The use domain of diamond tool

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Diamond tool is in the treatment application of nonferrous metal and wear-resisting material, have outstanding adaptability. In tool material, diamond is the hardest. In equal treatment the condition falls, diamond is compared high-speed steel, hard alloy, pottery and porcelain and get together the service life that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre spends boron is long. It also has insufficient place, namely: Do not apply to the treatment of black metal stuff commonly. But in production of high speed big batch, process the data such as such as aluminium and black lead, diamond often is the most effective tool. When use diamond tool, the user can have two kinds of choices: One kind is to get together brilliant diamond (PCD) , another kind is deposit of newer chemical gas phase (CVD) diamond. Performance characteristics gets together early via confirming   the hardness that brilliant diamond has natural diamond, intensity and anti-wear properties, but right without natural diamond the sensitivity of damaged. It is to be below high temperature, high pressure, become by polymerization of grain of making synthetic diamond. In process, form get together the grain of brilliant is stuck to receive matrix of a hard alloy to go up by whole at the same time, in order to raise mechanical intensity and anti-impact properties. According to the view of ministry of GE company super abrasive, PCD very the high speed cutting that applies to aluminium, particularly comfortable achieve good appearance at needing coarse advocate circumstance, when it is processing tall wearability data, also show superior performance. Normally, PCD is recommended use at aluminium alloy of cutting tall silicon, also use at the treatment of brass, red copper, bronze and carbide. Use process includes car, boring, profile modeling, grooving, mill and aperture treatment to wait. Because diamond is mixed between iron chemistry, generally speaking PCD does not apply to stuff of treatment black metal. But the treatment that it can cope with bimetallic material, include aluminium and cast-iron combination inside. For example: When supplier of some car spare parts is processing aluminium and form of cast-iron bimetallic cylinder, the knife of use diameter 305mm places type face milling cutter, circular arc of point of a knife 2.

36mm, take the knife that repair light, cutting speed 304.

8m/min, feed 0.

10mm/ tine, cut deep 5mm, after treatment amounts to 5000 cylinder body, bit just needs dislocation. The applied program director of GE company thinks the application of PCD, got large quantities of quantities produce industrial group, basically be auto industry raises aluminium increasingly machine speed drive. Meanwhile, car manufacturer is measured to reduce weight and reduce cost, the composite material that using metallic matrix undertakes assessment, and this kind of data should be machined with PCD. He says: "This kind of material cannot use treatment of hard alloy cutting tool. "   gets together manager of brilliant product production says, although the development achievement of PCD already gave a person with very deep impression, but ministry of GE company super abrasive still works continually, in an attempt to improves its anti-wear properties further. PCD tool is using limits and manufacturing efficiency field, bring a lot of profit to machine a process. Although diamond is the hardest in existing material, the problem such as its material character and tenacity still needs further research. An element that improves PCD tenacity is, the element that add cobalt makes its enter random adventitious to the diamond grain that arrange between. In addition, hard alloy matrix also can have mechanical bearing effect to diamond abrasive layer, increased to fight concussion ability thereby, make in the tool in solder of facilitating drill rod. Another advantage of PCD is, all sorts of existing brand series already can satisfy any nonferrous metal to machine used need. Say commonly, fine grained diamond is used at be being machined the circumstance with the wearability of material is inferior and very high demand of exterior surface roughness; Grain diamond serves as the current name of machining commonly in; Thick grain diamond is used at rough machining special fight the stuff that wear, but the point with not high demand of exterior surface roughness. PCD tool is used in reduce cost and the example   that improve performance---------------------------------------------------------Make use adds up to   of milling of car air inlet duct---------------------------------------------------------Material 4227 aluminium (contain silicon 5.

5%~7% )  ---------------------------------------------------------  of face of flange of mill of working procedure essence---------------------------------------------------------175mm of diameter of milling cutter of cutting tool parameter; PCD razor blade: 12.

7mm square, 10; + the horn before 5 ° , the horn after bit 11. The raw hard metal that use WC, + the horn before 20 °   , the horn after bit 25 °  ---------------------------------------------------------Machine parameter speed 670m/min, feed 0.

18mm/ tine, cut deep 0.

