The set of cutting tool life of machining transfer matic

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For the engine treatment transfer matic with long to metre weak point, product line, complex product, before cutting tool undertakes optimizing, want supplier of reasonable set machine tool to provide cutting tool formerly (what machine treatment transfer matic uses cutting tool great majority to be the cutting tool that be not mark) cutting tool life, it is a very notable job key. Set can assure product quality reasonably, reduce; of cutting tool cost conversely, cutting tool cost rises, work waste product appears continuously, rate of machine tool actuate is reduced, aggravate machine tool damages, thereby the purpose that profit of short of seed produces. The reasonable set of cutting tool life, its purpose is namely below the premise that assures product quality, with cutting tool cost of lowest treatment gives most eligible product. But to machine treatment transfer matic, it is different from single person stand-alone. The productivity of the machine tool -- , metre, decided the cutting parameter of cutting tool, because this cannot reduce cutting parameter to improve cutting tool life. In metre established premise falls, the conditional factor that affects cutting tool life also is established fact when, should give set of every cutting tool more reasonable life, can say it needs the pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone of a TEAM. Tool supplier, cutting tool repairs grinding work, cutting tool to adjust jockey of labour, production and technical support branch to just give full cooperation each, ability gives a reasonable value. We are passed fumble, experiment, achieve finally can relatively the life that is worth all sorts of cutting tool surely reasonably. Specific introduction is as follows. 1 draw lessons from life of set cutting tool above all OK and reasonable draw lessons from recommend a value. Recommend a value to be tool supplier namely the value of place Jian. But because material of machine tool, cooling fluid, workpiece is qualitative,some recommend a value, the element such as requirement of processing technique of cutting parameter, workpiece is different, also have unsuited use a case actually, reason must have due attestation process. Carry out blindly can taste a bitter pill to swallow probably. For example engine crock of V6 of plant of our motivation assembly builds a line, OP90 is versed in have a cutting tool (the forerunner knife that number is CH9003) is conduit of housing washer of treatment crock lid, material of blade of cutting tool cutting is PCD character. Tool supplier recommends a value to be 24h to the life of this forerunner knife, the machine tool machines a tracheal Kong Wei 4.

4s, one is versed in a treatment 3 tracheal aperture, need 414 × 3=13.

2s. Namely the life of forerunner knife is 24 × 3600 ÷ 13.

