The influence of bit body dip to milling whorl tooth error

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The treatment method of Archimedes helicoid is very much, efficiency is highest is milling treatment. The graph is shown 1 times for milling helicoid sketch map, horny F is dip of milling cutter bit body. Because be put in principle error (because bit body is obliquitous,this principle error is the helix angle that to be worth certainly and be cut helicoid is in in different radius differs be caused by) , make the tooth of place cutting whorl with academic tooth model abhorrent, affect its job precision and service life, so the milling of helicoid is rough machining all the time. To raise the precision of milling helicoid further, the effect of the dip of bit body of the mill when studying milling helicoid and profile of milling cutter cutting tool to part of whorl tooth body is very essential. Graph sketch map of helicoid of 1 milling treatment one, the computation that cuts an amount too pursues 1 in the centre of turning circle of bit body of O Dao Weixi, o labour is the centre of turning circle of the whorl that be cut. When the job, the roll of workpiece (include bit body to move) photograph comparing can ignor the rotate speed of speed and cutting tool. By whorl milling treatment principle is known, outside the internal diameter that divides the work that be cut, edge assumes office to will arise to cross the Dx that cut an amount accordingly to workpiece helicoid. Rise horny F to time when the helix of workpiece, the circumgyrate radius of point of a knife is smaller, the point of view that ABC arc place places is older, if the graph is shown 1 times, place crosses the Dx that cut an amount correspondingly bigger. Go to the lavatory for computation, nod computational cutting tool to be opposite to C from B dot first of the helicoid that be cut cut an amount too, calculate again next B dot nods cutting tool to be opposite to C of the helicoid that be cut cut an amount too. What in taking these two paragraphs of arc, corresponding radius place cuts an amount too is bigger person can. Of hypothesis cutting tool before ° of horny γ =0, when cutting tool is located in B to nod, of cutting tool before knife face is being cut fitly the axis of helicoid is sectional inside, namely the Archimedes tooth that cutting tool cuts an ideal in this position. Set Ri to assume office to arrived for edge the radius of knife of rotor line O, the drop that Ri assumes to cut workpiece to go up to arrive on edge arrives rotor line) the radius of labour (if pursue,show) 1 times. Because of Ri>Ri, and the circular arc that the dot that goes up to the edge of aleatoric Ri has cut, two dot P on the circular arc that can the radius on workpiece is Ri and P intersect to it. Should compare these two to nod only so relative to its of academic profile cut an amount too can. According to afore-mentioned methods, begin from point of a knife on edge, take a series of places and compare a process to all repeating afore-mentioned calculation at each o'clock. Set D0 to be the internal diameter of workpiece; D2 is the external diameter of workpiece; E is the distance of axes of cutting tool circumgyrate and workpiece rotor space. The span of the Ri when computation is (D0/2+e, d2/2+e) , the span of Ri is (Ri-e, d2/2) . Because be cut what nod each on helicoid to cut an amount too,be the function of workpiece corner θ , by the author " the computation that tornado milling whorl cuts an amount too " the metabolic rule computation that the metabolic rule of knowable θ horn is horn of θ of basis of Q=arc Sin {[Ri2-(Ri2-e2)cos2f]/(2eRicos2f)} is different tooth altitude cuts the X that measure △ too. 2, the computation that different tooth altitude crosses the Dx that cut an amount is written by Wu Xutang " principle of gear clench the teeth " the equation that nods arbitrarily on knowable and ideal helicoid is X=S φ (2 π + X) of ρ Tan α namely X=S φ (2 π + Ritan, turn to the graph namely a shown B nods from time to tome: XB=S φ π / 2/(2S π ) + (Ri-e)tan α X by document author " the computation that tornado milling whorl cuts an amount too " φ of Tan of knowable Xi=Ricos θ so, cutting tool from the plane that begins to cut workpiece to be in O knife and O work place to cutting tool inside (be equivalent to a graph namely 1 medium AB arc) when, on workpiece axes direction the distance of place cut away is: Xi=xB-xi compares this type and good helicoid look, the place that can reach the radius on edge is Ri is right of workpiece cut a quantity to be too: The pointwise inside the limits that Xi-x of △ Xi= △ is in in edge changes the differentia on edge, can get what pair of work choose each on edge to cut an amount too. Computation can be passed to the program (original order slightly) input primitive data, classics computation can output computational result, at the same time through optimizing computation output has made cut a quantity to be inclination of the least mill bit body, namely φ of dip of optimal mill bit body is optimal. It is with some guide screw exemple, its parameter D0=72mm, d2=79mm, d2=85mm, s=12mm, e=20mm inputs a program, if the graph is shown 2 times,become result scale graph. Graph the influence that dip of 2 whorl bit body cuts an amount to passing 3, conclusion 1.

Use milling law to machine helicoid, appearing to cut an amount is inevitable. 2.

Only the internal diameter of workpiece did not cut a phenomenon too, namely here △ Xi=0. 3.

Be machined in the light of what some decides helicoid, have inclination of bit body of a first-rate φ is optimal, ° of optimal =2 of the φ in as above exemple 50, and among them the helix of diameter rises ° of the =2 in horny φ 46. 4.

According to φ optimal place crosses the curve that cut an amount correspondingly, with the profile curve that turns over milling cutter of the design that seek a way, can obtain pamper to be of 0 by treatment helicoid, make efficient milling helicoid is used at finish machining shortens substantially to machine craft course to become a possibility directly. CNC Milling CNC Machining