Enterprise informatization and nimble production pre-test

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As the development of network technology, information has become the critical factor of production industry not only, and the most active still drive ingredient. Here setting falls, the article analysed the information requirement in making, elaborated current situation of manufacturing industry informatization, the particular executive program that offerred project of nimble production network reachs among them crucial technology. Process of manufacturing industry informatization since half century, come nearly 30 years especially, information revolution has been permeated to each economic branches, changing the face of traditional industry and whole economy quickly. The swift and violent development of the computer and communication technology extended the range of manufacturing industry and deepness greatly, produced a batch of new production philosophic theory and production technology, make manufacturing industry is producing qualitative leap. Review progress of manufacturing industry informatization, can be its cent the following phase: Functional automation phase. The development of electronic technology and computer technology was the automata that produces a field to offer a possibility seventies, the production automation technology that makes must be auxiliary tool with the computer is become feasible, appeared from this CAD (CAD) , CAM (CAM) , computer assists craft to plan (CAPP) , stock management plans (the automation system such as MRP) . Information is compositive level. The problem of automation Gu island that 80 time are aimed at the existence in design, treatment and management, realize production information share and exchange, use the computer to collect, deliver, treatment handles information, formed a series of information compositive system, be like Ⅱ of CAD/CAPP/CAM, CAD/MRP, CAPP/ MRP Ⅱ , CIMS. The process optimizes level. 90 time information and communication technology develop the character in be in in the process in intellectual economy, the enterprise realizes besides information compositive outside this one technology, still need to undertake optimizing to producing a course. If use collateral project (CE) method, the producibility in downstream work considers when products plan, can assemble a gender to wait, recombine design process, raise a product to develop ability; With the enterprise management process reframes (BPR) , become enterprise structural adjustment the new pattern that gets used to the whole world to make. Change level adroitly. After 95 years, it is the representing's internet with Internet, developing with splitting speed. Internet also is changing an enterprise to organize administrative pattern while change information transfers pattern, answer production activity what make be core in order to satisfy requirement of globalization market user to become a possibility quickly, make adroitly (AM) , fictitious make (the new production mode emerge as the times require such as VM) . From manufacturing industry informatization the process can see, as the rapid development of technology of IT, computer, arrive from knowledge the interval between application is shorter and shorter, manufacturing industry in a sense of future will become a kind of Information Industry, information will make the payoff of manufacturing industry, the transforming that with IT stimulative future makes already made tendency of the day. 21 centuries, the general trend that world manufacturing industry develops is: IT develops the action in the process to remain the first in stimulative manufacturing industry; Exclusive sex technology decided the value of the product and value; Combination and competition two an organic whole, exceed national boundaries, nimble sex becomes the target that manufacturing industry seeks; The effect that administrative innovation develops to manufacturing industry is increasingly outstanding. Production technology continues to be changed around informatization, intelligence, nicety is changed, compositive change and green changes directional development. Revolution of news of 1 information requirement spurred demand of nimble production informatization market globalization, make contemporary company presents the development trend of collectivize, diversity and dynamic alliance: The enterprise spans different district, the product involves many fields. The production that these enterprises need to understand each district branch in time runs a state, same company also needs to share much business information in time between the employee of different branch, different area, between enterprise and user and there also is many information communication between enterprise and its partner. Understand the requirement of business information only, ability runs an organization effectively these information, choose a partner, implementation is changed adroitly make. Business information involves the data of the type such as resource of related goods design, plan, production, organization, not only data bulk is great, data type and structure are complex, and the semantic connection with the complex existence between data, data carrier also is much medium. The information in manufacturing industry can divide by its demand for two parts: The product makes information, enterprise serve message. Among them product production information includes product information and craft information. Product information includes to make all concerned news with the product, if product geometry develop attacks information (3D hypostatic model, 2D blueprint and VRML format picture) , the material of part of product of treatment demand news, composition and heat treatment information, assemble demand news, product to examine production cost of information, product function information, product and. Craft information includes a product to make all sorts of treatment methods in the process reach its to apply standard of limits, design, the treatment craft sex that is used at new product and design feasibility are evaluated, offer all sorts of treatment manual, design manual. Company service information includes product market information (the period of efficacy of basic value, batch price, price mixes the product date of delivery) , business productivity information (main facility, special device, large facility) , information of capacity of company product development. Demand of 2 networks service is right for manufacturing industry enterprise, the demand that network application serves basically centers in the following respects: The hope gets online release business information, wait like company introduction, product introduction; The professional website that can have industry sex offers trends of trade news, industry to wait; Concerned policy code can know on the net, provide a basis for business activity; Can dog on the net industry technology information, for the enterprise development fits the new product of market demand; Have the communication of the information on the net with the user, opinion of seasonable feedback user, organize the user on the net groom the settlement that uses an issue with the product; With cooperation manufacturing company has the information communication on the net and business affairs activity, improve work efficiency; Develop the business affairs activity on the net, those who be like product sale, product is fictitious reveal etc; Digitlization product model is shared, build a fictitious and