The series of razor blade of ISO S car that promotes high temperature alloy and development of technology of titanium alloy turning

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What Teweikekeleman rolled out hill to suit all sorts of different treatment to ask is brand-new series of razor blade of ISO S chamfer car, in all 300 many norms, the use guideline of form a complete set makes Yi Xuanyi of this one range of products is used. In high temperature alloy and titanium alloy treatment, no matter be rough machining or finish machining, no matter be successive cutting or discontinuous cutting, new chamfer series has very good treatment safety performance, can undertake easily machining optimizing, improve manufacturing efficiency, satisfy exterior quality requirement. New form of chamfer of 6 kinds of when roll out new razor blade was enclothed 0.

2 ~ 10mm (0.

008 ~ 0.

393 inches) cut deep limits, improved the control that cut bits to reduce cutting force greatly. Among them form of 4 kinds of chamfer is applied to in small cut deep light-duty rough machining to arrive the applied domain of finish machining. Additional form of 2 kinds of solid chamfer applies to the rough machining with bigger deep cutting to arrive the applied domain of light-duty rough machining. CNC Milling CNC Machining