2=6545. Supplier of \r\n machine tool checks and accept level in equipment, this cutting tool can satisfy a product to machine a requirement. But check and accept end hind when equipment, beforehand trial production phase before long, the reject workpiece that appeared to cannot satisfy processing technique to ask however (namely the housing washer jumpy quantity to conduit) of out of tolerance. At the outset the reason of reamer of 6 blade CBN that we think is follow-up working procedure, but there still is reject to appear after exchange new reamer. Detecting through searching ability with all possible means finally is be caused by of CH9003 forerunner knife. The use that CH9003 cutting tool passes a few times, when discovering this cutting tool machines many 700 crock to build every time, as a result of the treatment after cutting tool wears away Gai Da giving a crock is less than a product to ask, jumpy occurrence out of tolerance. We are set of life of this cutting tool 700 finally, the housing washer that makes the crock is built eventually measures 100% contented technologies to ask to beating tracheally. The cutting tool with 2 experiments different basis, different treatment workpiece, different treatment method, it is normal that we can observe cutting tool is achieved wear away the; of cutting tool life that VB measures also has use the treatment condition in the regulation to fall, the dimension life that still can maintain work measure precision by the dependability life; that finishs rated workload character and cutting tool achieve the fatigue life that provides susceptive number of blows to wait. We can pass common cutting tool to use integrated set value actually, the work that passes a few level namely machines a circumstance to machine a number certainly finally. Like mill bit body we do not sympathize with of rough machining and finish machining according to its besides, according to the wear extent of bit, the surface roughness that workpiece machines, the collapse mouth circumstance of workpiece brim, workpiece machines the change of surplus of dimension, semifinished product to decide its life. Generally speaking, the life of affirmatory mill bit body, reamer, boring cutter is easier, decide broach is decided harder, the deep aperture broach that breaks easily especially is decided more hard. But the data of all sorts of cutting tool life is collected almost same. The it doesn't matter when particular operation lifts deep aperture to get a new broach to just was used recommends a value. Is the means that broach life data collects: ? ?000 of Lun Huifang commonplace of  of show off post when broach breaks off; fabricating 3980 when bore diameter slants small (not desirable) blade of collapse of blade of the cutting when; machines 2500 the 3rd times. Process data 3 times according to above, can life of set broach first time is 2500 × 80%=2000, every machine broach after 2000 normal exchange. If broach does not break off, do not die blade, aperture is normal, cutting tool wears away not badly etc, can adjust life 3 times again later continuously so for 2500 × 90%=2250. After continueing to be used 3 times normal, readjust life is 2500 × 95%=2375. Improve 5% life 3 times every later, when till ultimate cutting tool appears,VB wear extent exceeds bid or other is like the phenomenon such as point collapse blade. Decrease when life of its cutting tool is more unusual than appearing 10% , to show the life of level. Conversely, after life is supposed at the beginning of first time, broach appears when machining 1980 break off or 1800 when break off, so life wants to reduce. When like the 4th broach treatment reachs 1800, break off, so the 5th broach machines 1800 × 80%=1440 when should tear open come down to inspect broach wear out condition. To horizontal blade, advocate cutting blade, deputy cutting blade, advocate from the back, hind horn have visual inspection, if everything is normal, can be in the 6th 1800 × rise when the root 90%=1620. When cutting tool of the reexamination when treatment goes to 1620, if everything is normal, when the 7th treatment reachs 1800, tear open again come down to have visual inspection. It is normal to be like, the 8th continues to machine 1800 with the 9th, undertake cutting tool is checked again, be like still normal, can think the 4th broach is in so 1800 when breaking off is accidental element. Same method can confirm 1980 accounts that break off. After cutting tool uses period of time, affirm life uses life of set of this kind of method more hasten is reasonable. If PT launchs line of cylinder body of the V6 between engine, the 7 labour of OP30 working procedure, 8 labour deep Kong Zuan, at the outset the commendation of the supplier is worth it is 3000. OP30 is machined advocate the deep Kong Zuan of oil duct is broken easily gave a name, at the outset phase of equipment trial production this issue is foreign do not have very good had solved. Deep Kong Zuan is broken can cause cutting tool cost to rise, workpiece discards as useless, raise engine cost thereby. As a result of the congenital reason of the machine tool, deep aperture treatment did not use a gun to get and use twist drill, and the hard alloy head of twist drill solders prison degree close nevertheless again, because this is broken easily,became the fact that cannot defy it seems that. Below existent condition, discard as useless with workpiece to decrease to get, life of reasonable set cutting tool, above all, we searched the treatment amount that since cylinder body line is produced oneself, deep aperture gets. Carry the treatment data count with much half an year, discovery machines an amount actually to differ. Have those who machine 3000 now and then, but also have those who machine a few. Great majority machines 1000, discovery among them deep Kong Zuan arrives to break off many times 1000 in treatment hold larger proportion, 1000 hold lesser proportion below. Next, does the broach when checking deep aperture to be gotten in treatment to be nodded to 1000 many wear away reach workpiece to machine quality circumstance: ? To joke of establish of makeup Gua of  of  of Xi of  of bowstring of  of し of commonplace of Ke of Ji of aspic of ぜ  clumsy throws helmet busy to break covered with clouds of W of  of Jiu alkyne suddenly harding iron to kitchen eat of the ≡ in You of  of limit ニ Se punishs W of toad of Ju of υ of Pi of beard of  bone Xing sunshine evil spirit of cent Du Xing. Since carry out, break auger decrease apparently. Statistic reached 20222 to will produce cylinder body in August in January 2000, break get 69 (the treatment) that a cylinder body needs to use 14 deep Kong Zuan to finish aperture of 4 aperture oil duct, machine 293 cylinder body to want namely. After adjusting, will reach 8926 to will machine cylinder body in December in September, break get 21, machine 425 cylinder body to break namely. Illuminate so computative in order to produce per year 30 thousand computation, before adjusting, should break 102.

39, after adjusting, should break only 70.

59, broach breaks 32 less, cylinder body discards as useless less also 32. Broach presses average price every 301.

135 dollars are calculated, cylinder body every 1474.

00 yuan, so a year but managing RMB: 301.

32 × of 135 × 8.

27+1474 × 32=126860.

37 yuan. The value shows the main shaft load that 3 all have treatment status to fall commonly according to current machining center. Of cutting tool it is OK to worry blunt situation whether does the laden value decision that leaves in treatment status according to machine tool main shaft require exchange cutting tool, know cutting tool needs to repair the signal that grind well and truly so. But every cutting tool because diametical measurement is different, cutting parameter is different, treatment method is different wait, its show laden value is different also. Graph 1 for in 2.

Cylinder body is machined on line of 0L cylinder body (cast-iron material) 3 kinds of uses cutting tool, fall in working status from the process graph that changes cutting tool to be ground to need blade. Curve the main cutting parameter of 3 kinds of cutting tool is as follows: B1004f200mm planar milling cutter, v=942.

5m/min, n=1500r/min, f=0.

96mm/r(F=0 of every razor blade.


8)mm a flight of stairs is gotten, v=(101.


6)m/min, n=1800r/min, f=012mm/r, machine deepness 30.

8mm;B6011M8 × 1.

25 tap, v=100.

5m/min, n=4000r/min, f=1.

25mm/r, machine deepness 20.