three-dimensional product " the library " , let each enterprise share, reduce job of huge repeatability CAD modelling. Construction of manufacturing industry informatization and research current situation at present our country is in 1 informatization current situation many construction capital was invested on information freeway, information freeway network of the whole nation already took shape. The informatization construction of the respect such as the CAD of the enterprise, CIMS, ERP also accumulated many experience, but the development that informatization builds also appeared lopsided, be like: "The car on highway is not much " , the information content on the net is little, content is not quite rich, cannot attract an user; Online cost is too high still, cannot be accepted by broad user place; Return on the technology relatively complex, user cannot ego is safeguarded; The condition of electronic business affairs on the net is immature still, cannot make trade on the net; The person that Internet service is offerred (the person that ISP) and Internet content are offerred (the service quality of ICP) still remains to improve; The front is facing the medium course of study of numerous tradition to differentiate afresh the intense competition of the market. Must solve how to use website sth resembling a net to be broad user, the service with create the manufacturing industry enterprise of fortune to offer more better directly especially this one problem. Project of network of 2 manufacturing industry studies the globalization of current situation market makes the competition between the enterprise more intense, appeared a series of modern production mode and production philosophic theory, the requirement changes an enterprise to show some to organize a structure, implement a variety of nimble organization forms, if project task cooperates with,functional working party, fictitious group reachs a variety of collaboration origanization construction, build add up to those who serve as dominant in coordination " � of competitive � collaboration cooperates with " mechanism. The development of network technology and computer technology, the processing of huge information in be manufacturing industry offerred a possibility, those who promoted project of brisk company network establish. Foreign model considers to have [2~6] : American energy department put forward 1994 " make adroitly make can technology (TEAM) " , design and make of TEAM compositive product, built " model of product implementation process " ; "Network of factory of whole art design (FAN) " build 1995, it is national industry database, offer include productivity, all sorts of project service projects, product and its price and performance data, sale and user service serve technically; Airline built Luokehaide Martin 1995 " the AIMSnet of nimble infrastructure network of production system " , use what internet supports and run nimble company to supply chain; Of research of American current electric equipment and development department " CAM network (CAMnet) " build 1996, it offers a variety of production to support a service through Internet net, if process of the producibility of products plan, treatment emulates the trial that reachs a product to wait, make the member of compositive enterprise can join quickly and share production information. These networks basically are the member of big company and client to provide a service. The main research of Nextpage home has: Collaboration of fictitious different ground designs an organization to basically emphasize be in products plan and development, the different ground that gets design knowledge cooperates. Our country enterprise is put in a batch to be able to support the resource that knowledge of the design in product development gets or potential resource, the behavior that should make these resource and source of company foreign capital can develop some product with the enterprise is a center and with the enterprise the organization is together, be this project jointly finish undertake designing knowledge, especially the getting of new knowledge works. The new idea that already collaboration of ground of a few different designs an organization and crucial technology study, there is test of a few local and special simples in the lab, university of traffic of as above sea and on the couplet net that undertook different ground is designed between flying factory experiments; The college such as Xi'an traffic university, Tsinghua university and Shanghai traffic university also is in concoctive different ground collaboration designs a network, but these jobs still are belonged to begin phase. Dispersive network produces a system, emphasize producing systematic network. Dispersive network is to point to will dynamic, the with the be apart on geography group that did not secure subordinating relation, use information and communication technology to try them to be organized have production, apace turns the product into production from the design with reasonable cost. Pass internet, produce unit to convey from to products plan, craft, production and operating mode information the manufacturing unit of different ground has a test. The fast original shape of the Shanghai traffic university that center of advanced production technology offerred 1998 makes Shanghai online service of the center, with aid university as certain as Hong Kong also small and medium sized business undertook couplet net collaboration makes the test of the mould, but such system still needs to have further research and measure of form a complete set. Project of nimble production network carries out a proposal to use network of interior of Internet, enterprise, compose builds nimble production network compositive platform, make network system what can build the union such as concerned enterprise and college, institute, research center to become an organic whole adroitly, those who realize the information that is based on a network to resource is shared and design production process is compositive; Build what be a foundation with the network, fictitious service center mixes the advanced production technology that faces extensive small and medium sized business groom center, build network to produce a project, specific carry out those who include to be based on Intranet to create network of annulus churchyard ministry and the network that are based on Internet manufacturing industry and outside connection. The design of the engineering in enterprise of ministry network implementation, management information system production process inside the 1 production environment that is based on Intranet of each subsystem compositive, the project of network of manufacturing industry informatization of net of interior of the enterprise that finish, deepen technology of applied CAD, CIMS, improve the level of management below the new-style production pattern that the enterprise supports in computer network. The 2 connection that are based on Internet network company and outside information communication to be able to realize enterprise and outside through Internet net, among them main content includes: Supply chain adroitly. All link that wait for manufacturing business, supplier, distributors on a link are contacted and undertake optimizing, make produce a material with the rapiddest rate, sell link to become the product of appreciation through production, cent, send in consumer hand. This reduced cost not only, reduced inventory, and make resource gets optimizing configuration, more important is