system of round staff fixed position. Sensor accords with RoHS, can need to do custom-built design according to the user. CNC Milling CNC Machining