Analytic sensor makes the application in equipment in machinery

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In mechanical production equipment, sensor technology is the important segment that implements test and automation. In system of test of mechanical production equipment, be regarded as appearance fixed position, its are main the feature is can accurate deliver and detect the information that gives some form, change its into the information of another configuration. Specifically, sensor is to show the information with the certain some of those pairs of objects that be measured is had experience (or answer) give a function with check, make change into according to definite pattern to it yuan of corresponding parts of an apparatus that can output signal or device. If do not have sensor to undertake to the original message that is measured accurate and reliable capture and change, all accurate tests and control will not come true; Although the modernest computer, without accurate information (or the data with reliable changeover) , not lack fidelity input, also will not produce its due effect adequately. The application in equipment is made in machinery, the major attribute of high quality sensor reflects for: * life is long, reliability is high, interference rejection capability is strong; * satisfies precision and speed requirement; * is used safeguard convenient, suit a machine tool to run an environment; * cost is low; * facilitates with computer connection. Cutting process passes process of feeling technology cutting with what the machine tool runs a course feeling the productivity that detected purpose depends on optimizing cutting process, production cost or (metal) the excision rate of material. Cutting process is passed feeling process of the cutting power that detected target has cutting process and its change, cutting quivers the contact and bits cuts when cutting position of shake, cutting tool and workpiece and cutting process differentiate etc, and the most important pass feeling parameter to sound of process of vibration of process of cutting force, cutting, cutting blasts off, the power of cutting process electric machinery. To the machine tool move will tell, pass basically feeling detect the target has bearing and drive system, circumgyrate system, temperature monitor wait with control and security, the discharge of condition of the exterior surface roughness of the breakdown machine down time that its pass feeling parameter to have a machine tool, workpiece that be added and treatment precision, power, machine tool and cooling lubricating fluid. CNC Milling CNC Machining