How to undertake numerical control automation transform to the machine tool?

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What abroad transforms line of business is arisen the developed country waits in the United States, Japan and Germany, their machine tool is transformed increase a trade as new economy, the business is abundant, lying golden age. As a result of the ceaseless progress of machine tool and technology, the machine tool transforms the task that is a " lasting " . The machine tool of our country transforms line of business, also enter the new industry that gives priority to with numerical control technology from old industry. Be in the United States, Japan, Germany, have broad market with machine tool of numerical control technical reformation and product line, already formed the new industry that machine tool and product line numerical control transform. Be in the United States, the machine tool transforms course of study to call machine tool second birth (Remanufacturing) course of study. The well-known company that pursues second birth trade has: Company of Bertsche engineering company, Ayton machine tool, Devlieg-Bullavd(gets treasure) company of equipment of service group, US. The United States gets treasure company to already was in Chinese open company. Be in Japan, the machine tool transforms course of study to call a machine tool to change one's costume or dress (Retrofitting) course of study. Be engaged in changing one's costume or dress the well-known company of course of study has: Group of big engineering rivering bend, hillock is company of aircraft of work of 3 mechanical companies, 1000 acting field, wild Qi engineering company, bank cropland engineering company, hill this engineering company. Numerical control changes transformed content: The numerical control of machine tool and product line changes transform main content to have the following: (One) it is to restore primary function, the breakdown part that exists to machine tool, product line undertakes diagnostic and restore   of   of;     (2) it is NC change, on general accuracy machine tool addend shows plant, or addend controls a system, transform   of   of   of   of; of NC machine tool, CNC machine tool (3) it is face-lifting, to raise precision, efficiency and automation rate, undertake face-lifting to mechanical, electric part, assemble treatment afresh to mechanical part, restore former precision; the CNC system that malcontent to its full production asks undertakes updating   of   of;     with CNC (4) it is the technology is updated or the technology innovates, to increase function or class, or to use new technology, new technology, in original basis the technology with aspirant more extensive travel is updated or the technology innovates, relatively what increase level and class substantially is newer transform. (5) numerical control changes transformed actor weakness: 1, reduce investment, date of delivery short. 2, purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare together, can save 60% ~ commonly the charge of 80% , transform expense low. Especially large, special machine tool especially apparent. 3, general and large machine tool is transformed, only beautiful new machine tool purchases the 1/3 of charge, date of delivery is short. But a little special situation, if high speed main shaft, tray hands in those who trade unit automatically to make,take a lot of work too with installation, costly, often transform cost to raise 2 ~ 3 times, with purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare, can save investment only 50% the left and right sides. 4, mechanical function is stable and reliable, the structure suffers be restricted the foundation such as the lathe bed that     place uses, pillar it is heavy and solid cast component part, is not the sort of soldering component part, the machine tool function after transforming tall, quality is good, can continue to use as new facility old. 5, but get the limitation of rigid before structure, unfavorable do transform revolutionarily. When maintenance of familiar understanding equipment, facilitating operation buys new facility, do not understand new facility. CNC Milling CNC Machining