76mm, have cooling  ---------------------------------------------------------Dollar of PCD 80 of cutting tool charge,   of WC 6 dollar---------------------------------------------------------PCD 250000 of cutting tool life, WC800  ---------------------------------------------------------Other benefit does not have treatment burr, productivity rises 15% , it is difficult that auxiliary time reduces   of cutting tool charge to divide to every workpiece, reduce 85%  ---------------------------------------------------------Diamond a group of things with common features deposit of chemical gas phase of fresh blood   (VCD) diamond, it is the pure diamond material of a kind of tall anti-wear properties, do not contain stick receive a dose. Diamond heavy integral is two kinds of forms: One kind is thick film diamond, deposit becomes whole, sole chip, next cut requires measure into place; Another kind is filmy diamond, deposit is on hard alloy razor blade or circumgyrate type cutting tool. Up to now, the use that CVD diamond has perspective most is treatment black lead. But, company of Norton Diamond Film is being used at treatment in the CVD diamond that offers all sorts of use however nonferrous metal, plastic with composite material. The applied technology manager of Norton company thinks, CVD diamond applies to all nonferrous metal almost. In Gao Gui the interrupted cutting of aluminium alloy and pre-burning written guarantee in the treatment of hard alloy, brass, red copper and carbon fiber material, obtaining favorable result. Norton company still believes: The aluminium alloy data that CVD diamond is processing very wide range (include 6061 etc) when, can mix PCD is well_matched. Norton company applies technical manager to still think, CVD diamond and PCD photograph are compared, main good point is in the character of cutting blade. Although CVD also is,get together brilliant, but it does not contain cobaltic binder, it is pure diamond, so cutting blade is successive. Can use the exterior surface roughness with have higher cutting rate to be obtained better so, because cutting tool is not changeful hot. He still is certain, the tumour that accumulate bits does not make an issue to CVD diamond. Press the data of Norton company, the thermal conductivity of CVD diamond is taller than PCD 50% . Its reason is CVD razor blade is integral diamond, can derive quantity of heat instantly. And the heat of PCD razor blade is conducted should cross cobalt - diamond is compound body, thermal conductivity is a few poorer. CVD diamond still has inferior coefficient of friction. Hard alloy and material of workpiece of PCD metropolis felt, CVD diamond is not stuck. Meanwhile, low coefficient of friction still makes CVD diamond cutting tool can bear bigger cutting negative charge, make cutting faster, more effective thereby. CVD diamond in use presents thermal stability and chemical stability. And the influence that PCD and hard alloy are contained metallic composition binder in this respect. Put CVD diamond into hydrochloric acid, whats won't happen. But if put in PCD diamond, acerbity meeting eats off cobaltic bond. This means CVD diamond to be able to endure certain material to generate acerbity descent in treatment, for example balata of Wan of phenolic aldehyde colophony, make water, fall carbonic acid ester. Although place is corporeal the diamond of voice (include PCD) want when high temperature and a few composition in black metal or super alloy produce chemical reaction, but well-known, to most material character diamond still has chemical laziness. Because PCD and hard alloy contain cobaltic bond, the meeting when cutting temperature is high produces chemical stability to reduce a phenomenon. CVD diamond does not contain bond, kept away from this kind of phenomenon. In addition, CVD diamond still has good lubricity and thermal conductivity, make it had the crucial dominant position that uses in high speed and dry type cutting. CVD diamond last advantage is: Although be when cutting temperature is very high, still maintain tall hardness and wearability. The Nagy of applied technology manager of Norton company points out: "Because do not have loose cobalt to wrapping diamond, so bit hardness agrees equably. " the ministry of super abrasive of company of GE of foreground     of   light and NortonDiamond Film company think: At present site of a lot of production did not produce the advantage of diamond adequately. The reason is the speed of very much now machine tool and torque, can't make sure cutting tool is efficient movement. Besides the problem of mechanical respect, still having a difficult problem is the people that should persuade manufacturing plant, staring at diamond solely (PCD or CVD diamond) first put price, and the cost that should see it is brought is managing the profit that improves with function. You can let diamond compare groovy cutting tool to move below higher rotate speed (inspect machine tool property and decide) , increase quantum of output thereby. In the meantime, the time that change a knife is less also. False deposit firm stone is 50 times taller than hard alloy life ~100 times, you often do not stop machine. CNC Milling CNC Machining