Of broach of high-speed steel fried dough twist and common carbon steel solder

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1 structure analyses broach of high-speed steel fried dough twist and handle of common element steel to connect, be heterogeneous material solder, its are main and difficult the chemical composition that is two kinds of material, mechanical function is different, crackle arises easily in welding line area, classics experiment, take a few necessary step, can undertake successfully soldering. ⑴ of 2 treatment groove keeps clear of carefully the place that apply solder and all round smeary, ferruginous, oxide, until show metal of pure mother capable person. ⑵ spends contact X symmetrical groove with 60-70 of emery wheel wear, leave millimeter of root face 2-3, clearance 1.

5-2 millimeter. 3 choose welding rod welding rod to choose J506 or J422, via 200 ℃ drying, hour of heat preservation 1-2. Basis of the warm-up before 4 solder circumstance, take into consideration the circumstances considers the warm-up before solder, can use oxygen acetylene blaze, broach upright ministry heats 450-500 ℃ . Art ⑴ is in 5 welder part of broach of high-speed steel fried dough twist, outside eliminating the department that apply solder the asbestine on total package, inside basin of immerge engine oil, OK and perpendicular put, OK also inclined put, oily basin should build iron plate, splash oil in order to avoid frit drop inside, cause grease to splatter. ⑵ is received instead with direct current source or communication solders power source all but. ⑶ uses fine welding rod, small electric current, in v of broach end ministry one layer serves as transfer layer, carry an angle should as far as possible small, prevent metal of mother capable person to cross much ground frit to join welding line. ⑷ general v transfer of the layer auger it is good to close to be secured with clamping apparatus with carbon steel weldment, right straight, next along circumferential every other 90 degrees undertake tack welding, a side of carbon steel of electric arc deflection, the frit that reduces high-speed steel a side as far as possible is deep. ⑸ uses semmetry and short solder path to apply solder, attention, below the case that shows in frit, solder should a few thinner, with small diameter welding rod, small electric current applies solder, say commonly, diameter of electrode 3.

2 millimeter, solder voltaic 80-100A, diameter of electrode 2.

5 millimeter are in 60-80A. ⑹ carries an angle, should proper, electric arc should point to carbolic steel a side, the included angle with broach part axes is spent for 25-35, show 35-40 to spend included angle with circumferential tangent. ⑺ with low heat all lukewarm apply solder, control connect is fused temperature, in applying solder, welding rod should smooth divide evenly fast shift, when receiving arc, should answer bring, with cram arc hole, apply solder this kind of welding line, total electric arc quantity of heat should be compared solder left and right sides of carbolic steel low 1/3. Red hot condition is taken the advantage of after ⑻ solder, rapid workpiece mount machine tool, get slowly secure the with broach dimension close steel tube on workbench beforehand, so that undertake alignment, the temperature in alignment process should prep above 400 ℃ . 6 solder aftertreatment ⑴ solders in the process, if broach cutting point reached annealing temperature, standard of head heat treatment should be gotten to have heat treatment by fried dough twist after solder. ⑵ is right cutting point not the work that be heated affects, solder hind flips through its dip inside engine oil, contact part uses stone a bale of cotton, have cold treatment of heat preservation delay. CNC Milling CNC Machining