to pass website sth resembling a net, introduce enterprise and company product, realize the significant link of company production and sale, the reasonable flow that content shedding, iformation flow, capital sheds. Public data center. Build public data center, namely the library of production resource information on the net, the person that make with modern method information and knowledge are the demand with much utmost namely serves, reflect its value adequately. The resource here included the productivity of enterprise have more than needed, special type to make software of method, CAD/CAE/CAM; Library of standard component, general part, graph; All sorts of talent information; Technical information and product information. Serve a system remotely. Long-distance service is the demand in resource person the traffic network that establishs a modernization with the form of a Chinese character of the person that offer. Resemble especially shape quickly (RP) wait for advanced production technology and equipment, these technologies often are compared complex, and these equipment often are compared costly, all companies can not acquire easily. Additional, every enterprise has such resource alone, often use efficiency not tall, those who cause resource is unused with waste. Build long-distance service system to be able to make afore-mentioned problems get more satisfactory settlement. Build such system, should have above all master some advanced production technology and have necessary equipment resource " service center " , want to study computation of Internet/web distributed network and network safety support a technology next, build based Web client computer / the server is distributed of computational mode, the serves a system remotely architecture that supports many users, many sites. Different ground is designed and make. Do not accept district restriction, form dynamic alliance by the enterprise of many different ground, joint development is same product, make sure the enterprise seizes the market opportunity of written in water thereby, win competition. Its crucial question depends on distributed products plan and made process compositive with management, the different compose, design that crosses platform and production tool. Study content includes: Long-range project organization and management; Network security; Data exchanges a form; Long-range information is safeguarded; Far be apart from monitor with control mechanism is waited a moment. Fictitious school. The change of information change quickly makes continue to teach appear particularly important, can use network technology to will groom resource is brought into play adequately rise, composition is fictitious " school of advanced production technology " , the impart person in knowledge and build between the person that absorb " many pairs many " passageway, break the limitation of space and time, make more laborer get groomed chance. This need undertakes the course of the education on the net is built above all, should build at the same time by a certain number of groom central couplet net comprises groom net, make the teaching material that matchs with photograph of the education on the net and sound resemble a data even, build religion mix with the mechanism that learns to undertake communicating groom the moving mechanism of the net, the assessment that research grooms method. Groom to rise quality, still should groom on the research of will fictitious production technology and net union rises. The crucial technology that production network implements falls in the condition of IT, will distributing to wait for company natural resources at the product of world each district, equipment, personnel, capital, market effective ground is compositive rise, use the cooperative form of all sorts of types, build what be a foundation with network technology, system of high quality employee runs mode to create a company of core adroitly, its key technology has: Technology of distributed network news report. The development of the network technology such as Internet, Intranet, Web makes the network news of different ground is transmitted, data visit becomes a possibility. Especially the implementation of Web technology, can offer cost of a kind of support the network with low, friendly user interface visits medium, the user in solving production process visits difficult question. Network data is accessed, commutative technology. The network presses information of data of memory of system of compositive distributinging frame, distributing according to the district of data, store the data of each district backs up respectively information, related goods development, design, production compositive information memory is in public data center, coordinate unified managing by data center, through data center the accredit to each function group realizes what logarithm occupies to access. CIMS technology. CIMS project project basically includes to produce plan management, automation to make systematic technology information management, technical information management, project database management, OA, decision-making support, quality assures, the inventory management development that uses subsystem, information of compositive, data exchanges platform of the system between each application subsystem is the crucial technology base that the success between the enterprise carries out dynamic and allied enterprise. Work in coordination technology. In proper time (a phase in be like product lifecycle) , certain space (run paralell with production engineer like products plan division solve the space that this one gather forms the issue) inside, use computer network, panel member shares knowledge and information, avoid the contradiction that potential antipathic sex poses. In the meantime, in process of collateral product development, muti_function between the group, muti_function group between each expert the generation that is sure to cause conflict as a result of the difference of respective purpose, setting and domain knowledge level, because this needs to work through cooperating with, resolve each square contradiction, conflict, reach consistent solution finally. The job sheds management. Its are main the feature is implementation person and computer the automation in process of alternant time union, all sorts of the text document that the regulation that the basis between member of the integral processing process that the content that basically involves is working job, working group already defined one group and the common cause place that already made exchange, multimedia information or task, system of working shedding management is system of software of processing of the harmony between progress of job of a job in be being used at distributed environment or synergic pattern. Summary breaks the limit of subsection and industry, below unified program of the government and organization, execute produce learn to grind union, thorough development, use information resource extensively, build project of nimble production network, quicken manufacturing industry digitlization, network and change adroitly. This not only to manufacturing industry itself transform, the construction of area information harbor, have very principal strategy port and real sense, and also can be in in recent years inside achieve develop different land design and make, the data on network service, net is shared and groom on the net the anticipation that wait target, be sure to advance enterprise informatization process. CNC Milling CNC Machining