Solve the new plan of aerospace industry problem

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Reduce the handling time of component of titanium of a high end 16h from 40h, at the same time cutting tool life rises 200% , listen at first go up unlikely. Mi Delan aerospace (be located in heart of the Er that set phenanthrene) , Dormer and HELLER, Open Mind are mixing right strategy the cutting processability that makes a person impressive can apply Yumidelan. Aerospace industry is being begun at present recombine measure extensively, aim to enhance manufacturing efficiency and cost effectiveness. With Midelan aviation is exemple, regard Calder as the member of the group, mi Delan aviation is aviation industry supplier to offer only small-sized to medium-sized and complex part. December 2011, the company needs to supply part of a high end for the production of helicopter. This task involves the treatment of the bracket type component of material of titanium of a solid. This component is in raw when weight achieves 26kg, and the weight after treatment has 1 only.

9kg. Mi Delan aerial carries out explanation of trustee Mr Eamon Lyons to say: "The handling time of this component allows a person to be accepted hard. Accordingly, our target recommends new solution namely in order to reduce handling time. " during Luo Hang exhibits Fan Bao, this company is mixed first tool manufacturer Dormer, Open Mind and HELLER company at this point the project undertook discussion. Machining center FT 4000HELLER and Dormer undertake HELLER 5 axis collaboration, the 5 axes that chose HELLER finally machining center FT 4000. This one decision brings tremendous change. New solution makes handling time decreased 60% , reduce 16h by original 40h. Extremely tall cutting machines function, brought the treatment result that makes a person fab. To the machine tool character, stability, dependability and utilization rate are very important. That is meant should last working hours exceeds 20h, the machine can offer persistent stability and reliability. Because treatment dot is numerous, unit process of cargo bandling needs treatment of 5 axes linkage. Accordingly, cutting value must agree from beginning to end in any main shaft positions. Although tilt,the position with close card had achieved wonderful treatment result. Although this is the FT 4000 first time of HELLER,use hereat category eye, but the impression that still left profundity to people. Cooperate with Open Mind, will newest HyperMAXX module is used at raw material to machine, used the S356 Elect M of milling cutter of integral hard alloy of Dormer at the same time. The 5th axis, special sensation was caused in industry. Although it is impossible to always be needed, but a lot of clients still are willing to choose it, from safe angle or from answer the need with potential future. The FT 4000 application in project of heart of the Er that set phenanthrene is a good case that answers a variety of demand. Material treatment includes aluminium up to now, high strenth steel or titanium. No matter be to be used at working,be machined or cooling fluid is supplied, the cooling unit that is mixture material even does not have a problem. In the meantime, dormer has begun to check it to be used in the cutting tool on the machine tool. Apparent, FT 4000 offerred the solution with quantity custom-built body for aviation industry. Not only such, because FT 4000 is establishing the success in project of phenanthrene Er heart, make other aerospace manufacturer also ordered FT 4000. CNC Milling CNC Machining