5mm. The load of machine tool main shaft shows the value is different. Because the rotate speed of machine tool main shaft is different, issueing its load to also differ without cutting tool premise. The load of reason cutting tool shows indication is both to close a cost -- , the load below rotate speed of main shaft some + the load when cutting tool cutting. We can occupy an analysis through number, the calm value when deciding every cutting tool exchanges in need finally. Once life of 4 monitoring cutting tool is built, still must undertake dogging reaching monitoring, namely the effective treatment circumstance according to product line spot, jockey of machine treatment line and cutting tool repair grinding work to undertake dogging reaching monitoring to cutting tool. Transfer matic observes the wear out condition of cutting tool not easily commonly below treatment status, the knife that this opportunity machines line jockey to machine a state to judge cutting tool with visual inspection workpiece above all besides. Machine via with broach for example, can come according to the collapse blade of orifice differentiate broach advocate cutting blade and deputy cutting blade are handed in it is OK to collect the; of wear out condition of place to machine blind aperture the bottom of observation hole 118 ° or the cone surface roughness of 140 ° , whether does differentiate gets a tip or cutting blade die it is OK also that blade; still has mill bit body come from the collapse blade of brim of visual inspection workpiece the sharp degree of differentiate razor blade is waited a moment. Next, be in by long grinding work through the cutting tool that comes down to exchange long visual inspection has to cutting tool before grinding, affirm cutting tool wear away VB quantity. Undertake communication with jockey again, understanding machines the quality circumstance of workpiece, mix by cutting tool engineer after collect life of cutting tool of nap of the member that plan. The set in changing through this kind is worth, metabolic method sees when be worth surely, come the cutting tool life with reasonable set. According to the effective treatment circumstance of product line spot, VB quantity wants possibly to some cutting tool than national level small, but great majority still can consult of national level. When dividing precision work, use cutting tool wear extent to whether affect exterior surface roughness and dimension precision to regard as wear away outside differentiate basis (examination of jockey of line of general and organic treatment changes this kind of cutting tool the processes work surface roughness before the knife or dimension will decide) , and some cutting tool consult the standard in national level GB/T16461-1996. According to me factory product machines a circumstance actually, the monitoring VB that we established all sorts of cutting tool wears away limit. Of line of exemple V6 cylinder body among them the VB of 4 cutting tool wears away limit is: CReamer of B01010LH401f14mm hard alloy, VB wears away limit 0.


A flight of stairs of 25+f14)mm hard alloy is gotten, VB wears away limit 0.

Twist drill of 3mmCB040014RH164f7mm high-speed steel, VB wears away limit 0.

Milling cutter of plane of finish machining of razor blade of 5mm\r\nCB11003RHf200 hard alloy, VB wears away limit 0.

4mm5 balances cutting tool life to still should balance a consideration integratedly from the following respects. Should consider cutting tool cost already (basically point to long wear this) , also should consider workpiece to discard as useless cost. In production sometimes to reduce cutting tool cost, often have when cutting tool is used blame long grind cannot when the phenomenon that just exchanges, but the venture that stops a knife so increases greatly. One of, if cutting tool breaks off, cutting tool cost can rise; secondly, because cutting tool breaks off, can make workpiece discards as useless again. Price of general semifinished product all is in engine spare parts on 1000 yuan over, reason must leave blame long grind cannot from time to tome a safety factor. We are chosen commonly fall the life of 10% . New knife and build the cutting tool that grind afresh its life is different also, be like broach, high-speed steel, hard alloy, coating hard alloy, CBN, PCD all different. 100% what can maintain new cutting tool high, the low 60%~70% that has new knife only. This depends on on very large order equipment and the technical ability that build grinding work. When life of set cutting tool, machine treatment transfer matic should move knife time evenly between each working procedure. Cutting tool life can be the set value of level sex only, is not permanent calm value. If the bearing of main shaft wears away, bring about oscillatory aggravate, can bring about cutting tool life to reduce. The batch of workpiece is different, wait for an element like hardness, can bring about cutting tool loss to appear more apparent change. The batch of cutting tool changes. Often come up against in production use this to approve cutting tool life taller, use next the phenomenon that discovers life is inferior when cutting tool. When coming up against this kind of phenomenon, need to collect data reset afresh. Life of set cutting tool, light is judged according to machining dimension and not certain and reasonable. Be like broach, the aperture that says it commonly can satisfy his to ask, but sometimes broach wears away badly already. Those who be like broach pour awl, because wear away serious, diameter of broach cutting part became suitable awl, influence next time broach is repaired grind. Good to achieve cutting effect, long before grinding must cut away arranges awl paragraph, reduced broach to repair so wear a number, cutting tool cost rises somewhat. Transfer matic general and best set is the cutting tool between each working procedure 10 or the multiple of 50, need not affect the treatment process of around working procedure so. Move a knife like OP10, OP20 does not have knife exchange, production just can switch on the mobile phone after OP20 also can await knife of OP10 jockey mix up only so; is same, the OP10 when OP20 moves a knife is in before long park plane position, because hind work of line working procedure jams. The time change cutting tool that if around working procedure can lie,is close to relatively, the move that can raise a machine tool so so is led. 6 epilogue by above is place appraise knowable: ? Does Pu of grey  of  of ǎ of Zan of accept of  of poisonous Ling Ti look for joyous ǖ Mu to wring Tu Sao of  of ǎ of any of several hot spice plants of any of several hot spice plants is  of Ti of poisonous Ling of Pu small cup graceful does  of  of exuviate of archives of  of remnant of  of  of Gu of Gou of  of  of  of Jie of model ㄔ  kill chaste tree  does scandium touch mace? CNC Milling CNC Machining