Multipurpose laser makes sign system

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Isotech Inc.

Announce to roll out a series of cost the multipurpose laser with low, tall efficiency makes mark and cut system. All laser hit sign system to offer two kinds of different configuration, apply to product line or desktop workstation, functional diversity, include anneal, ablation, etch, thermochemistry reaction and sculpture. Portable with complete workstation the configuration of type has very tall flexibility, can label or handle almost any material, include but positive pole of be confined to eletroplates and not be not positive pole to eletroplate metal, glass, plastic, balata and paper. If be used at custom-built product to make mark application, two kinds of systems can form permanent color picture, contrast is tall, resolution is big, need not use dye, printing ink, chemical article, dissolvent and paper plastic perhaps label. Because the product has this kind of function and the specific power consumption of whole production technology is low, accordingly extremely environmental protection. The company claims, to all application, complete laser hits mark workstation and desktop laser to make sign system the job is reliable, repeatability is tall, film of the tool that need not use the conventional technology that make bid to ask, attack by surprise, strong imprint or forme. On the desk model laser hits sign system to be able to install any desktops or stable surface. The product applies to all sorts of ply (0-15 millimeter) component and plane and complex part, in producing a course, won't appear interrupt, because equipment is in,label a product while, be record in the next product that will label. The software of Smart Focus System of this kind of equipment can generate focusing pilot overall picture, because this forms more precise picture. Another advantage of the product is control of optimal picture strength, the material that be used at reflexing a gender or draws color / the appearance is very good. Yield higher to achieve requirement, complete laser hits mark workstation to use modular design, well and truly number stuff, rate is as high as 1000 character / second, OK and handy compositive at product line application. CNC Milling CNC Machining