The stage installs SG2 relay and N2 to match inside the application on round grinder

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Round grinder is used at grinding inside preface all sorts of columnar aperture (Kong He of aperture of via, blind, a flight of stairs is intermittent exterior aperture) with conic aperture, certain inside round grinder returns the wheelhead with grinding end panel. Main type has common inside round grinder, inadvertently inside grinder of the circle inside round grinder and planetary type. Common inside even if grind,round grinder is used law and cut the hole inside the grinding that grind a way. Use special end to wear device, the aperture inside the grinding in clip and end panel can be assembled in workpiece. Pretext of whole job section wears grinder job principle to wear two parts to comprise with emery wheel, install the workbench that there is guide in laid to go up respectively. Put work go up in head wearing, head wearing drives edge slideway to do reciprocate by leather belt of electric machinery classics, slideway the positive and negative of the electric machinery of spacing switch control of two end turns, control its reciprocate then; Emery wheel wearing completes transverse feed work by control of an electric machinery. Pawn wears reciprocate, emery wheel wearing does intermittent transverse feed. The control of head wearing electric machinery and emery wheel electric machinery is OK the hand is moved / automatic switch. The working principle of round grinder inside solution basis and control are complex degree, choice stage installs intelligent relay SG2-10HR-A control grinder works automatically movement, two N2-202 control a head to wear electric machinery and movement of emery wheel electric machinery respectively. Dominate circuit picture: SG2 inputs / output nods specific allocation: What input output dot represents head of exterior signal I1 to wear electric machinery advancement to input I2 head to wear electric machinery to back down head of Q1 of signal of automatic select switch wears hand of I6 of signal of switch of the spacing after I4 of signal of switch of the spacing before inputting I3 electric machinery is turning Q2 head wears electric machinery to invert electric machinery of Q3 emery wheel inverts electric machinery of Q4 emery wheel: N2 transducer provides body parameter to install: Specific setting is worth parameter of N2 transducer function industry of current metal treatment grows F0012SF0022SF0050002F00660HzF0100001F0110002F013200%F014200%F0425HzF0470100F0510001 last word at full speed, automation product applies in great quantities in this industry, the metal is machined whole controls stride to automation, the stage installs intelligent relay the characteristic that transducer of SG2, N2 has versatility, tall stability, already applied generally on a lot of treatment machinery, cooperate a stage to install other industry to control a product again, if text monitor, sky leaves, the compositive whole solution such as contactor, make machine tool product of the client has qualitative flight in stability and quality not only, and the product that also can make treatment of machine tool place comes out, there is very old rate to rise on quality and efficiency. CNC Milling CNC Machining